Wednesday Briefs: January 13, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Double Trouble: Chapter 59 by Jon Keys
Darrin pulled the blanket around himself, staring into space as Mitch got ready for bed. He’d been struggling with a decision for days now. It was work, it was home, it all seemed so over whelming. He wished he could talk with Nanna, but she was gone for a few months. Something important, Jim had assured him.
Mitch walked to the bathroom door, leaned his naked hip against the door frame and brushed his teeth. Darrin glanced to Mitch, but he couldn’t see any more than a dark silhouette in the light of the bathroom.
“You think I can’t make a decision.”

Moving Forward #17 (4.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Marshall had had enough conversation with Dustin to last him awhile.  He was all talked out and at the limit of his sociability. Besides, he’d seen what there was to see and he’d gotten to stretch his legs. Nothing else he wanted to do. He turned back toward where they’d been sitting, but he didn’t see Lee at the table. Must have gone inside.

“I’m gonna head back,” he told Dustin, leaving it up to him to do what he wanted. Marshall noticed the family with the kids were packing their car. They gave him a friendly smile as he walked by. Denver was just throwing some trash into a can as Marshall walked up.

“Lee went inside,” he told Marshall.

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Daniel: Chapter One By Carol Pedroso

“Just leave me alone,” Daniel cried as he cowered in the corner, wishing he wore more than the skimpy leather shorts.

“Get back on your feet, Boy,” the Dom yelled advancing on him whip still in hand.

“Red. Red. Red,” Daniel yelled, hoping there was someone near enough to hear him over the music in the club.

“What’s going on here?” a deep voice sounded over the music. Daniel looked up enough to see a large man standing at the edge of the secluded area he was in.

Focal Point Chapter 1: Part 2 by Shelly Schultz

I watched Cal leave, finding the table to be a little too big once he was gone. I flipped open my notebook that my laptop had been resting on and started scrawling down notes on the idea that he had given me.  Art and photography were very much ‘my thing’, as soccer and anything athletic belonged to Cal. When we were kids I had an old point and shoot camera that took film and we’d spend hours in the woods behind my house hiking and taking pictures of nature—which often ended up being photos of my thumb or finger.

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Demon: Chapter Seventeen by Nephy Hart

I hear voices through the door, but I can’t make out what they’re saying. I wish I could. I have no idea what reception my lover has received from the Council, whom I have always considered arrogant and stubborn old men. Some of them are okay, but other look down on me and even sneered. I know what they were thinking; I have always known. It’s the same thing a lot of people in the kingdom think – that I am a joke; not fit to be king. My mind, my honour, my good intents are irrelevant. All they care about is my ability, or lack thereof, in war–making.

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No Flash: Chapter Twelve by Cia Nordwell 

Alone with Micah, Ben stared at the happily kicking baby. He didn’t need anything right then, so Ben could take a look around. It wasn’t snooping; Evin had invited him in. The living room was dominated by a large sectional in a soft suede fabric. There was a fuzzy throw on the back and thick pillows on the ends. One wall hung a large canvas painted in wild blue, green, and brown strokes, the colors blending into an abstract form that reminded him of a tree in summer.

And there were other pictures. Several featured a man who could only

Innocence & Carnality: Part 27 by Mann Ramblings


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