Wednesday Briefs: January 1, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Uncool – #3: by Tali Spencer:

“His name is Reed Bradley.”

I’d heard the name, chiefly through the Montiel Foundation my mother and maternal grandparents had funded. I’m on the board. Bradley was listed on the boards of a couple of the arts organizations we supported.

“All right,” I said. This didn’t sound bad so far.

“He knew your father”—my gut turned over a little when Stewart said that—“socially, mostly. Bradley’s self-made. Ambitious and smart. Put himself through Penn, then Wharton, all while building a real estate empire by buying and selling rundown apartment buildings and foreclosed industrial sites. He specializes in high-rises now.”

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A New Beginning – Chapter 11: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

I stretched and felt Ryan’s naked body snuggle in closer. Wrapping my arm around my boyfriend, I pulled him closer and kissed the back of his head. A glance at the gap in the curtains told me the sun hadn’t climbed high enough to do more than give the sky a pale bluish-gray hue.

The red numbers on the clock told me the time, so I slowly separated myself from the sleeping body next to me. If Ryan got out of bed before 8:00 a.m., he’d whine all day – and it wasn’t yet 6:00 a.m. I’d always been an early riser, at least since my early teens. My brother Tom insisted we get up before dawn to train. Once I got old enough to beat him, he seemed less enthusiastic about the pre-dawn training, but I forced him to continue. Being the host to It only enhanced that trait.

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It’s Djinn-tastic!: by Raine O’Tierney:

“And do you, Freckles Anne LeJeune, take Micah Abernathy, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

I’d already said my ‘I do’, without hesitation. I’d made my decision. Yes, I wanted this.

I expected Freckles to say a million or more things to the pastor. You betcha! or Sure, why the hell not? or No… Just kidding! She was a consummate kidder. I was relieved when Freckles smiled her widest, most bride-like smile […]

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Hope – Chapter 14: by Chris T. Kat:

Hope—no, Shane—quieted down much earlier than I did. He hung almost limply in my arms while my heart still raced and my body still trembled. I stared into those large puppy eyes, which now reminded me so, so much of Shane that I reached out and traced the outlines of them with my fingers.

“I can’t get over it that you’re Shane,” I whispered. “What the hell happened? I thought you were dead!”

Shane let out a pained whine and pushed his cold nose against my throat. I shivered and gently fended off his nose.

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Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

Owen curled into a ball on the gurney he’d been confined to since he’d been abducted. Kidnapped. Taken prisoner…captured. Silence filled the room where he’d been moved earlier. The room was similar to the last one; however there was a large mirror on the wall next to the door. Not hard to figure out he was being observed like an animal. Hooked back up to the IV once again, the cold solution filled his veins, yet the cold wasn’t as intense this time. Now he was only half-frozen to death from the inside out.

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Controller – Chapter 11 : by Jon Keys:

Laying in bed, I struggled to sort out what had happened. I touched the spot where Eli’s kiss had landed. The whole thing had been such a natural thing, so sweet and tender. My emotions were in tatters that I couldn’t bring together.

I’ve been working through my attraction to Jamie since I’d walked into the computer store and he’d helped me. Jamie is with Michael. I tell myself over and over. So why do I get hard every time I see Jamie? One smile from him and my stomach fills with butterflies. Jamie’s so handsome. So exotic.

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Pancakes and Passion – Chapter 3: by Lily Velden:

I’m pleased to say Rory did his fair share of melting too. More than his share…

His chest to mine… his lips to mine. And yes, his groin to mine. Not that either of us had limp noodle cocks… spaghetti might go soft in hot water, but not the penne in my pants or the linguine in Rory’s!

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New Year’s Celebration: by Lily Sawyer:

“Come on, Love, get in the carrier like a good kitty.” Ben had been trying for the better part of half an hour t to get him to cooperate.

“Great way to spend New Years Eve, huh, Tom?”

Tom had dragged the cat carrier from one room to another, thinking this would be a snap. Love had other ideas.

“Don’t worry about it, Ben. Let’s just get our sick kitty to the vet and we’ll take it from there.”

