Wednesday Briefs: September 10, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Buried Treasure 9 By Carol Pedroso

 I am embarrassed to say I panicked, big time.
 I was on my own with the best friend I had loved for years and he was waiting for me to join him in bed!!
Suddenly everything form the last few days started hitting me at once.
I had dug my best friend up from under a landslide.
That best friend had then come to stay with me and needed full on care at first.
 I had failed to find Crystal in time to save her.
 I was now tasked with finding and capturing – if not killing – her father.
  I had…

Hand of Fate: Chapter 4 by Elyzabeth M. VaLey


Her nipples hardened as he tried out her name. Every time he said it her body responded. There was no malice in his tone, quite the contrary, her name on his lips sounded like honey dripping from a spoon. She felt compelled to raise her head and look him in the eye. To see if in their depths there was any warmth or if it was truly all a spell.

“Mayra,” he crooned. Her back arched and she gasped as he touched her spine with his fingertip.  He slid it lower, causing sparks of desire to build between her legs. She moaned. Dear Gods.

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Tide Pull by Shelly Schulz

A light breeze tugged with the tangle of curls that refused to be tamed by any sort of hair tie. She stood on the beach, the sand working its way between her toes, weight on her heels, allowing herself to sink into the warmth.  The water was crystal clear and calm, stretching out until sea met sky in a blurry horizon line. She started forward, toes curling to find a grip as she struggled to keep her balance.

“You really don’t have land legs do you, Aggie?”

She pursed her lips, “You should be on the ship.”

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The Hollow: Soul Seekers by JC Wallace
Levi tossed and turned most of the night. The dark eyed man, his touch, the crushing pressure in his presence. Was it even in the realm of possibility that another person could create such a mind-crushing, physical reaction in Levi’s body because to say it aloud was just…crazy. No. His mind was playing tricks on him in his assent into madness and he was grasping at explanations based in reality. So why had the man touched Levi? Strangers rarely go around touching each other. Well, Levi had been crying out in pain. Maybe he’d been trying to help.

Double Trouble: Chapter 12 by Jon Keys

Trent stood in the doorway and studied Benji. The expression on the kid’s face was not one of a happy homecoming. Trent could relate, his own time on the streets weren’t something he liked to recall. The way Benji was acting was far too familiar to Trent. 
“Have you decided where you want us to drop you off?”
Benji paused, his hands frozen in mid air. After a few moments he let them drop. “Anywhere downtown will be fine, I guess. I can walk to wherever.

Sunrise by Victoria Adams
Sian covered her mouth with her hand to stifle to anguished gasp erupting from her throat. The professor thought J’dol would have to leave. She didn’t want him to. She needed him. Oh, how cruel life can be. She rubbed her forehead. I’ve finally caught a break and found the man I want to spend my with and he’s from several hundred years in to the future. What’s so wrong with falling in love with the boy next door?

 The Midnight Swimmer by L.M. Brown

“You’re looking suspiciously happy today,” David commented as Robin scribbled over his amended schedule.

 “I’ve finally caught a break,” Robin replied without looking up from his task.

 “Your parents have bought you a car so you can get to the baths in the city?”

 Robin snorted. “Fat chance of that.”

 “Then what?”

 “I got permission to use the pool on Sycamore Crescent.”

 “You mean the one you’ve been sneaking off to use in the middle of the night?” Robin didn’t need to see David’s face to know he was surprised.

 “That’s the one.”

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To Touch the Sky: #7: by M.A. Church

Simon did his errands and came home. He thought of Hawk and frowned. Something sent the damn man running every-freaking-time he got within a mile of Simon. It was annoying.

 Discouraged, Simon did the only thing he could think of—he called Chip. Sprawled on the couch, he replayed everything he knew about Hawk. Which wasn’t much, granted. “So, any ideas?”

 “Simon, are you even sure the guy is gay? Or at least bi?”

 “I, yeah. Douglas—remember the guy I told you about?—he said Hawk takes guys home. I’d say that makes him gay.”

 “Okay, point. I assume those guys are seen again?”

