Wednesday Briefs: November 19, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Double Trouble: Chapter 20 by Jon Keys

“I do not want to go to that place!” Danny said.
Trent tried to keep calm. “Danny, you have to go. It’ll be fun. You’ll learn stuff and find new friends.”
“Will not be fun. I know it won’t be fun. Everything that’s fun is here at home.”
“And everything will still be here in a few hours. Then you can have fun stuff at home, and fun stuff at school.”
Danny wiped a tear of frustration from his eye. “Did you go to school? Was it fun?”

Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 18 by Kazy Reed

“Shh!” a voice hissed. “Don’t wake them up.”

“Oh shut up, Chia.” I recognized Blanca’s voice. “This is too good. We gotta tell them.”

Someone shook my shoulder. “Eliot. Hey, Eliot. Psst.”

I sat up with a start and my forehead smacked into something hard. “Ow!” cried Blanca. “That hurt!”

“Blanca,” Aramis growled. “What on earth are you doing in here?”

She flung herself onto the bed between Aramis and me and lay her head back on my pillow. Lucia sat on the edge of the bed, and put her hands up to get our attention.

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Edge of Fury: Part 9 by Avery Dawes

Zane fidgeted. He couldn’t help himself. What was taking Steele so long? Surely it wouldn’t take much to stage the Honda. They needed to get off the road and away from Edge of Fury’s property before someone spotted them—someone like Razor, who would then realize Steele hadn’t carried out the man’s orders as Zane still lived and breathed.

Approaching headlights had Zane scrambling away from the trunk of the car and slinking deeper into the shadows. Thankfully the SUV passed without slowing, apparently oblivious to their activities. Sweat—or was it blood?—rolled down Zane’s forehead and dripped onto his black shirt. 

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Rattletrap #23 by Tali Spencer

Jedd had never liked the way Straske’s flat gray stare avoided his eyes while lingering with mocking distaste on his mouth, as if watching his lips give birth to lies. And it was a crazy thing, because Jedd had never lied to this crew about why he was there or what he thought, not once, not until the Ghisr had boarded the Batu and turned all their lives upside down.

“Over here.” He moved toward the tool cabinet, where Gerson stood, eyeing him warily. There was a blind spot there and if they kept their voices down…

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Fortitude: Part Seven by Cia Nordwell

“Will!” Teddy’s eyes were huge.

“I see.” I’d considered personal protection and brought weapons and the portable perimeter warning system. We both carried food, and we had the tent. But I’d never anticipated a flying animal the size of a steam engine or acid water.

“You saved us,” Teddy said to the wildman.

“Stupid. You no go.” He pointed toward the old city we were headed to and shook his head. He knew it was there, even without a map. “You go.” The willdman pointed back to our city.

“We can’t. We’re not just out here for fun. I have

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In Enemy Hands:  #2.2 by M.A. Church

Stars, he couldn’t shake the feeling he’d just buried part of himself in that shallow grave.

 Desperate to shake off the unsettling premonition, he quickly scouted the surrounding area, making sure his men hadn’t left any sign of flight. He had no doubt the Helkans would seize the shuttle, and go through it. Let them. They would find nothing of the males who crashed it there.

 Turning, he ran toward the jungle, the mist enveloping him.

 In the fading twilight, the jungle glowed with vibrant, misty blues, smoky grays, and luxuriant deep purples that blended with the surrounding landscape.

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Sunrise by Victoria Adams
With her heart pounding in her chest, Sian raced to grab J’dol from the lake. She dug the fingers of one hand into his arm and with the other hand, she gripped his shirt. Could she do it? Could she lift him? He was strongly built with broad shoulders and well-muscled arms. Much too heavy for her. She had to. She had no other choice. Sian gritted her teeth. Come hell or high water, she’d get him out of the water. With a deep inhale she heaved. His upper body slid up over the edge and onto the dock.

Buried treasure: Part 16 By Carol Pedroso

We found Casey sitting in his office looking busy with paperwork. I was glad that someone had let on to me how to tell the twins apart when they were in uniform. To help the staff the twins wore different colored t shirts with the clinic logo on them. Casey wore green and Jamie wore blue.

After we exchanged a few pleasantries we told Casey our idea.

“That’s a great thought,” Casey said smiling.

“It was Jaydon’s idea,” Craig stated grinning at me. The bastard knew it would embarrass me and on cue I felt my face getting warm.

Love Across Time: Chapter 30 by Jim Dunaway;

“Yes, Ethan, come in and have a seat. I have a special assignment for you. In a few minutes we’re going to have a special guest who wants to meet you and discuss your work. Because of your unique situation, I ask that you only discuss your job, and do not leave the conference room until the meeting is over.”


“Please head on down to the conference room. I’ll have someone bring our guest there shortly.” As soon as Ethan left, Duncan contacted the control room. “Tell Ryan to bring Chris to the conference room, please.”

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A Shaman’s Gift: Part 3 by Johayan

I turned and headed towards the center of the Gathering, walking around the edge of the South ritual circle and the raging bonfire within it. I made my way to the empty central ritual circle. My anger carried me forward to the center of the ritual circle. As the wind picked up, I noticed it was a chilling wind driven forth by the storm. What had been a dark sky turned threatening with heavy drops of rain falling and lightning crashing all around. I turned around and surveyed the
Gathering around me. A storm would cause injuries and damage.

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Don’t Look Back #22 (5.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Marshall and Lee loved the Crockett Hotel for its proximity to the Alamo, as well as its amenities. It was right next door to the shrine, a few blocks from the Riverwalk. They’d taken the cruise a few times—a relaxing way to take in the sights.

They carried their discreetly wrapped purchases through the busy lobby. At one time, this had been an open courtyard. Now it was a six-story atrium with a skylight, where people mingled.

“Want to get a drink after we take these up?” Lee nodded toward the bar across the way.

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