Love hadn’t been eating and he’d thrown up that morning. The two men treated the cat like he was their kid.

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Trapped in Time II – Chapter 11: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

I barely have the presence of mind to thank my miniature mine of information before I am racing toward the church, keeping my eye on the steeple, which acts as my guide. I take care not to run into anyone in my pell mell dash through the town, dodging everyone in my path, human and animal alike. I am focused on only one thing—the idea that I have found Vittorio at least, and that soon our painful separation shall be over.

My heart is pounding in my chest, from my exertion, and my anxiety for my love, and from sheer excitement at the prospect of being united once more. As I run, my feet seem to pound the rhythm of Vittorio’s name and I just know that once I can see and touch him, hold him in my arms again, I shall begin to cry.

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Darkest Before Dawn: by – Shelly Schulz:

The sun was starting to set, the space behind Darren lit up in a blaze of oranges and darkening blues, the shadows of the trees stretching long over the banks of the creek. They had been there longer than she had intended, the cool breeze no longer comforting, but causing her to wrap the thin hoodie she had stashed in her backpack tight around her.

“You’re a terrible liar.” He said. “Call the kid, and I’ll walk you both back to the farm house.”

“I didn’t ask your opinion, and I don’t care if you think I’m lying to you.”

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Fire of the Year: by Elyzabeth M. Valey:

Cináed lurked in the shadows, watching. Laughter, music and joy filled the streets. It was what the humans called “New Year’s Eve”, a silly celebration that served to count the beginning of a new year. Cináed snorted. As if time could be measured.

He observed the passing groups of men and women dressed in fancy outfits, and in diverse states of intoxication. A mischievous grin lit his features. It was a fine day to cause havoc.

Liquid fire burnt through his veins alerting him of a presence. His slit like eyes widened as he spotted the woman.

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It’s All in the Tips #4: by; A.R. Von:

I quickly raise my head up in fear. Could she be taking about my Mr. Sexy? I sure hope not. I think—not.

I KNOW that would put a major strain on our friendship. I know it’s a harsh thing to think, but my gut is telling me that he’s something special and all of my girlie bits are telling me he’s mine!

Marcia is still not looking me in the eye and I suddenly experience a feeling of nausea.

She takes a short breath and speaks faster than I’ve ever heard her speak before, “He’s the guy that helped with psycho control earlier…”

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Trouble Comes in Threes – #1: by; M.A. Church

“Happy New Years Eve!”

I flashed the Walmart greeter my best death glare. If one more person dared to speak that fucking phrase to me, I was going to string them up by their toenails. Yeah, happy fucking New Year Eve’s. Now kiss my ass.

I hurried outside, my head down against the cold, my pitiful bag of groceries clutched to my chest. Lovely, it was spitting snow. Just shoot me now, please. I jumped in the truck, and thank you Jesus, the damn thing rumbled to life. With the way my luck had been running, the truck starting was nothing short of a minor miracle.

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Noah’s New Plan – Chapter 17: by Rob Colton:

Noah’s knees felt weak with every step he took. He nearly dropped the platter of cookies not once, but twice.

One would have thought he was walking to the electric chair, and not to the home of his boyfriend’s parents.

He’d planned on bowing out, but Eli wouldn’t have it. The man had showed up at his house after work yesterday, then spent the night at his place.

In truth, Noah didn’t want to be alone on Christmas day, but he also felt strange about spending the day with Eli’s family. He didn’t know if they were really at a stage in their relationship where they should be meeting family.

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Defining Freedom – #6: Grace R. Duncan:

Salehi brushed his fingers over the railing as he took the stairs to the first floor of the tower. He nodded to the guard sleepily keeping watch at the bottom then continued on his way. The moon shone brightly through a window to his left and he paused to look up at it.

Twenty-four Midwinter moons, now, he’d seen rise and set from inside the palace. He breathed in the sharp desert night air and let his eyes dance from star to star as he tried to corral his thoughts. His eyes slid closed as he fought his longing and wishes.

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