Wednesday Briefs: December 16, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Double Trouble: Chapter 54 by Jon Keys
Danny was waiting at his locker, waiting for Kyle. His heart skipped a beat when the slender young man came into view. Danny wasn’t quite sure how he felt about Kyle. They did all kinds of things together and if it was up to Danny they’d do more. But now, he was just waiting to have lunch with his friend.
He sort of noticed another guy walking beside Kyle and apparently cracking jokes since they both kept bursting into laughter. They stopped at Kyle’s locker and stood talking. He waited for Kyle to say something to bring him into the conversation, but they never seemed to notice Danny. After a few minutes, Danny decided his friend could tell him if they were going to eat lunch together or if Danny was on his own. It’s no big deal. I mean, he just needs to tell me.

Silver’s First Christmas – Decorating by Nephy Hart

When the tree was cut down, I didn’t like it. I had to go back to the truck. The sound of the axe on the wood reminded me a little too much of fists on flesh, and snapping bone. I didn’t like it much better when they dragged the tree across the gravel to the truck. If I closed my eyes, I could picture a body. Far in the distant recesses of my mind, a gunshot cracked. So many flashbacks in such a short space of time. I tried really hard to pretend everything was all right, but River knew it wasn’t.

All the way home I struggled to remain present, to stop my mind slipping back into the past, and into the safe place where I used to hide. It exhausted me, and I would have liked to rest, but Ben was so excited about decorating the tree, what could I do?

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Evans Woodworking: Chapter 23 by Jim Dunaway

She placed her hand on his arm, which he jerked away from her touch. “Jordan was going to tell you about it this afternoon when he came by. I don’t know all of what went on, so I thought it was best that he tell you everything. You know me; I’d rather the information came straight from the person involved then give you wrong information.”

Slowly his face returned to its normal color. “I’m sorry. I just can’t picture him doing that. He’s so easy-going. I’ve never seen him get riled over anything.”

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Innocence & Carnality: Part 23 by Mann Ramblings

Let Me In, Chapter 32 By Carol Pedroso

Cade looked at his mate, spread out on the bed, like a feast, just waiting to be eaten.

Well, he was starving. Before he moved to the bed though, he picked up his phone from the bedside cabinet and held it up so Louis could see him turning it off.

“No interruptions,” he sent firmly. “We ignore everything until you are mine.”

He placed a knee on the bed and slowly he crawled up and over his soon-to-be lover. He could feel the tension rising in Louis and himself as he neared his prone mate.

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No Flash: Chapter Eight by Cia Nordwell 

Ben spent the next day doing all the chores that piled when he was working long hours at the hospital. Most of the time he came in and collapsed on his bed before waking up to face another long shift of chaos. Good thing scrubs were cheap and easy to wash.

The second night off left him restless, rambling about his house with nothing left to do. There weren’t many gay bars close by, but he knew of a few that were gay-friendly. Ben took a quick shower and pulled on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt that

Moving Forward #14 (3.7) by Julie Lynn  Hayes

“I know what I want, and what I want is you, Lee. Are you going to tell me you don’t want me too?”

“You know I do. You can feel how much I want you, can’t you?”

“Yeah, I can.” Emboldened by Lee’s words, Marshall didn’t wait for Lee to tell him to remove his shorts. He moved back a little on the couch and hastily stripped his pants off then tossed them aside, before turning back to his lover. “Make love to me, Lee,” he pleaded in a voice filled with need. “Make love to me right here. Right now.”

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