Wednesday Briefs: April 9, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Controller – Chapter 25 : by Jon Keys:

Eli wasn’t joking. I was on the shit list with him. The drive to his parents house had been quiet. Not really tense, just quiet. I decided I was in enough trouble, I wasn’t going to push the issue. Besides, I had to worry about meeting Eli’s mother. And I knew how important she was to him. We pulled into the driveway and sat for a moment before Eli turned to me.

“Well, this is it. You ready to meet my mom?”

I nodded agreement, but the voice sounded more like the squeak of someone going through puberty. “Okay, cool.”

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Cyan – Ch 4: by Nephylim:

“How are you feeling?” Robin asked as they walked into school. “Nervous?”

“Yes.” Cyan’s voice shook, and Robin noticed his hand was shaking on the strap of his bag. He also noticed how long and slender Cyan’s fingers were. An artist’s hand his mother would have said.

“What subjects are you taking?” he asked, to take his mind off them.

“English, History, Art History and Art.”

“I knew it.”

“Knew what?” Cyan asked nervously.

“That you’re an artist. You have the hands for it.”

“Do I?”

Unthinking, Robin took Cyan’s hand and ran his fingers over the palm and digits. For the briefest moment, Cyan stared, and Robin felt him shiver, then he pulled away.

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Second Shot; The Senior Year – Chapter 27: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

The bus jostled and the icepack rubbed against Jason’s already sore eye. He’d played nearly fifteen years and never got a black eye like this one. Maybe Darryl was right and the other teams had marked him this year. The defender had, however, seemed genuinely sorry, especially when he and his teammates came over to check on him after the game. The game they lost because Jason scored three times.

“Are you sure they weren’t trying to take you out?” Darryl sat in the seat next to him, just like he’d done since freshmen year. “I mean, that’s some shiner.”

“You saw it better then I could.” Jason shifted the bag and sat up. “I didn’t feel the hate.”

Matt twisted in his seat. The lone junior among seniors, he was a shoe in to be the next team captain. “Nah, they weren’t like that. I was watching them for some sign.”

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 Ghalib’s Decision, Part 5: by Grace R. Duncan:

He blushed at the thought. But when he’d been in the slaves’ wing a short while before, no one had seemed to even make an issue out of being naked and he wondered if he wouldn’t simply get used to it the way the others had.

He frowned as he tried to work through all the questions in his head. There was so much to consider. There was his sister. Would he ever be able to see her? Would he want to, if he was naked? She was in good hands, she certainly didn’t need him, anymore. She was very happy with her new family.

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Trouble Comes in Threes – #5.3: by; M.A. Church:

Forget the rabbit hole. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. “You’re the cats I’ve been taking care of?”


Ooookay. They were the cats, he said. Right. Oh my God, here I was, trapped in this room with a couple of madmen—sexy madmen, but madmen. While I was naked. With a head wound. And shit… naked.


“Right. Well, thanks for getting me indoors. I appreciate that. Um, I’d walk you out, but…” I gestured at the sheet covering the very naked me. I sincerely hoped they’d nod their heads and walk out the door because yeah, I had no way to defend myself.

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The Lucky and the Damned: by Larry Benjamin:

St John and his father were not close though they’d only had one argument in their life as father and son. When St John confessed he was gay, his father had called him immoral.

“Heterosexuality,” St John roared, “Is not a universal truth!”

You,” his father had countered angrily, “are an abomination! You and your kind, are damned.”

“Damned? Damned, did you say? Hah! We soar, unchained by your righteous morality, your church-sanctioned unions. Our possibilities are unlimited―unlike yours which are limited by the circumference of a vagina!”

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Hope – Chapter 27: by Chris T. Kat:

I stared at the fluctuating… whatever it was. It looked like some sort of old mirror, completed by an intricately patterned bronze frame. Shane thumped his tail and twirled dust into the air until a small pebble obviously hurt him. He yelped and gazed at the tip of his tail with an accusing look.

Snorting, I walked over to him on wobbly legs. I could do this.

Shane stopped licking his tail and tilted his head to the side, probably to inspect me. I wished we’d taken the letter tiles with us because I knew he was trying to communicate with me.

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 Constands and Variables: Part Four: by Sarah Hayes:

At this moment, Jack is taking a shower, and trying to wash off the dirt of a day of guilt. Miles is explaining time travel—again—to Hurley, over a friendly game of dominoes. A young Ben Linus is at death’s door without much hope of recovery, Juliet is pissed at the man she once respected and trusted with her own life, and Kate and Sawyer are walking through the jungle, on their way to make things right.

