Wednesday Briefs: December 17, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Don’t Look Back #26 (5.5) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The drive back to the Crockett seemed hella-long to Marshall. But he didn’t dare fidget and reveal his impatience to Lee. And he definitely knew better than to touch himself, although the temptation to do so was great. He cast surreptitious glances at Lee, in the guise of taking in the scenery like any visitor to San Antonio. Instead, he secretly admired his handsome profile, the curl of Lee’s dark lashes over his blue eyes, the curve of the lush lips he longed to kiss.

Damn, he was one fine man.

Marshall swallowed a moan.

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In Enemy Hands: #3.4 by M.A. Church

Adlar waited until those puzzled brown eyes focused on him. “Greetings, Prince Varo Kutchif of Yesri.”

 “Wh-what? Why am I lying down? And how… how do you know my… Who are…?”

 Well now, he had confirmation who indeed his captive was. “I’m Adlar Mondur, leader of the D’noir, and younger brother to King Omori, ruler of Helkan.”

 “Helkan? But….” Varo sat up.

 Adlar grasped Varo’s chin. “And you, my dear princeling, crash-landed on my planet. I claim you as my prisoner.”

 “P-p-prisoner?”  Under his tan skin, Varo paled.

 He watched as the confusion cleared and… was that fear in those brown eyes? How delightful.

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Washed Right Out: Chapter Thirteen by Sarah Hayes

“Riles. You’re here.”

A hand—Jonathan’s hand—set itself on Riley’s shoulder. He’d been trapped. The usage of his nickname—Rileshad once thrilled him, but now it terrified him. The other man’s hand felt cold through his shirt, and Riley immediately regretted not bringing his overcoat.

“It’s okay,” Jonathan continued. “You don’t have to say anything. You don’t even have to look at me.”

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Buried Treasure Part 20: by Carol Pedroso

We all looked on as Jamie and Casey worked on Jackson. They were holding hands over Jackson’s unresponsive body and muttering too fast for me to even guess at what they were saying.

The door opened quietly to admit Ben. He looked fearfully at the bed before heading straight to Adam and burying his face in his chest.

I felt Craig’s arms come round me and I leant back into him soaking in his comforting presence.

“Let go love. Come on your exhausted.”
He led me to nearby chair and pulled me into his lap.

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Fortitude: Part Eleven by Cia Nordwell

Not prisoners didn’t mean Anna was just going to let us go. Oh no, that would be too damn simple. There were vague comments about returning our pistols and swords, after a tour of the city. And lunch. And a visit to the nursery to see they had young thriving.

We found Wildman there.

He was not thriving.

They’d cleaned him up and given him fresh clothes. Wildman looked sullen. A guard stood next to a small stool in the corner where he was sulking, away from the other kids and teens. A boy was sitting on the floor in

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Rattletrap #27 by Tali Spencer

Jedd sorted out what Ussim was telling him. The Ghisr reproduced using machines. That made sense, actually. Everything he’d read about the aliens pointed to nearly complete integration with technology. Their vision, hearing, even homeostasis—they channeled every aspect of interactions with their environment through devices and biometric coding. It wasn’t shocking at all to learn they’d taken artificial wombs to a purely personal level. It was just… there didn’t seem to be much about the process that felt even remotely personal.

“Incubation is not romantic,” Ussim said. His elegant brows had drawn together, creating twin furrows on his forehead. 

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Double Trouble: Chapter 23by Jon Keys
Josh rushed around the kitchen, worried at what Trent might say when he wasn’t being supervised. He wasn’t the model of decorum anyway, and he still wasn’t sure how Trent felt about Danny’s teacher. They’d gotten off to a rocky start. He jumped a little when Benji rounded the corner.
“How’s the stuff coming? Trent looks about as happy as a cat in a dog pound.”
He chuckled and sat out the glasses and started filling them. “I about got it ready. I was trying to find something besides beer to drink.”
Benji grinned. “Give them one of those boxes of juice you give Danny and Sammy. That should be entertaining.”

Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 22 by Kazy Reed

The count’s brother stood fuming as Epp and Blake kissed. The anger coming off the ancient vampire was palpable. I shivered and Aramis tapped me on the shoulder. When I looked at him, he spoke into my head. “Don’t stare at him. That’s Fumaro. He’s the worst of the bunch when it comes to evil vampires.” My mouth dropped open, but Aramis shook his head almost imperceptibly. “I have a feeling he’s in league with Blake’s dad. They’re both dangerous.”

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 Aesthetics of Invention: Part 17 by Ravon Silvius

Kenneth had traveled often with his parents as a child, staring out of carriage windows at rich rolling countrysides or at the glowing, ivy-festooned homes and mansions of mage cities. But every time they had traveled through a talentless town, his mother had bade him away from the carriage windows, the curtains tightly shut.

 At the collegium, the talentless portions of the city were rightly referred to as slums. The talentless living there had little wealth other than what they made from selling either wares or unsavory services to magi. Kenneth had long avoided it, only venturing in once to get steel for his class.

 And then he had met Thorn, and his life, and opinions, had changed.

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