Wednesday Briefs: May 28, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

The Boys of Belsmeade – Chapter Three; by Kazy Reed:

Robbie yelped in surprise when the door of their room open flew open. He hastily pulled on his shorts and glared at his roommate. “Dude! I thought you had class right now. Good thing I wasn’t jacking off or anything.

Aramis ignored him and threw the deadbolt on the door. “I need the book,” he whispered.

The book?” Robbie asked in surprise. “Why? Air, you’re scaring me.”

“I just need to check a law,” he replied. Hauling a large wooden box out from under his bed, he fiddled with the padlock. “I need to see how to do this.”

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Growth, Part 21: by Grace R. Duncan:

They continued down the hall to the end and stopped in a large, round room that was divided in half. To the Ghalib’s left, several low tables were sprinkled throughout, cushions surrounding them. Behind the low tables, a long single one sat against the wall. To his right, loungers, cushions and chairs scattered around the other half of the room. The sand-colored wall here was broken half way by a wide doorway, currently closed by tall, wooden doors. Covered windows took up much of the rest of the wall space, save a huge fireplace opposite the doorway they currently stood in.

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Second Shot – The Senior Year – Chapter 32: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

“Damn, that eye looks like it’s getting worse.” Blake reached out to touch Jason’s injured eye, but pulled his hand back.

Loosening his towel, Jason let it drop as he removed his boxers from his locker. Given how little it hurt, he didn’t understand all the fuss. “It’s fine. Everyone acts like they’ve never seen a black eye before.”

“Jase is right, that ain’t nothing,” Darryl said, pulling on his shirt.

Jason groaned. “Here it comes.” His comment drew a blank stare from Blake.

“When we were thirteen, Jase and I got jumped and you shoulda seen his face then. It’s a wonder he wasn’t scarred for life.”

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To Touch the Sky – #1: by; M.A. Church:

On a star-filled night, the full moon shone brightly over the untamed land. Predators, nothing but shadows in the dark, moved through the forest, hunting for unsuspecting prey. A symphony of sound echoed all around. Tree frogs sang, crickets chirped, and a raccoon prowled in search of something to fill his empty belly. A barred owl hooted, his call reverberating into the night. Bats silently dipped and spun, hunting for food on the warm air currents as danger lurked.

A wolf howled, his cry crossing the land, then fading.

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Noah’s New Plan – Chapter 30 : by Rob Colton:

“Why are you nervous?”

Eli rang his parents’ doorbell, then looked down at his boyfriend, who stood next to him on the porch, fidgeting.

Noah shrugged, while pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “Your parents make me nervous.”

“They love you, babe.”

“Your dad always makes jokes about me cutting my hand.”

“No, he doesn’t. Look, there’s no pressure; it’s just a cookout.”

Eli’s father, John Holmes, opened the front door. He called back over his shoulder, “Sheila, Eli and Noah are here! Hide the sharp knives.”

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Lost Inside: Chapter 8: by Cia Nordwell:

Yuri jerked up in bed, suppressing a hiss. His head throbbed, and flashes from his nightmare kept coming at him. Good thing Benny was sleeping on his stomach facing away. He mighta woken his mate up, and then Benny would make him talk about stuff.

He was tired of talking.

A drink. That’s what he wanted. Yuri cautiously climbed off the bed. The lights from outside the bar shone in the window and lit up the room so he wouldn’t bonk into anything. He slinked through the piles of clothes thrown all over the floor. No wonder the room smelled

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Jordan’s Second Chance – #3.1: by TC Collins:

Wynter smiled as Jordan growled and chased Lucas around their family room. His heart warmed at the sound of Lucas’s delighted squeal. He was such a cute and precocious child. Jordan was a good father and it showed. Lucas had once told him in a whisper that his dad was his best friend. Wynter had whispered back that his father had also been his best friend.

Wynter shook his head, not wanting to rehash the memories. He was slowly learning to cope with the guilt he felt over his parents’ deaths.

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Inter Somnia/Whilst Dreaming: by Sarah Hayes:

Richard Alpert dreams of water. He dreams of a beautiful, big ship floating on the surface of the ocean, underneath a clear blue sky and the light of the summer sun.

Alpert stands on the deck of the Black Rock. He rubs his wrists and relishes their feel. Here, he is not in chains. No one is in chains; on this ship, every man is free. His fine clothes are cut from cloth befitting a man of his station. No dirty rags for Doctor Alpert. He is no slave, and he will certainly not dress like one.

A slender hand presses against his shoulder. “Mi amor.”

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The Hollow: Soul Seekers: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

Levi could scarcely appreciate the magnitude of the force growing from some primitive pit deep within his mind. It – whatever it was – was coming, ready or not.

He had to get out. Running was his only solution, the only thing that made sense.  A break with one’s psyche had to be messy and definitely nothing a room full of his fellow students deserved to witness. It sounded like nasty business.

“Hey,” Gia said, from behind him setting a hand on Levi’s shoulder. “You okay?”

Unprecedented pressure crowded Levi’s mind, and, like an over extended balloon, something eventually had to give.

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Hope – Chapter 33: by Chris T. Kat:

“Time to choose,” Silvion said.

“Huh?” I blinked at him, trying my best to comprehend his words. “Choose what?”

“Whether you’re going to put your life on the line or not.”

Shane rubbed his head against my face, yipping softly. I transferred my gaze from Silvion to the spectacle in the sky. Two gigantic dragons met high in the air, their large wings gleaming in the sunlight. Both of them threw back their sinuous necks and roared.

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Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Nineteen: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

Dallas’ head was decidedly spinning. Samuel’s logic was… not logical.  “What are you saying? He caused me to hallucinate seeing him in your office? With you?” That didn’t even make sense. “Why would he want to do that?”

Dallas was not vain enough to believe Quentin was pining for him. Quentin Mandrake was only in love with himself. He had no room in his ego for anyone else. And Dallas refused to entertain the notion that Quentin had even the semblance of a heart.

Dallas decided to start on a new tack. This one was getting him nowhere fast.

“Samuel, what about the trial?”

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Controller – Chapter 31 : by Jon Keys:

Eli sat quietly staring into space, idly flipping the game controller from one hand to the other. He’d been in this mood for the past several hours, ever since we got home from visiting Michael. He’d said very little on the drive home either. The silence wore on me but I wasn’t certain how to handle it. The visit to Michael had thrown Eli into a deep funk.

As I sat and tried to come to a way to get him out of his depression, Eli began to talk. “You know, that could have been us. We haven’t been all that careful lately.”

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Love Across Time – Chapter 10; by Jim Dunaway:

Ryan shifted uncomfortably in his chair under the scrutiny of the tribunal. “You’ve been with this organization for over 10 years, with an exemplary record. I am extremely dismayed and disappointed in you. These charges against you are not only extremely serious, but inexcusable. Stealing medications? Administering them without a license? Unlawful interactions with people in the past? What in HELL were you thinking?”

Before he could even open his mouth, his advocate stood up. “Magistrate, I have documentation here that will eliminate most of the charges.”

“Let me see the documentation, please.”

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Coffee To Stay – Chapter 2: by E.S.Skipper:

How could I have thought he was stunning? He was perfect; black wavy hair that sat just on his shoulders, which were broad leading down to a small waist. His jeans showed thick muscled thighs and his package—which I always left to last—made me want to kneel before him and worship it even clothed.

A sharp jab hit my ribs forcing me to seek the cause of my pain. Cheryl’s elbow was about to connect again when Jayden began to speak

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L.M. Brown:

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