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Don’t Look Back #13 (3.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Lee broke into a broad grin at the sight of the newcomers. The man who’d greeted him was tall, dark, and angular, about Lee’s age. His bronze skin wore the weathered look of someone who spent a great deal of time outdoors, while his bright blue eyes were bursting with good humor.

“Hey Slim.” Lee gained his feet as they approached the table, holding out his hand. The man named Slim took it, before pulling Lee into a quick hug. He did the same with Marshall.  “It has been a little while, hasn’t it? Hey there Rye, Denver.”

Rye was a little older than Lee, with a one-time athletic build that was turning to flab. He compensated by dressing in flattering clothes that hid his growing paunch. Denver was about a year or so older than Marshall. His wavy blond hair was heavily gelled, and he was as well turned out sartorially as Rye, but in bolder colors.

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A Change of Scenery: Part 9 by Johayan

Pahana paused just outside the door as Symon held it open for him. As he looked inside the restaurant, he knew he could afford it but knowing he could versus wanting to pay that much were different things.  Above the door, gilded lettering proclaimed ‘Welcome to Discovery’.  From what he knew of Symon, he would have had to struggle to pay for this dinner and
that made him uncomfortable. Symon smiled at Pahana’s caution but beckoned him in the door where they were quickly seated and placed their initial appetizer orders.

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Lost Inside: Chapter 38 by Cia Nordwell

“When Sheshtun hurt Yuri, I didn’t help him,” Peten muttered. “I should’ve. But I don’t know if you’ll understand what it was like.” Hatred burned in his eyes. “What he did to us, just because he had the power. We hadn’t joined with your clan long before you mated with Yuri and Sheshtun really went off the deep end. You didn’t see how bad he could be. You don’t know how much he could make life hurt.”

Benny’s nostrils flared as he held on to his temper by the narrowest margin. “You think I didn’t? When my mate was beaten

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Edge of Fury, Part II (NSFW) by Avery Dawes
“I didn’t wear you out last night, did I? Need some more lovin’?” Steele’s hand ghosted down Zane’s back until it reached his crack. He teased and toyed with Zane’s hole before roughly grabbing Zane’s ass and halting his jerky rhythm. “No coming yet, darlin’. Can’t do that until I’m inside you.”

Sleep still fogging his mind, Zane grumbled and skated his hand across Steele’s abs and down toward his biker’s leaking cock. Smearing precome over the head, Zane teased and tormented, his motions uncoordinated. It didn’t matter, though. Steele groaned a raspy “fuck” and thrust into Zane’s hand…

Rattletrap #13, by Tali Spencer

Plant’s warning caused the skin along Jedd’s spine to tingle and he looked up to see if they’d been overheard. Most of the crew had already cleared the mess hall, probably headed to their cabins to clean up and catch up on much needed sleep. Those that remained stepped aside for Ussim as he made his way toward the table Jedd shared with a now-silent Plant.

Ussim glared down at them both. “Your choice of companion has caused conversation.”

He’d probably overheard talk from other crew members. Jedd indicated Plant, who stared wide-eyed at the armored, blue-haired Ghisr. “She sleeps in the cabin in which you held me. 


 Aesthetics of Invention: Part 8 by Ravon Silvius
Thorn woke before his lover did, and he extricated himself from the too-small bed, careful not to wake up the sleeping mage.

The absurdity of it all hit him again as he took in the sight of the sleeping blond. His lover was a noble mage. Never in a thousand years did Thorn think such a thing would ever happen. Sure, he had fantasized about it. Plenty of talentless fooled around with non-noble mages. But a noble? And to have him here, spending an entire week with him?

It was crazy. And incredibly exciting.

Cyan: Chapter 17 by Nephylim

Robin barely slept that night. He kept coming back to the kiss. God it was sexy. Cyan felt so good in his arms. The fit was right in a way it had never been with Gillian. His lips still tingled from the touch of Cyan’s tongue. The taste of him made his mouth water, and his touch made him shiver. But.

Cyan was a boy. There was no getting over that. Robin had kissed a boy. Not only that but he’d enjoyed it so much he was still sporting a hard on just from thinking of it. But.

Cyan was a boy, and Robin wasn’t gay.

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