Wednesday Briefs: December 9, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.


No Flash: Chapter Seven by Cia Nordwell 

“Okay?” Ben looked up.

“Yeah. Not really pain, but it doesn’t feel good. Sort of sends a twist up my spine.” Evin had to fight not to pull his hand away.

“Sorry. I need to cover it all, though. The skin on these blisters on your palm is thin, and I don’t want it to break and be exposed to any bacteria.”

Evin nodded. He bit his lip and kept his mouth shut as Ben covered his palm and then turned his hand over. The blister was really more on the side of his hand than the top, but it

Double Trouble: Chapter 53 by Jon Keys
Danny twisted his lips as he made his way down the isle at the western store. In the past his dads took him Christmas shopping, let him pick out something for everyone and then they paid for it. But this year he wanted to get everyone something. And he’d decided he wanted to pay for his own gifts. He’d managed to save a few hundred dollars from the money he was paid hauling hay for his grandpas. At fourteen it wasn’t as if he could drive himself to town. A small ornery grin crept across his face. Actually he could have drove into town, he’d been driving around the ranch since he got big enough to reach the pedals on the old standard pickup. And recently, well a guy needed to have wheels sometimes.

Innocence & Carnality Part 22 by Mann Ramblings

Thinking back, my home in Victoria was a prison.

My brothers were the guards and my mother the governess playing both sides refusing to take either. My father was the warden, locking me away when he was reminded how I’d cast a shadow on his precious status. He exercised his authority and reveled in it. Whenever he wanted to erase my presence—which was more often than I care to admit—he closed the door with me on the other side and turned the key.

Now my husband had done the same. It might have been more palatable if he’d made the slightest effort to sound regretful as he secured my cell.

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Silver’s First Christmas – Tree by Nephy Hart

Ben used to hate me picking him up from school, especially when Ariel was with me. I think we embarrassed him. I don’t really know why. River tried to explain but it’s hard to understand why anyone would hate us, or even hurt us, just because of who we love. I’ve never really thought about it; it’s easier not to.

Today, Ben is excited to see me, and that makes me happier than anything, but River.

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Let Me In: Chapter 31 By Carol Pedroso

So what happens now? Louis asked as they cuddled in bed.

It had been a long evening. “Well, now that all the statements have been taken and collated, they will be sent to the high council and we can wash our hands of the whole mess.” He pulled Louis even closer. “At last, I can focus my attention where it should be…on. My. Very. Sexy. Mate.” He interspersed each of the last words with a kiss on Louis’ lips.  

Louis grinned and wrapped his arms round Cade’s neck. “Does that mean you’re going to mark me? Make me yours… Please?”

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Moving Forward #13 (3.6) by Julie Lynn Hayes

After half an hour of intense contemplation, Marshall rose from the floor, taking deep calming breaths. He thought he was ready to face Lee now.

He found Lee sitting in his recliner, a half empty beer bottle on the table beside him, a book in his lap. Marshall assumed the same position on the floor in front of him, head down, waiting for Lee to speak.

“Marshall, are you ready to answer my question?”

Marshall nodded.

“Good. Go run and put on a pair of shorts and come right back.”

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