Wednesday Briefs: May 14, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.


Hope – Chapter 31; by Chris T. Kat:

While Shane and Silvion slept, I enjoyed the sun on my skin, allowed the quietness of the surrounding nature to seep into me. At least to a certain degree, because after some time the sun started to burn and the calmness annoyed me. Didn’t the birds and bees know that Shane wasn’t supposed to be a puppy? That I’d believed him dead? Or that Silvion would lead us to a place where we were supposed to pick up dragon scales for Shane to eat, so he could shift back into his human-form?

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Second Shot – The Senior Year – Chapter 31; by Andrew Q. Gordon:

The sheet settled around them as Peter stretched his body on top of Jason’s. He slowly kissed around Jason’s face until their lips met. Jason put his hands on Peter ass and ground their naked bodies tighter. Pressed together, the hairs on Peter’s chest tickling his skin, which only fanned his need to get close.

After almost two years together, he’d learned Peter liked to control how they kissed. Since it felt amazing, Jason didn’t object. Tonight Peter kissed him hard, with an urgency that hinted that he might want to be on top. If Peter did want to switch things up a bit and fuck him, Jason knew from their lip lock that he’d be in for a rough ride.

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Sealed in Stone – #36; by Tali Spencer:

As he met the gaze of the bloodstained and fierce younger queen, Torrey lightly squeezed Willem’s hand in reassurance. They were safe, both of them. Though Cyrrhi lay dead, Urdhva had nothing to gain by killing them—and a great deal to lose. From this point forward, Urdhva must erect and maintain connections both nomari and human. He, and Willem through him, were pieces of a dominance scheme that would encompass the consolidation of her rule as Pesht’s Queen.

“We are Yours to do with as You will, Great Queen.” Bestowing the honorifics secured their places.

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Dallas in Wonderland II – Chapter Seventeen; by Julie Lynn Hayes:

“Do I know Doctor Levi?” the imbecile parroted, to Dallas’ annoyance. The man began to stroke a non-existent bear on his pointy chin, as if debating the question with himself.

“Well, do you?” Dallas asked, his growing irritation showing.

“Maybe,” came his evasive answer. “Doesn’t everyone?” Without warning, he tossed the rod he’d been holding into the pond and stood, dusting off his pants with his hands. “What exactly are you doing here, Dallas? I can tell you’re over Quentin, aren’t you?” He eyed Campbell with renewed interest. “What’s your name, cutie?” He reached one hand toward Campbell’s cheek, a strange gleam in his eye.

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Growth – Part 19; by Grace R. Duncan:

Ghalib spent the entire trip from Bathasar’s quarters to the slaves’ wing second guessing himself. Grateful Teman didn’t push him to talk, he kept turning the same questions over in his head. Was this the right thing? What had he gotten himself into?

What was going to happen now?

He only had the vaguest of ideas about what to expect. He knew there was conditioning involved. He’d be trained in sex. He’d be naked. Beyond that, he had no real clue and now that he thought it through, he realized he should have asked so many more questions before he’d agreed to it.


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Love Across Time – Chapter 8; by Jim Dunaway:

Upon walking in the door from playing a few rounds of miniature golf with his girlfriend and her family, Ethan’s brother Chris heard a loud banging coming from upstairs. What the hell? Rushing up the stairs he quickly zeroed in on the source of the banging – Ethan’s room. Throwing the door open he found Ethan on the floor in the midst of convulsions. He grabbed a pillow off the bed to protect his head as he dialed 911. Looking around while waiting for the paramedics to arrive he noticed an open pill bottle in Ethan’s hand and several pills scattered

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The Dinner Party – Part 2; by Johayan:

Jason and Kevyn flipped between the games on TV but couldn’t settle on anything they wanted to watch while the drama in the kitchen continued. Danny and Jackie had finally stopped bickering and judging from the noises heard, dinner was finally being made and getting put in the oven.

“Kevyn, you’re lucky.” Jason said abruptly causing Kevyn to turn suddenly. “Your spouse can actually cook and probably can iron a shirt without scorching it.

