Wednesday Briefs: August 26, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Double Trouble: Chapter 43 by Jon Keys
Christmas was coming and normally Darrin would be thrilled for the extended break. But with Ben’s death he couldn’t seem to bring himself to any real kind of resolution. Peace was beyond his imagination but it was harder each day to find some reason to go on. He’d made the mistake of telling Mitch about how he felt, and ended up with a weekly meeting with the university’s shrink.
“Those are hours I’ll never get back again,” Darrin muttered. “what?” Mitch asked. Damnit, when did he sneak into the room. Without turning he replied. “Nothing. Just the crazy guy muttering.”

Evans Woodworking: Chapter 14 by Jim Dunaway

As Ethan was waiting in line to get something to eat, he thought of what Dorothy had said. I’ve always been very careful with my tools and never really cut myself. Scrapes and bruises for sure, but I’ve never bled.

Placing his order, the cashier told him, “That’ll cost you five dollars.” He quirked an eyebrow at him. Apparently he knew of Ethan’s habit of using archaic terms and expressions. He smiled, handed over the five credits, took his snack and sat down where he continued to ponder.

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Fortitude: Part Forty-four by Cia Nordwell 

“We shouldn’t split up,” Teddy said.

“I agree, but which way do we go? We don’t have an unlimited amount of time. At least we won’t get lost.” Our footprints left a clear path behind us in the layer of dust.

“This way.” Wildman didn’t even wait for us to discuss it, he just plunged ahead down the right corridor.

“Does this seem like the right way?” I whispered to Teddy as we trailed him.

“Right way,” Wildman said.

Teddy shrugged. “I don’t know where we are under the palace, but we’re definitely still on the grounds somewhere. He seems

Don’t Look Back #60 (11.5) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Lee continued to suck on Marshall’s balls until he thought he couldn’t take any more, but before he lost control, Lee released them and moved back up to lap at his hole. Shivers crisscrossed Marshall’s frame as Lee slid one finger inside. Marshall’s channel was aflame with desire. The more Lee touched him, the more he wanted. Nothing was enough. He had an itch that only Lee’s cock could scratch sufficiently to satisfy his need.

He pushed back against Lee, grinding against Lee’s face. Lee added a second finger and leaned back, spiraling his digits inside Marshall. When he brushed against his prostate, Marshall yelped. “God fucking damn,” he moaned.

Lee rose to his knees and leaned his body over him, his breath warm on Marshall’s neck as he added another finger and thrust in and out of Marshall’s heated hole. He wound his arm about Marshall, sliding his hand beneath, tweaking his nipples until they hardened.

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At Full Speed #21 by Chris T. Kat

The breakfast at Jake’s apartment had been the last time Jake had seen Bruce in person. That had been three days ago. Sure, Bruce called every day and asked him about his day, how he was, and if he needed Bruce to come over. Jake had bitten his tongue and acted appropriately like an adult. Of course he didn’t need Bruce to come over, he’d said. After all, Bruce worked long hours in a demanding job. Jake damn well could survive a few days without his boyfriend.

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Stormlords: part 5 by Ravon Silvius

Kristoff cursed as he walked outside the cave, the sun shining down through the damp leaves. He had royally screwed up already.

When he had sensed the presence of another Storm Lord, at first he had thought Lissa had followed him, hoping to help with his work in dispelling a particularly nasty heat spell over the southwest region. When she hadn’t appeared, he had begun to get nervous as the sensation grew stronger and more warped, different from a fully trained Lord. More like the apprentices who lounged on the island, waiting to be taught their strength. 

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Innocence & Carnality: Part 7 by Mann Ramblings

Bear to Bear by Avery Dawes

Rain fell harder as Trooper Jared Kingsley jogged to his patrol car. Nothing like a busy, rainy first day of early shift. Jared despised the dreaded six-to-four, made worse today by bad thunderstorms which tripped several residential alarms, necessitating a police response.

“If I get one more friggin alarm,” Jared grumbled from his dry car. He punched the clearance code into his mobile computer before allowing his head to thunk against the headrest. Nothing like being soaking wet after only two hours of work. He raked a hand through his now-flattened hair.

He’d hit the snooze button one too many…


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Let Me In: Chapter 24 By Carol Pedroso

They ended up at the hospital by 2pm. They still hadn’t heard from Second Hayley, and had been unable to find Elder Darren.

“I just have to check on the children, then we can go home,” Louis chatted cheerfully as they headed for his temporary office. Cade had insisted on accompanying him, he said to see what Louis did at the hospital, but Louis knew his mate just wanted to keep an eye on how he was being treated. Cade was still annoyed that Louis hadn’t told him about the idiots that had given him grief.

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The Adored One: Chapter 5 by Kazy Reed

“So tell me.”

“Not here. Outside.”

He looked puzzled, but nodded. Ten minutes later, we were leaning against my car. Stone was munching on a roast beef sandwich. I took a big gulp of soda, bit the bullet and blurted it out. “I’m gay.”

Donny choked on his sandwich and looked at me in horror. He wheezed and coughed with a hand in the air, so I waited until he could speak. Or should I say, until he could yell, “What the fuck?”

I winced at the volume. “Dude, please don’t be like this.”

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