Wednesday Briefs: January 6, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Moving Forward #16 (4.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

He half expected to hear Dustin whine at him to slow down, but the other man caught up with him easily enough and fell into step beside him. Had he really thought he would be discouraged just because Marshall hadn’t waited for him? Didn’t matter. He shrugged the thought off and kept walking.

“Burnham seems like a nice place,” Dustin commented after a few moments of silence between them.

“It is. We like it.” Marshall shoved his hands into his pockets, focusing on the terrain over which they walked rather than his companion.

“I can see why. I bet everyone knows everyone else.”

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Weehawken, Take Two by Sarah Hayes

Aaron Burr’s shot misses. Not by much—it grazes Alexander Hamilton’s shoulder enough to leave a streak of burnt fabric in what had once been the man’s third-best jacket. The heat of it can be felt in the skin below the sleeve. For a moment, Hamilton stares dumbly at the spot on his body where Burr’s bullet strayed from its intended target. His arm hangs in the air, gun raised to the sky, wavering in the New Jersey breeze that carries the promise of the oncoming dawn.

The moment passes, and Burr is in his face, looking at the immigrant with a mixture of shock and concern.

“We go for a second shot—” starts Hamilton.

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Evans Woodworking: chapter 25 by Jim Dunaway

Alicia rapped on the door to Ethan’s hospital room before walking in. As he turned his head to look at her, she said, “hey, bro. I have a surprise for you.”

Ethan quirked an eyebrow. “And that would be…” he prompted.

Jordan walked into the room. “Hey, bud. How’ya doin’?” he drawled which usually made Ethan laugh as he walked toward the bed.

Ethan held out his arms. “Get over here and give me a hug!” As they hugged, Ethan let him have it. “You bloody dumbass! What the hell were you thinking, beating the shit out of Toby?

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Touchdown by Avery Dawes

The plane jerked before dropping several hundred feet in altitude. Cam awakened with a jolt. “Please, God…” He white-knuckled the armrests and squeezed his eyes shut tight as the plane continued its abrupt descent.

“We’ve hit a line of powerful thunderstorms.” The pilot’s voice sounded as shaky as Cam felt. “Remain seated and stay calm. We’re about a hundred miles from Buenos Aires. I’m afraid we’re in for a bumpy ride the remainder of the trip.”

“Lovely. That just figures. The only luck I’ve had of late is bad luck,” Cam muttered. He’d either been in the air or entertaining…

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Double Trouble: Chapter 57 by Jon Keys
Darrin stepped into the barn, and Mitch looked over almost immediately. His eyebrow slowly slipped upward as their gazes met. He shook his head and went back to cleaning the horse stall. Darrin was not impressed with his husband’s response. Making his way through the dim barn, he stood outside the doorway. After a few moments it became obvious Mitch wasn’t going to get this talk started.
“There were some weird conversations today at work,” Darrin said.
Mitch tossed another pitchfork of bedding and manure into the wheelbarrow. “Yeah, nothing too surprising there. Those people are educated way beyond their intelligence.”
Darrin frowned and crossed his arms. “You know, you could take the fun out of a wet dream.”

Demon: Chapter Sixteen by Nephy Hart

Time stretches too slowly. Voices from the next room indicate the Council has arrived and I doubt the king would be happy should we simply appear, especially not together. There is little choice but to remain secreted until we are summoned. My prince and I have said all there is to say and we cannot risk intimacy. Therefore we sit, our fingers entwined, and wait.

After an age, the door opened and the princess strides in, closing the door behind her. To her credit, she approaches my prince and takes his hands, an expression of concern upon her face.


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No Flash: Chapter Eleven by Cia Nordwell 

Evin paused, caught by surprise. He didn’t really expect Ben to offer to watch his son. “It’s been a long time since college.”

Ben cocked his head to one side. “True, but I know about his allergies, and I did do a round of pediatrics when I was an intern. I usually see at least some kids during my shifts, so they’re not strange, unknown creatures.”

Having someone Evin could trust not to mess up Micah’s diet would be good; Evin mentioned his allergies once during the short trip to the ER, yet Ben remembered even through the shock of

To Be Determined: Part 10 by Johayan

With New Years having come and gone as well, life settled back down to
normal for Shawn and Bryan.

Sitting at dinner at Ristorante Jultari, Bryan decided he needed to make
a move.

“Shawn, we’ve been spending most of the last three months together. I
have met your parents and they seem like me. Would you ever considering
moving out of the city and living on a farm?”

Time froze for Shawn rendering him oblivious to the glob of bolognese
sauce falling onto his white dress shirt and the fork loaded with
spaghetti falling from his hand *…

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Innocence & Carnality Part 26 by Mann Ramblings

Focal Point by Shelly Schulz

I dropped my backpack into the chair across from me. The café was crowded, noisy and I claimed the last table in the back corner, wedged between the wall and a column it was the perfect place to work uninterrupted. My laptop took a few minutes to power up, it was in desperate need of a few updates. I couldn’t afford to get a new one, and there was no point in asking my mom to help me out. She worked hard enough to keep food on the table without worrying about whether my electronics were going to make it.

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I Left My Heart In Egypt by Taylin Clavelli

I left the air-conditioned coach and passed through the invisible cloak of heat onto the sands that dominated me. I only ever felt this way when visited Egypt. I’d travelled the world exploring the magnificent relics that history had left behind. But it was Egypt where there was something extra.

Before me stood the Great Pyramid, with the Sphinx in its shadow, guarding the way. I followed the crowd behind to the Step Pyramid and ventured inside. Down and down I went – bent at the waist to not hit my head. Though, a part of me wouldn’t have minded, for in the darkness was where I knew him. 

The Adored One: Chapter 14 by Kazy Reed

“Trace?” Max called. “You okay?”

Great. He’d heard me talking to myself. I wiped off the message with my towel, then dried off quickly. I wasn’t sure what to wear. My boxers were DOA and I’d never gone commando. Then it occurred to me that the night wasn’t over. More time to play. Let Max take care of me. I wrapped the towel around my waist, picked up my clothes, and opened the door.

Max’s jaw dropped. His gaze slowly traveled down to feet and back up to my face. I smirked. “Is there any way to wash these?”

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Stormlords: Part 19 by Ravon Silvius

By the time the class was over in the afternoon, Rowen’s head was swimming. Not only was he expected to learn his letters, but to learn history and geography, to read maps and weathermaps, to calculate with numbers…it was overwhelming.

             As he packed up his things, Kristoff appeared quietly over his shoulder. “Dinner, then I’m taking you up to the reader’s hill. I want to see if you’re capable of sensing anything.”

             Rowen nodded. Kristoff looked uncertain. It was no longer the nervousness that Rowen usually sensed. Had something happened?

             As he followed his mentor, Rowen reaffirmed his desire to learn to write.

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