Wednesday Briefs: August 6, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Aesthetics of Invention: 4 by Ravon Silvius

“You clearly needed that,” Thorn said after their lovemaking session, lying next to his lover. His heart began to slow, his body hot but satisfied. “You always seem so desperate, especially lately.”

 Kenneth nodded, his face red, and he took a few moments to catch his breath before speaking. “It’s…it’s the magic, sort of,” he said, and Thorn’s worries resurfaced. “The desperation, I mean. I’ve told you before, but when you’re around, and my magic increases…it’s intoxicating. Like being drunk, of sorts.” He stroked a hand down Thorn’s arm. “I’m not used to it. And…” he swallowed. “It makes me lustful. That doesn’t always happen with lifemates, but it does with you. Because I already want you.” 

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Jordan’s Second Chance 4.2 by TC Collins

            “Are you ready?” Jordan asked. Wynter lay on the queen-sized bed, his body a sacrificial offering to the caged leopard beneath Jordan’s skin.
            Wynter held his arms out to Jordan, his breathing ragged. “I’ve been ready since the moment I first saw you at the park. Claim me.” Wynter wanted to belong to Jordan. He craved it like a drug.

            Jordan groaned and leaned forward, capturing Wynter’s lips in a hungry kiss.

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Cyan: Chapter 14 by Nephylim

Robin gasped. His stomach clenched, feeling bruised as if he’d been physically punched. The thought of Cyan alone in darkness – physical or metaphysical – with a blade in his hand, hurting himself, crying, feeling there was no way out— He swallowed hard.

“But he’s alright now, isn’t he? He’s past that. He has friends now, and—” Terror gripped him, a creeping horror in the pit of his stomach. He was afraid to voice the question, but he had to know. “He-he hasn’t— Has he?”

Cyan’s mother gave him a look of such compassion it almost made him cry.

“You mustn’t blame yourself, Robin.” 

Lost Inside: Chapter 33 by Cia Nordwell

“I don’t want to go.” Yuri winced and lowered his voice. “I want to stay here.” Benny had tucked Yuri into his bed while he and Dav worked on finding Sheshtun. He was holding his head, and he still looked sick. Benny hated making him get up, but he couldn’t guarantee when he’d be back. Someone had to look after Yuri while he recovered.

“Don’t you want to see Cleara? The younglings?”

“They’re too loud.” Dark shadows inside Yuri’s eyes were made darker by the purple shadows under them. He’d been asked to endure so much. Benny tried to keep
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To Touch the Sky: #4 by; M.A. Church

Hawk scanned the bar, ready to crawl out of his skin. It was packed and the band was rocking. His staff handled the crush of people smoothly and professionally. The usual predators, both male and female, were on the prowl looking for a hook-up. They’d even tried their luck with him a time or two tonight. Little did the humans know he was the biggest predator there. He snorted. Some predator he was. He was so tightly wound he’d probably faint if someone yelled ‘boo.’ His totem spirit was right; there was something in the air tonight.

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Love Across Time: Chapter 19 by Jim Dunaway
“I’m willing to be that it was Agatha Jones who phoned in the phony obit. If Liam calls back with the temporal and geographic coordinates I think he’s going to, Connor, Adrienne and I are going back to those same coordinates and catch that bitch red-handed. If I’m right, she’s broken enough temporal laws to get kicked off the tribunal. Then we’ll have our unanimous vote and all charges against Ryan will be dropped.”

I’d so love to be there when she gets caught,” Anne said.

“So you come along with us. In the meantime, let’s continue going over the evidence.”

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Rattletrap #8 by Tali Spencer

Jedd stared. Had Straske really just accused him of exchanging blow jobs for perks? From an alien?

“Lay off it, Bill,” Taltos snapped.

“We all saw for ourselves how the thing looked at him. I can guess why he had to clean up, so he wouldn’t stink of the thing.”

“I stank enough all by myself,” Jedd said. He searched the group for friendly faces, or even neutral ones. The best he could do was a few people who looked unhappy with Straske’s behavior. “I’m trying to help. We talked. Their leader’s name is Ussim.”


