Wednesday Briefs: April 2, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Lost Inside: Chapter 15; by Cia Nordwell:

“Fuck you, asshole.” Benny flipped off the driver who swiped the parking spot he’d waited for.

“Not very nice.” Yuri crossed his arms over his chest.

“His smirk as he stole my spot wasn’t nice either,” Benny snapped.

“Maybe he has an emergency. That’s what that sign says over there.” He pointed at the sign to the Emergency Room doors.

“I doubt it.” Benny was pretty sure the guy was just a jerk. Yuri didn’t seem to think bad of anyone though. It made him worry that his mate might trust the wrong person.

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Sunrise; by Victoria Adams:

J’dol scratched the back of his neck as he glanced around at the people seated around Sian’s kitchen table: Sian, her Aunt Mixy, her friends Kiry and Purple and the scientist, Dr. Zoltan. Why were they all here to discuss him? He wasn’t anybody special. He was just J’dol, warrior.

Everyone’s focus had snapped to Purple after her statement about knowing that J’dol was not from the Middle Ages. Sian’s gaze was the most intense; her eyes wide open and her lips slightly parted.

He rested his gaze on Sian’s lips. It had been a brief but wonderful moment when they’d kissed.

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Trouble Comes in Threes – #5.2: by; M.A. Church:

Goddess? Who the fuck says goddess?

“Oh, he’ll believe us. It’s hard to deny the proof when it’s shifting right in front of you. As for the rest of it, we’ll deal with that too.”

Shifting? Shifting! Is this a joke? What process? And deal with what? What the fuck is this? Who the fuck is in here with me? My eyes snapped opened. The cutie from my dream was sitting in front of me and he… oh shit. He was real.

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Jordan’s Second Chance 1.3: by TC Collins:

Wynter jumped backward, face flaming with embarrassment. He looked toward his grandmother, too mortified to look Jordan in the eye. He couldn’t believe he’d acted like a slut and practically committed himself to a stranger.

What was going on? And why was his cat going crazy inside of him, trying to rush back to Jordan? Wynter didn’t know a lot about his cat. He’d shifted once when he was fifteen, his mom had seen the shift and been terrified. She’d made him promise to keep his cat a secret and to never talk about it.

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Love Across Time – Chapter 2; by Jim Dunaway:

Ethan’s brother Chris popped his head into the workshop door. “Yo, little brother! I got breakfast.” Silence greeting his pronouncement of food. He entered the workshop and looked around, not spotting Ethan anywhere. Strange, he’s normally hard at work at this time in the morning. Continuing his search he found Ethan unconscious against the wall. “ETHAN!” He rushed to his brother’s side, calling 911 as he did so. Within the space of a half hour the unconscious man was being examined in the emergency room of the local hospital. Shortly after arrival Ethan regained consciousness.

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Hope – Chapter 26: by Chris T. Kat:

At some point I must’ve fallen asleep, because when Marisa jostled my arm, I almost jumped out of my skin. Not to mention the slightly embarrassing squeak I emitted. From still sleep-blurred eyes I gazed at her, only to discover pity edged in every line of her face. That woke me up in an instant.

Shane yawned and stretched in a way only puppies or small animals can—completely without regard to how deeply he pushed his paws into my thighs. I grunted and hefted him in my arms, then cast a quick glance out the car window. Total darkness greeted me.

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Controller – Chapter 24: by Jon Keys:

I was jolted awake the next morning when my head hit the floor and I found Eli standing over me. It took a minute for the fog of sleep to clear enough so I could recall how I’d ended up here. The minute I did, I tried to explain.

“Eli! Man! I—“

“Shut up! Get out of my door. I never want to see you again, or those other two either.”

I swallowed hard. I fell asleep at Eli’s door begging to talk with him. I swore I could hear the distant sobbing, and it tore me apart. I knew Eli had no reason to forgive me. I’d blown it. But I had to try.