And in the dark waves of the sea, a Dharma Initiative submarine is getting ready to return to the island, with its unlikely cargo: a skinny, nervous young man in an sloppily worn buttoned shirt and slacks who thinks he has solved everyone’s problems. In his notebook, amid scribbled calculations and theorems, is a note to himself, slightly stained with age and coffee, that says if anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant. The my is underlined for importance’s sake.

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 Sealed in Stone #31: by Tali Spencer:

Willem watched the corpse roll awkwardly on the steps, its progress halted by spears wedged into the body. Armor of coppery chitin, reddened by thick blood, hung in broken plates from the young queen’s torso. Blond hair wet with blood plastered her face and neck. She’d been pierced in the belly and ribs. When Willem looked up again, he saw Cyrrhi’s gaze fastened upon him.

“Unwise of you to speak, young human, but I will answer. You look upon Bekatti, my daughter and rival.”

Daughter. If nomari queens died by violence, it was at the hands of their blood kin.

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 The Lion’s Den 2: by Elyzabeth M. Valey:

“I—“ She took a step back, her back bumping against the chair behind her. “Yes. I was wondering where everyone is.” She smiled faintly and took off the rest of her coat. Roughly, taking the towel from his hands she began to dry her hair.

“Let me.” Her jaw almost dropped to the floor as he took the towel from her suddenly numb fingers and softly massaged her scalp. She felt tiny as he took care of her. His body heat was like a blanket slowly wrapping around her and seducing her.

“Mr. Miettsen,” she said breathlessly as his fingers brushed against the top of her ear. 

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Noah’s New Plan – Chapter 23 : by Rob Colton:

Just as Noah pulled the pan from the oven, he heard the front door open, then close. He called out over his shoulder, “Eli?”

Still wearing his security guard uniform, Eli hurriedly walked into the kitchen. “Hey, baby,” he said before quickly giving Noah a peck on the cheek. As he left the room, he called out, “I’m running late. I don’t got a lot of time before I have to be at the Buckle…”

Noah frowned. He and Eli had been dating for a few months now, and things had become a bit domestic between the two of them. Noah didn’t mind that. After all, he was at Eli’s home making dinner for the two of them.

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Lost Inside: Chapter 16: by Cia Nordwell:

“How will that help him?” Benny asked.

Dr. Vancould pulled a computer out of his bag. He opened it up and then slid it sideways so everyone at the table could see it. He pulled up a video program.

“Oh, movie time?” Yuri leaned forward.

He smiled at him. “Kinda.” The doctor tapped the screen. The image of a brain began to rotate. “This is the brain of a Tiger Carthera. Yours, actually, Benny, since we have no other current scans from a Tiger.”

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Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Twelve: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

Quentin began to giggle like crazy. He tittered so much his body shook, causing Campbell to vibrate in turn. He stopped suddenly and said, in a deadpan voice, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. What’s Wonderland?”

Dallas felt like throttling him. Good thing he wasn’t in a position to do so, not with Campbell sitting where he was.

Campbell snorted. “You know what I’m talking about, Quentin. Or should I say your majesty?”

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Jordan’s Second Chance – #2.0: by TC Collins:

Wynter wandered through the house, straightening up their newly decorated home. He glanced toward the kitchen, debating going in there and demanding an explanation. A week ago, Wynter had once again run into Jordan—the man of his dreams. He’d learned, Jordan had a small son named Lucas and that he was a leopard shifter.

Wynter had also learned something else. He and Jordan were somehow tied together. Wynter could feel it, like an invisible tether that bound the two men together. His leopard urged him to hunt the man down and rub his scent over his body.

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Love Across Time – Chapter 3:  Jim Dunaway:

Holding out his hand, Ryan helped Ethan to his feet, ignoring the tingles that shot up his arm. Licking his lips to moisten them, Ethan took the proffered hand and allowed Ryan to help him to his feet. “I apologize if I startled you.”

Letting go of Ryan’s hand and shaking off the electric shock he felt, Ethan responded, “It’s okay Ryan. I’m Ethan. Ethan Evans.” Wow is this guy awesomely hot. I know everyone around here. He must be just passing through on his way somewhere. “I restore old furniture, and sometimes I help with the restoration of old houses.”


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