Wednesday Briefs: August 5, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Double Trouble: Chapter 41 by Jon Keys
Darrin’s mood was dark. It had reached the point where even Mitch avoided dealing with him. But they hadn’t heard from Ben since he’d left. Darren was afraid his brand of  tough love had been too much.
“You know it’s nothing you did? Right?”
He turned and glared at Mitch. “You don’t know that. He should have at least sent us a text. But it’s like he’s fallen off the planet.” His expression soften and he allowed the fear to show through. “Mitch, I’m really afraid something’s happened to him.”

Let Me In: Chapter 21 by Carol Pedroso

“What are you going to do?” Louis asked.

He could sense the anger rolling off Cade. He was afraid that all this had blown up because of him. Maybe if he had kept his mouth shut and not threatened the council, they leak wouldn’t have gone to the press. Maybe if he’d stayed home Cade would have been able to…okay so he didn’t know what Cade could have done, but he was almost certain Cade would be better off without him there. Maybe he should—his thought were interrupted by Cade clipping on the back of his head.

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You Are What You Eat by Taylin Clavelli

People say you are what you eat. I find that an interesting turn of phrase because I eat a wide variety of things. Some are for sustenance, some for pleasure and some things are for pure unadulterated lust. Yes, the latter includes my man and long-term partner Damien. And what a devil he is too. After ten years, he still uses my body like it’s a food platter. His favorite night-time snack is tongue – delicate and strong. Often he’ll have what he calls The Magic Blend, too, because when he eats, the items swell in his mouth

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A Shaman’s Gift: Part 22 by Johayan

Lyaru’s body was slowly lowered into the grave.  The surrounding members of the Lodge, dressed in blue, bowed their heads in respect.  Maikyl finished up his eulogy and looked up to see how Kevyl was holding up.

Kevyl stood silently with a blank expression on his face, his grief masked except for the constant fall of tears from his cheeks.

As the grave tenders stood aside, the funeral party slowly filed back towards the Lodge.  Once the last mourner had left, they made short work of filling and putting the grass back over the grave.


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Innocence & Carnality by Mann Ramblings

Harston reached down inside my waistline, smoothing my linen shirt before buttoning the braces into place. The tension of the straps over my shoulders pulled my pants up enough to accentuate the tailored fit through my thighs and buttocks. With practiced fingers, Harston smoothed the snug fabric until even the chastity belt couldn’t be seen underneath. I had to admit, his skills were impressive. He quickly lifted the waistcoat hanging from the wardrobe. Two tones of white created vertical stripes through the garment, and I stretched my arms outwards to ease my dressing.

Isn’t it exciting, Sir Nathan? Traveling to another land to be wedded to a wealthy nobleman?”

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Don’t Look Back #57 (11.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Marshall stood in stunned silence as Lee took the paper from Roy’s hand and read it through. “Fucking bitch,” Lee swore softly, his mouth setting into a grim line. “What the hell was she even thinking?”

“I’m guessing she decided if she couldn’t get you to pay her for her silence, she might as well try to ruin your life. I think she gave a copy of this to everyone in town. Except us, of course. ” Roy glanced up at Marshall, sympathy in his eyes, as well as frustration that he hadn’t been able to prevent what had happened. Whatever that might be.

“What is that?” Marshall asked, reaching for the sheet. He locked eyes with Lee, who seemed to debate something with himself. He reluctantly released the paper into Marshall’s possession without comment.

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Dark Rights by Shelly Schulz

The heavy wooden door slammed shut behind me when I stepped over the threshold. The interior of the building was as I remembered it. A welcoming hall, two glass doors that lead into a sanctuary—still lined with moth chewed pews. There was a woman hunched over in one of the pews, her hands clasped together, resting on the back of the pew in front of her. Gray didn’t run it as a church, but he respected the need for a place to talk to whoever may be listening.

“Your room is in the back.” He handed me the backpack.


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Fortitude: Part Forty-one by Cia Nordwell 

The page stopped dead in his track. He shook his head slowly, side to side, his eyes huge. “No.”

I bent down to whisper in his ear. “We heard a story about a man who was a traitor to the king. He was locked up and died, but his spirit haunts the palace because his bones were never found.”

Young Will shivered. “I think a friend of mine saw him once! He was so scared he had to sleep with a lamp on for a whole fortnight.”

“What if you could find the bones? You could put the ghost to

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Evans Woodworking: Chapter 12 by Jim Dunaway

Jordan gently tapped Ethan on the knee before standing. “I can’t even begin to imagine what you’ve been through and what you’re going through now,” he told Ethan gently. “You inspire me to want to be a better man. I’m your best friend and I’m here for you 24/7/365. When you’re ready to talk, I’m here to listen, anytime day or night. I love you, bro.” No response from Ethan.

Walking into the kitchen Jordan said, “it’s almost like he’s not in there, his body just an empty shell. I’ve never seen him like this. It scares me a little.

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Stormlords: Part 2 by Ravon Silvius

“He will suffer the way his parents did.” The woman said, and people around her agreed. His neighbors, the ones he had watched bring their water to the gathering, scowled at him and turned away.

Rowen didn’t try to fight. There was no point. There were too many, and running during a heat spell would only bring on his death faster.

 “Tie him up!”

 Rowen heard Alain protesting, and then he was silenced. Those tying him worked quickly and quietly, stripping his clothes off and binding his ankles with cord, his wrists behind his back. For a sacrifice, it was all very civilized. Everyone knew not to waste energy in this heat.

            “Leave him in the sun,” the man spoke. “One less to take your water, and one more death to bring the storms faster.”

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