Wednesday Briefs: December 10, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.


In Enemy Hands:  #3.3 by; M.A. Church

He vigorously petted the big feline. The animal dropped back down on four paws and rubbed against Adlar’s leg. Several years ago, Adlar had found a juvenile batar abandoned by its mother. It might’ve survived on its own, if it was lucky. Instead of luck, the cub had been hunted by something bigger than itself.

 The encounter left the batar with the scar down its face. Adlar spent a month in the jungle playing nursemaid to the feline, trying to get it healthy without taming it. He’d succeeded. The batar remained close to Adlar, even establishing its territory near Adlar’s home.

 “What have you found, boy?”

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Don’t Look Back #25 (5.4) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“You have such beautiful red hair,” Carlisle commented. He ran his fingers through Marshall’s locks. “So soft and supple. You treat it well, I can tell. What do you use?”

“Just shampoo and conditioner. Whatever’s on sale.”

“Oh, that’s just criminal!” Carlisle tutted. “I’ll give you some product before you leave. The same stuff I’m going to use on you today.”

Marshall cast a hopeful glance at Lee, but Lee was grinning, and obviously had no intention of interfering in whatever was about to happen. Probably since he’d orchestrated it to begin with.

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Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 21 by Kazy Reed

Aurelia clutched at her husband’s arm. “Do something, Aristes! This is your son!”

Count Corleanni put a hand up to calm her. “Come, brothers, let us discuss this matter. May we use your study, Ambrogi?”

“Certainly,” Aristes replied with an ingratiating smile. “If you will follow me.”

Betina glanced at my father and left with the members of the council. The countess shot another look at Aurelia, and then followed the others. As soon at the butler shut the door, Epp took Blake by the hand and pulled him toward the door.

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Buried Treasure: Part 19 by Carol Pedroso

Jaydon’s POV

 I felt the connection between Jackson and Basil snap and then I was flying through the air. I hit the ground with a solid thump but fought against the blackness that encroached on the edges of my vision.

I could feel Craig nearby but I couldn’t raise move a muscle. I felt and heard Craig cry out in pain and that made me move.

I sat up to see Craig go flying by me, he landed on his back but sprung straight back up and was going to attack again.

Edge of Fury, Conclusion by Avery Dawes

The sound of wood crackling had Zane opening his eyelids. Steele had lit a small fire in the kiva in the corner of the room. He also lit several candles, which were scattered around the room. Zane hadn’t expected such a romantic scene. In fact, he didn’t know his biker had it in him to do something so sweet, almost girlie. 

“You like?” Steele’s voice sounded from the far side of the room. His biker had shed his pants and underwear. The flickering light of the fire threw highlights on Steele’s toned thighs and abs. 

Chapter 24: Cyan by Nephylim

“Are you my boyfriend again, now?” Cyan asked, gazing at Robin with his bright, green eyes.

“I never stopped,” Robin said. “I just…got lost for a bit.”

Cyan’s beam almost blinded him. “What happens next? I promise I won’t tell anyone, and I’ll try really hard not to be too nice to you in public. In private, though, I intend to be very nice to you. Very, very nice.”

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Aesthetics of Invention part 16 by Ravon Silvius 

Thorn didn’t want to think about the war.

 He had indulged Kenneth, of course. Hearing about the past was important for Kenneth. He had to understand, as a mage, what talentless had gone through.

 But Thorn had gone through it, and didn’t want to dwell on it. He had lost his parents, and he had lost his hand. It was over and done with. He wanted to look to the future, and enjoy his time with his new mage lover without worrying about what had come before.

 “Come here, Kenneth,” Thorn said as he closed the door to his dorm room behind them. His blond lover had moved toward the bed and paused at Thorn’s words, his blue eyes wide at the tone in Thorn’s voice. Thorn wondered how many people, if any, had ever used such a commanding tone with him.

 But Kenneth didn’t fight it. He moved obediently toward Thorn, a pleasant surprise.

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Washed Right Out: Chapter 12 by Sarah Hayes

Riley truly wanted to follow Karen’s thoughtful, learned advice of staying in his office and waiting to be kidnapped, but there was something he had to do. He would have to talk to Jonathan, once and for all. He could end the situation all by himself.

Forty-five minutes. It would take Karen and Samantha forty-five minutes to get from the Les Belles Vagues Boutique to the building where the Belle Facce offices were. Half of that time would actually be spent in the car. The other half would be getting ready, stopping for a coffee and a light snack at the nearby bodega across the street from the salon.

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Love Across Time: Chapter 33 by Jim Dunaway

Not for the first time did Doctor Korotas wish that the stasis pods had travellator capabilities as he explained to Barnes who Ethan and Chris really were. Barnes’ jaw dropped when he heard what the doctor said about them. “You’re bullshitting me, right?”

Doctor Korotas chuckled at the use of the archaic term. Ever since Ethan arrived, the old saying were making a comeback. In fact, some people made a game out of trying to come up with them. “Time to make tracks,” he added his own archaic saying. “We’ll be ready when you get here.

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Rattletrap #26 by Tali Spencer

“You said you wouldn’t touch me.”

To Ussim, Jedd’s accusation held less heat than the water, warm as primordial Ghi, gleaming in rivulets on both their naked skins. The rich-hued violet of his extended arm stood out against Jedd’s pale, creamy body. Ussim touched his tongue to his lips rather than where he really wished it to go. The broad expanse of his rôn’s chest and the dusky circle of a rather incongruous nipple compelled thoughts far more sensual than sight alone could satisfy.

“I never said that. I never said I would not be aroused, or that you would not be.”

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