The Hollow: Soul Seekers by JC Wallace
Two days in bed and Levi truly believed he’d be losing his mind faster than he’d expected. When Gia called Sunday morning, Levi begged for a speedy rescue. Another day at home with his mother and Levi wouldn’t be responsible for his actions.

After a brief argument with his mother, Levi was in Gia’s Honda and free from his prison and warden.

“You’re a life saver!” Levi exclaimed.

“If it wasn’t for my cousin’s wedding, I would have rescued you yesterday. Hey, do you know what you get when you put an ugly woman in a three-thousand dollar wedding dress?

Hand of Fate by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Mayra touched her forehead to the ground. Desolate, she watched from the corner of her eye as her basket full of parsnips was carried away by the river´s current. The sound of heavy boots had her focusing her gaze on the dirt again. She held her breathe. Please, please, have them walk on. Please. Please.


Her pounding heart drowned out any other sound as one of them came to stand in front of her. She shut her eyes tightly, willing him away. She couldn´t see him but she felt his presence. He was staring at her hands, analyzing them.

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Don’t Look Back #8 by Julie Lynn Hayes

Marshall found himself transfixed by the sight before him—Lee’s perfect pucker. Generally it was Lee who feasted on Marshall’s hole, but when Lee was in the mood, he allowed Marshall the privilege of tasting him there.

“Come on, buttercup, I don’t have all night.”

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Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter 11 by Kazy Reed

“Oh fuck,” Aramis sighed. He fell awkwardly back onto the bed and I followed, keeping my hands on his dick. It was too good. The flavor of him, the scent of his arousal, it made me ache with need. Clear, sweet fluid coated the head and I dove at him for another taste.

Kissing my way down his length, I murmured, “Mmm. So good. You taste so good.” My saliva slicked his cock and I pumped him hard.

“Jesus, Eliot. I’m gonna come. You better move.”

He pushed against my shoulder and I let out a growl so harsh that I frightened myself.

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A Change of Scenery: Part 6 by Johayan

Sitting on the futon and talking, Pahana and Symon started on the ends
of the futon but had slowly been moving closer to each other. Symon
didn’t plan on anything happening but he told himself that he’d not turn
anything down. As the afternoon turned into evening, they ordered pizza
and kept talking.  When the pizza arrived, the conversation moved from
the futon to the dining room table.

Between bites, Pahana looked up at at Symon and asked blunty, “Just how
old are you?”

Symon looked up and smiled, “Old enough to be legal.”

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Noah’s New Plan: Chapter 34 by Rob Colton

Noah stood in the closet he now shared with Eli.
It was quite a bit smaller than he was used to. Even after donating roughly half his clothes before moving, he was still embarrassed he needed to overflow his wardrobe into the guest bedroom’s closet.
“What’s with the scrunchy face?” Eli asked.
He moved up behind Noah, wrapping his arms around him. The muscles tightened around his body. A hand slid up underneath Noah’s t-shirt, the rough skin warm against Noah’s smooth stomach and chest.
Noah’s eyes fluttered shut and he let out a soft hum. “You know I can’t think when you touch me like that.”

Double Trouble: Chapter 8 by Jon Keys

Trent woke slowly at first and then jolted awake when Mitch’s face filled his vision. He moaned and grabbed the side of his face. 
“That little shitass sucker punched me. I’m gonna drum his butt!”
Mitch tilted his hat back and squatted on his heels. “I don’t know what happened. I came back to check on you just in time to see you hit the dirt and that kid’s backside disappear into the crowd.”
Trent supported himself on this elbows as he glanced around them at the people rushing for shelter from the rain. His head stopped spinning a minute or so later and was able to sit upright. 

Washed Right Out: Chapter Two by Sarah Hayes

Riley had had an absolutely miserable day. It had started with waking up late and nearly missing the bus, rolled into a long morning of nothing but complaints and mix-ups at his office, punctuated by a lunch break that turned into an emergency meeting, topped off by a hot lengthy commute back home, made longer by multiple road accidents en route.

He was ready to crawl out of his slacks and work shirt and spend the evening with a beer, Chinese take-out, and several episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ with the boyfriend, Jonathan. Riley Paolini, he thought, you deserve it.

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