“Jason, we both can cook and yes, both of us can iron too. Just don’t watch Danny do it. You’ll be convinced he’s going to iron his hand at any moment.”

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Radio Static; by Shelly Schulz:

Jackson rubbed at the back of his neck. Brody was entirely too calm for his liking. He got to his feet and started to pace, his thoughts tangling and twisting in on themselves. “I mean I’ll double check when I get back to the hotel, but for now I’m almost certain that it saved before the cards went missing.

“Whatever you think is best, man.” Brody said. “I’m going to stay here as long as they let me.”

“They’ll probably kick you out after visiting hours.” Jackson turned, and started back on the path he’d worn into the carpet.

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Lost Inside – Chapter 21; by Cia Nordwell:


His mate’s voice jerked him out of the light doze that was all he could manage in the busy hospital. “Hey.” Benny cleared his throat. “You’re awake.”

“What happened?” Yuri asked.

Benny’s heart sank. “We were attacked.” Was Yuri’s memory screwed up again? At least he was talking.

“Can I come over there?”

The beds were narrow, but Benny wasn’t going to turn down a chance to hold his mate. “I don’t think you should get up on your own, and the doctors want to check you out. Why don’t we call a nurse, first?”

“I’m okay.” Yuri swayed

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Controller – Chapter 30; by Jon Keys:

I followed Eli into the dim hospital room. The smell of antiseptic and bodily fluids were overwhelming. As we moved deeper into the gloom, I spotted an arm hanging from the side of the bed, tubes and wires sprouting from it. We eased into the room, not certain we’d be welcome, or who else might be there. We’d heard Michael had been moved from intensive care, and decided we should go since we’d been involved in his rescue.

We rounded the partially drawn curtain and saw someone curled in the chair beside Michael’s bed.

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Cyan – Ch 7: by Nephylim:

“Shit, Cyan, what the hell happened?” Robin tried to pull up more of Cyan’s shit to assess the damage.

“Don’t touch me,” Cyan hissed, pulling away.

“Okay. I’m sorry.” Robin held up his hands, palm outwards. “Can I just take a look? You lift your shirt and I’ll look. I won’t touch. Promise.”

With a reluctant frown, Cyan pulled his shirt entirely out of his trousers and twisted, trying to see in the mirror. The bruise ran from the front of his hip bone, to the middle of his back. It was already purpling ,and had to hurt.

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Trouble Comes in Threes – #7.1; by; M.A. Church:

Dolf nipped Tal’s shoulder, sending another shudder through the other man. “You don’t come until you’re buried in Kirk’s ass, and he has come first. Understand, Tal?”

A strange yowling sound came from Tal. He continued to fuck Dolf’s fist, his arm wrapped around Dolf’s neck. “Yes, Dolf.”

That’s when I noticed both of them had really, really long canines. “Fuck.”

Tal’s attention snapped back to me. “Yes.”

He crawled away from Dolf and slinked across the bed toward me. In a graceful move that left me shaking my head in envy, he shimmied the rest of the way out of the night pants.

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The Hollow: Soul Seekers; by JC Wallace:

Logan stood and turned away from Levi. Beneath his thin white T-shirt, the muscles in his back rippled and Levi knew he was trying to control his anger. Anger for me. A quick stab pierced his heart.

Suddenly Logan spun to face him. “You stopped taking your meds?” Confusion quickly morphed to irritation then to anger. “Do you know how awful it was watching you? You should’ve seen the look on your face. It was as if you were about to be murdered by some monster – a monster that doesn’t exist, of course. I felt so damned helpless.”

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The Boys of Belsmeade – Chapter One; by Kazy Reed:

There were two schools in town. Belsmeade Academy, established in 1810, was a very selective preparatory school for the privileged male offspring of upper tiers of society. Its manicured grounds covered fifty acres of the north side of Clackelton, New Hampshire. The academy resembled a luxury resort, including horse stables, professionally-equipped sports facilities and an ice rink.

Seven miles from Belsmeade’s lush lair of learning was Clackelton Consolidated High School, established in 1948, quaintly situated between the local chain supermarket and a small bookstore. The school building was a post-modern, concrete eyesore and was aging badly.

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