Wednesday Briefs: July 29, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Let Me In: Chapter 20 by Carol Pedroso

Cade woke to dim sunlight filtering into the bedroom and his cell ringing. He pulled the covers over his head and snuggled closer to Louis until the ringing stopped. Sighing with relief he started to doze back off, until the ringing started up again. Then the landline phone joined in too.

Huffing he reached over and grabbed his cell. Seeing it was Thomas he answered.

“This had better be important,” he growled. “It is barely light out.”

“Get your iPad and bring up the local newspaper. Check out the headlines and you’ll see what’s so important.”

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I Came to You by Taylin Clavelli

The burly guard threw the man down on the floor. “Kneel before your king, filth!”

From his sprawled position, the young man – tired and grubby – did his best to scramble to his knees. His task was made all the harder with his hands tied behind his back.

Before his court, the newly crowned king stood proudly and descended the steps of the great hall. He was taller than the average male of his people which gave him an extra air of power and presence. His strong athletic frame was hidden beneath the autumn colored silk robes of his rank which flowed behind him as he strode toward the prisoner.

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Don’t Look Back #56 (11.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

By December 24th, everything that needed to be done before Christmas had been done. Everything else could wait. Marshall and Lee slept in after a late night of setting up the new stereo system that had arrived the day before. Once it was assembled, both men were pleased with the way it sounded.

“Those are some kick ass speakers,” Marshall commented for the hundredth time. They sat together in the family room, eating toasted bagels and drinking coffee, surrounded by the mellow sounds of Miles Davis.

After they ate, they put up a few decorations. There was a wreath for the front door—a circle of greenery with a teddy bear in the middle that held a sign wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. There were assorted Christmas candles, pillars of varying sizes, scents, and colors. And of course the tree, which they’d cut down at the tree farm the day before.

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Fortitude: Part Forty-One by Cia Nordwell 

“First, we need a report.” I flourished a bit of paper from the supply of finely crafted sheets my parents had insisted I use. “What should we do it on?”

“Well you already told the king your impressions of the concert hall, but we didn’t write them up. Plus we could sneak out by saying we’re going to enhance the memory of the concert and get a sense for the acoustics when the building is empty.”

I grinned at Teddy. “You’re good at that. Maybe you should write the report.”

“Hey! Who says I want to spend all day writing?”

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Innocence & Carnality by Mann Ramblings

With a light touch, a new lens spun into place, magnifying my view. Through my custom monocle, the music box’s internal workings filled my vision. One by one, I placed a new gear into the cavity, rebuilding the motor to play a complex symphony. Only the coiled spring needed to be installed, providing the power to function. The gaslight lamp barely provided enough light, but at this time of night, I had little choice. So engrossed in my task, I ignored the sounds of the door opening. I felt the presence next to me for long moments, silent yet disruptive.

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Demon: Chapter 10 by Nephy Hart

“Father,” my prince gasps as he scrambles from the bed and prostrates himself in front of the man, who ignores him, to stare at me with glittering eyes. He looks as if he would like to snap me in two, but I will not bow before him. Nothing will make me kneel willingly to this man who suffers his own son to cower before him. Although I am sure I will suffer for it, I place myself between the man and my beloved.

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Hearth & Heart by Avery Dawes

Desiring to reach Castle Wellington before dark, I pushed my horse harder, despite the fact we’d been riding since break of day. With winter’s approach, the sun now set earlier, and I doubted we’d succeed. I had to get back and see my love, my cherished Rowan. I strained my ear, listening for the sound of waves crashing on jagged rocks that would signal we were home.

 Alas, nothing yet. I slowed Fury, my brilliant black destrier, and motioned my squire forward.

 I knew Rowan would be worried. The man constantly fretted. He had utmost confidence in my skills…

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Stormlords: Part 1 by Ravon Silvius

The heat hung over the village like a smothering blanket.

 Rowen watched his neighbors carry buckets of water out of their hut, the image dancing in the heat waves that wavered off of the baked clay. The entire village was preparing for the daily gathering, always necessary during a heat spell. The gathering was a time for people to spread out precious goods like water and pit seeds, which would cool down the body and prevent heat death.

 In normal times, goods were traded as per their worth. During a heat spell, however, nothing could match the worth of a simple bucket of water or a single pit seed.

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