Wednesday Brief: March 16, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Flight Home #1 by Jon Keys
Drew heaved his carry-on bag into the overhead bin and then slipped into the seat beside Brandon. He leaned forward to peer out the window at the frantic activity even at this ridiculously early hour. The shimmer of light across the damp asphalt created a monochromatic abstract with moving points of light in red and blue. He inhaled softly and was filled with Brandon’s musky morning scent and leaving a metallic tint on the back of his tongue.
“Relax, the flight’s only about an hour,” Brandon whispered.
He glanced at his husband, his chiseled face highlighted in blue from the pale lights above them. The soft sounds of the other passengers finding their seats in the predawn hour reminded him they were not in their hotel any more. He used his left thumb and turned the ring that was a recent addition to the index finger on that hand.

Moving Forward #26 (6.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Then I’ll order some when we get home,” Lee said. “We can look online, maybe see what else we’d like to try.”

Marshall thought that was a great idea. “Too bad they don’t sell stuff like that on the ship.”

“They’d have to have an adult shop to do it in, but yeah, that would probably be a moneymaker.”  Lee slowly trailed his hand down Marshall’s stomach. “Not sure I’d want to explain those to Homeland Security, though, or any of our other toys, if we ever decided to fly.” Cupping his hand, he filled it with water and released it to flow over Marshall’s chest and abs.

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Innocence & Carnality Part 36 by Mann Ramblings

“What do you mean they’re mine?” I asked.

Blythe shrugged. “That’s what the workmen said.”

The crates were nondescript, simple, crude wood constructs. No address or transport seals marked the rough surfaces. What could they be?

“Did they say who sent them?”

“They didn’t know.” Blythe raised the pry bar hanging from his belt loop. “Want me to crack it? Wouldn’t want you to muss yourself before tonight and all.”

Ignoring his taunt, I nodded, too curious to take his bait. Blythe wasted little time torquing the lids off both containers. The nails gave way with a jarring creak.

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Not for Me by Louise Lyons

“Kids? I can’t imagine ever having any.” I wrinkled my nose as I gulped the remains of the evil-looking green cocktail my best mate Alex had insisted I drink. My voice cut through the music and chatter, and I raised an eyebrow as the couple who’d been discussing adopting, glared at me. “What?” I prompted. Damn the cocktail. I usually kept my opinions to myself. Unless I’d had a few drinks.

“Nothing.” Carl shrugged and turned his attention to his partner.

“You’ll change your mind when you get a bit older and settle down. Everyone wants kids.” Alex grinned.

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To Be Determined: Part 14 by Johayan

Time froze for Shawn as he realized that Bryan was getting down on one knee.  He felt his stomach tie itself in knots and his throat got tight.  Nooooo, please don’t let him pop the question. I don’t know if I can say yes.

Bryan paused for a moment and reached for the large knife on the table.

“Shawn, as our guest, would you please cut the pies that was made in your honor?”

Compared to what he had been expecting, Bryan’s request seemed ludicrous.

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Daniel Chapter Nine By Carol Pedroso


Toby sat as near to the stage as he could get. He hadn’t missed the challenge in Carlos’ tone when he said they wanted Toby to have the full experience. He’d show them how he would take their full experience and show them what he was made of.

While he waited for the show to begin he thought back to his conversation with Tara, when they came up with this wild plan.


“This is Tara.”

“Tara, we need to talk

StormLords: Part 25 by Ravon Silvius

The dawn sun had barely begun to turn the sky purple when Kristoff summoned a small storm to take him up over the ocean.

 Storm Lords were no stranger to walking around in foreign places. But usually they visited large cities, where a strange face wasn’t unusual. Rowen’s village was tiny, one of those rare places where it was most likely everyone knew everyone else. A newcomer would stand out, especially one who arrived with no rations or bags from a long journey. Kristoff wished once again that Rowen’s village wasn’t smack in the middle of what seemed like uninhabitable desert.

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No Flash: Chapter Twenty-one by Cia Nordwell 

Evin wasn’t sure if his heart was going to beat out of his chest or if he was going to throw up. Gianna had let him ramble on, saying one thing and then contradicting himself and saying another, but she kept coming back to how he really felt.

 He was fucking scared.
Ben had once been the love of his life, and now they had the chance to… not go back to where they once were, it was too late for that, but to find each other again as they were now. Ben was a doctor. He’d matured from the


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