Wednesday Briefs: November 26, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Sunrise by Victoria Adams
J’dol stopped on the edge of the deck and looked at the sword. “Those bright stones on the hilt, mind does not have those. Why would one decorate a weapon of death?”
Sian flinched at his description of the weapon. “Those bright stones would be called gemstones. Rubies and emeralds to be exact. Although those are fake.” She bent low and picked up the sword. “Compared to yours J’dol, this weighs nothing.”

He held out his hand, taking the sword. He swung it, being careful not to hit anyone. “This is a child’s. One used to train a young warrior.”

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Flood: Chapter 9 by Caraway Carter 

There was a knock at the door. As Mama turned to open it, two figures wearing robes walked into the room. One wore a coarse brown; the other, blue-grey linen. Their faces were covered. All I could see were two figures nearly floating across the room. But even that wasn’t a surprise; I’d already seen so many other odd, strange things today.  A strong hand slipped under my elbow, and looking over my shoulder I saw Jeb standing right behind me.

He leaned down and whispered, “I’ll be with you the entire time.”

Mama closed the door and spoke reverently…

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Love Across Time: Chapter 31 by Jim Dunaway

Ethan jumped up, his eyes flashing with anger, “Ya ain’t goin’ nowhere, ya big oaf!” Ethan’s southern speech and accent were becoming more pronounced as his anger built. “Yah, it took me some time to learn how to use this stuff, but ya ain’t ignorant. Ya’ll learn this stuff easy. What ahs havin’ problems with is how things work, like the travellators ‘n’ stuff, stuff ya ain’t gotta know t’ use the stuff. You know ahs curious ’bout them things,” he drawled. Ryan just looked at him; his mouth hanging open in surprise.

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Truly Thankful, Sir by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

She followed his gaze to the spot on the floor in front of him. Amanda smiled. He didn’t need to say anything. She was well aware of what he wanted. She swayed her hips with purpose as she walked toward him. His eyes shone in that way she loved and the bulge in his trousers indicated he was quite happy to see her. Gracefully, he kneeled before him. She thrust her chest out so he could appraise her ample cleavage and locked her arms behind her neck the way he liked. She dropped her gaze to the floor.

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Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 19 by Kazy Reed

“Excuse me?” Dad asked with a scowl.

“Well, he’ll be at Belsmeade and I’ll be home and it’s really, really hard to be apart and it’s gonna suck enough—”

I heard Epp snort and start laughing in the other room, and then I heard someone smack him on the head. “Don’t be rude,” Aurelia snapped.

Epp said, “Ya know? I’m lucky I have any hair on that part of my head. You people are always hitting me!”

“Because you’re always an asshole,” Aramis called out to him.

“Basta!” Aristes barked. Then he turned to my father.

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Fortitude: Part Eight by Cia Nordwell

Slogging through a jungle-like forest was much harder than walking down the street. Plus, I’d never walked all day without pause. Wildman might look like a half-starved waif, but he moved like a creature born to the wild and was never out of breath.

My mouth was as desiccated as a desert, but I dared not allow us to more than sip at our water supply. We were so close. We’d stumbled over a broken road, the smooth stones crumbling under the progress of the vegetation retaking it, but Wildman wouldn’t let us walk on it.

 “Bad,” he’d called it.

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Don’t Look Back #23 (5.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The walk back to the Crockett seemed impossibly long, but Marshall curbed his impatience, and refrained from putting his hands all over Lee, much as he wanted to. In public, anyway. Once they were alone, that wasn’t all he intended to touch Lee with, and his cock ached at the thought.

“Want to grab a bite to eat?” Lee asked. They stood at the back of the elevator, which crawled up to the fifth floor, stopping for an eternity at every floor in between, as people got on and off.

“That’s the plan,” Marshall quipped. He gave Lee a sassy wink.

“I meant dinner, boy.” Lee chuckled.

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Edge of Fury, Part 10 by Avery Dawes
Zane followed Steele into the darkened adobe home. As they pulled down the lane, Steele had explained that this was his mother’s property. He hinted that things were pretty rustic since he didn’t regularly use house.
Steele cursed, trying to find the light switch. He grumbled into the dark, “Jaime, I’m going to kick your ass if you rearranged the furniture again.”
Waiting patiently by the front door, Zane couldn’t help but asking. “Um, Steele, who’s Jaime?” Zane had a list of mental questions for the biker; he sure hoped Jaime wasn’t a previous lover.
Finally, the lights came on. Steele faced him…

Rattletrap #24 by Tali Spencer

Jedd took the elevator back to crew quarters. He’d timed his visit with Straske and hoped it had been short enough to raise no alarms.

According to Plant’s schematics, there were plenty of blind spots on the Batu to explain someone being unaccounted for—just not for a very long time. And he’d get no slack at all. He rubbed the bruise on his collarbone where Ussim had tagged him and knew his location had been noted. If Ussim knew where he’d been, he also knew with whom.

Damn, the spot still hurt. Had Ussim shot the chip into bone?

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In Enemy Hands: #3 by; M.A. Church

“Frack.” Adlar’s loud snarl echoed through the battle shuttle he piloted toward the Yesri crash site.

 The Satellite Surveillance Network suffered a complete failure, something that hadn’t happened in recent memory. It was pure chance nothing more than a small Yesri shuttle managed to penetrate their defenses. But even that was a danger, as every spacefaring race knew.

 Shuttles had warp engines, and when they blew, the damage was massive. Fortunately, the SSN had reactivated as the shuttle passed through, shorting out its main controls and rendering the crew helpless to wreak whatever destruction they’d planned.

 That wasn’t to say the people themselves were helpless.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 21 by Jon Keys

Trent’s temper surged as Mrs. Anderson closed the door and he watched through the window as she moved back into the room of kids. She glanced back once, but then shifted her gaze back nervously. Trent set his jaw and turned back to Josh. “My child is not staying in that woman’s classroom. I’m going to talk to the principal right now and fix this.”
He started, only to be pulled to a stop by Josh. He spun, ready to explode with anger. Before he could say anything, Josh held up a hand. “Not now. We don’t really know anything. Let’s wait and see what happens. Okay?”

Buried Treasure 17 by Carol Pedroso

“I’ve got the video footage” Jamie called out as he came through the door, making me jump at least four foot in the air and causing Craig to laugh.

Jamie ignored us and headed for the DVD player, it only took a few moment for the footage to load and it seemed it started three days ago.

“Jackson had his tech wizard’s work their magic, by comparing the till computer with the video footage they were able to isolate the bottles of booze that were actually sold. They eliminated all the footage that contained legitimate customers. Then they cross referenced



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