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It’s All in the Tips: by; A.R. Von:

The more I think about it, the more I can’t believe, all of that just happened and in my workplace of all places! I hope Marcia and Darla don’t give me a tongue lashing about being too easy or some shit.
Even worse! I hope I don’t get fired if word of this reaches my boss! I really enjoy working here and I need to continue to work here. It’s like my second home. I’d be lost without it.

I’m not saying or even thinking that I didn’t enjoy each and every second of his…oral invasion. I loved it!

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Cyan Ch 3: by Nephylim:

“Well that was weird,” Gilly said, clearly pleased Cyan had gone, and she’d have the opportunity to talk about him.

“Rude was the word, I was thinking,” Robin said.

“I wasn’t rude.”

“You kind of were,” Aivah said.

“Well, do we really want someone like that working with us?”

“You mean someone who knows what they’re talking about?” Robin asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You know what I mean. There’s something wrong with him.”

“He is a little odd,” Aivah agreed, sounding reluctant to admit it.

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Ghalib’s Decision, part 4 by Grace R. Duncan

His heart started pounding at the thought. He’d certainly contemplated it often enough when he’d been alone at night, asleep on his pallet in the room he shared with the other male servants. He’d wondered what it would be like to be more… visible to someone than he was as a servant. Even temporarily, even for only a night, someone would call him by name. They would know him, he could serve them and only them.

He certainly hadn’t forgotten Teman’s words. He knew very well what the slaves gave up.

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Farmer’s Market Blues: by Lily Sawyer:

Farmer’s market?  In April?”   Tom couldn’t believe when Ben suggested they go to a farmer’s market.  “You do realize that April Fool’s day was yesterday, right?”

“Ha, ha.  Yes I know that, Tom.  I’m not trying to pull the wool over your eyes.   There is a farmer’s market in Reading that is opening up this month, instead of the usual May openings that most of them have.”

“Oh, well, it’s raining out.  Who’s going to stand in the rain looking for veggies and fruits?”

“It’s inside an old factory.  So can you come up with another excuse we can’t go?”  Ben stood in front of Tom, who was sitting on the living room couch, watching TV.

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The Lion’s Den – 1; by Elyzabeth M. VaLey:

It had stopped being funny 30 minutes ago. She could already picture his reaction: as she ran into the office, head bowed, notebook and pen in hand, looking like a mess, he’d lean back on his chair and stare at her with those impossible blue eyes. He’d fold his hands in front of him and ask softly: “Is this a joke?”

She’d attempt to explain in a stammering mumble as he looked on at her, seemingly unfazed. Yet, beneath the lion’s calm demeanor lay a wild animal she would not be able to detain.

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Radio Static; by Shelly Schulz:

Three ATVs burst into the clearing, the rangers disembarking quickly. They made their way over to Jackson and the others. Jackson listened half paying attention, mainly focused on Killen as the rangers and Brody talked in rapid fire medical jargon.

“Jackson,” Brody cut in, he was on his feet, offering a blood soaked hand to him. “I’m going with them. You go with the other ranger and break down camp. Jackson allowed Brody to pull him up.

“Is he going to be okay?” He stared wide eyed as one of the rangers put together a way to carry Killen out.

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Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

Owen’s mind blanked and he went with the first thing that came to mind. Humor was good, right? “So you’re coming up on the big 3-0, huh?”

Turk’s furrowed his brow, an endearing, puzzled look on his face. “Wha—oh yeah.”

Well, that had flopped. The comfort Owen had felt with Turk when they’d first met. The easy laughter, quiet comfort, instant attraction hadn’t returned. A Hunter and the demon he was hunting in the same room wasn’t conducive to an of those feelings. At least Owen wasn’t in restraints anymore.

Owen shook his head…an Incubus inside of him…

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Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Eleven; by Julie Lynn Hayes:

Things didn’t work out quite the way they wanted, but it could have been worse. Quentin wanted to meet them in public, at a bar of his own choosing. Campbell reasoned that could be a good way to start. Give Quentin a false sense of security before they invited him into their lair. Maybe entice him with the prospect of having them both.

Dallas shuddered at the very idea. But when Campbell reminded him it wasn’t going to happen, except in Quentin’s mind, he reluctantly acquiesced.

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