Wednesday Briefs: August 19, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Evans Woodworking: Chapter 13 by Jim Dunaway

“So Ethan, why don’t we begin with you telling me a little about yourself.”

“There’s really not a whole lot to tell. I’m 26 and I have my own business doing antique furniture restoration. I have two brothers and a sister. Do I tell her I’m gay? That might not be a good idea. She might have me committed.

“Do you have anyone special in your life?”

“Not now. It didn’t work out.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. What happened, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“He intentionally infected me with HIV.

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At Full Speed #21 by Chris T. Kat

At some point, they undressed and slipped into sleep. When a buzzing drew Jake out of a nice dream that involved Bruce on his knees, he moaned.

A chuckle replaced the buzzing, and Bruce said, in a sleep-hoarse voice, “Good morning, sunshine. Sorry for waking you, but I’ve got to work.”

Jake opened his eyes, swallowing. Work. Sure. He had work to do himself, though he could do it whenever he felt like it. No preset working hours could be a blessing, especially since he hated getting up early. On the other hand, it meant self-discipline, and that was a concept Jake sometimes struggled with.

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Let Me In, Chapter 23 By Carol Pedroso

“Are you accusing me of betraying my community and my oath to its council?” Edna’s voice was so shrill that Cade winced.

“Try using some of your considerable charm,” Louis’ amused voice sent to him.

Cade glared at his mate but then smoothed his expression out. Edna was only the fourth elder they’d spoken to and they still needed to get to the others and their seconds. But Cade was tired, fed up and just generally irritable. They’d got nothing so far, neither Cade nor Louis had sensed any deception from anyone.

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Fortitude: Part Forty-three  by Cia Nordwell 


I wanted nothing more than to stay in bed with Teddy, but that wasn’t going to happen. We dressed in dark clothing, saying nothing until I noticed Teddy left his sling off.

“You need to wear that.”

“Will, we’re sneaking into the palace to find Shvesla’s machine in order to destroy it. Who knows what will happen? I’ll be careful, but I may need to use both arms. We’re already stuck going in there alone; it’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

Arguing with him would waste precious time, even if I didn’t want to admit that he was right.

The Heat Of Egypt by Taylin Clavelli
Colossal wooden doors creaked open and heat flooded in. It hit my skin like a flame and I began to sweat. Where the hell was I? The last thing I knew, I was curled up in bed, under my comforter with the TV still on. This had to be a dream.

I was blinded by the light, but the color and design of the sycamore fig doors had left an imprint on my memory. I recognized the sight. I’d dreamed of entering through those doors, myself, since seeing them on the discovery channel. But this seemed so much more real.

Innocence & Carnality Part 6 by Mann Ramblings

My compliments to the chef,” Lord Rother said. Given how he scrubbed at his mouth, a towel might have been a better choice than the napkin in his hand. Mother flinched. With Lord Rother’s lack of fine-tuning she’d had many opportunities.

It wasn’t his fault. The conversation through dinner spoke of a man who wasn’t born to privilege, but earned it. I’d yet to hear details of what his business entailed, but one didn’t speak of financial details during a meal. Apparently, the lord from Francine knew that much.

His etiquette unnerved me at times. For someone of his standing, he held himself like common folk; I wasn’t sure what to make of him.

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Don’t Look Back #59 (11.4) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The Christmas Eve shindig at Milly’s officially broke up at midnight when Milly reminded everyone, with a wink and a smile, that she had grandchildren in Tucker Falls who liked to get up at the crack of dawn to open their presents. Of course the diner wasn’t open on Christmas Day. Nothing in Burnham was, although Roy remained on duty, ready to take calls if needed. Generally, that didn’t happen.

Some people called it a night and went home, while others lingered in the parking lot, finishing conversations, and discussing what an unqualified success the evening had been. Marshall and Lee stood with Sarah and Craig, beside the Fergusons’ pick-up.

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 Stormlords Part 4 by Ravon Silvius


Rowen blinked slowly, trying to figure out what this man meant by apprentice. He nodded.

“Ok. How old are you? No, sorry…Uh, are you twenty?” Rowen shook his head.

“19?” Another head shake, all the way down to his age of 18.

“Good then,” Kristoff said with a smile. “I’m 21. You’re quite close to my age.”

Rowen didn’t know what to make of being spoken to in such a friendly way. He found himself smiling back, despite the lingering pain and thirst.

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 The Adored One: Chapter 4 by Kazy Reed

The smell of floor polish and chalk dust assaulted my senses the moment I walked into the building. It was so surreal! On the spot where I stood, twenty years later, there would be a shopping mall.

Somehow, I really did remember everything that had happened before now. I recalled what I’d had at lunch the day before, and the nasty joke that Donny Stone—my best friend—had told me.

“Weird,” I mumbled.

Suddenly, someone slapped me hard on the back and I lurched forward. Stone laughed and said, “Talking to yourself, Worthy?”




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