Wednesday Briefs: December 25, 2013

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

A New Beginning – Chapter 11: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

“Mr. Secretary,” Griffin said, sounding more like an underling than a cop. “This is Gar.”

The man in his expensive suit walked over and held out his hand. “Good to finally meet you.”

I ignored his hand and kept my eyes on him. I’d started to read his mind when he walked over, but he knew enough to keep his thoughts on anything but the topic at hand. That’s what I get for talking too much and letting people know my secrets.

He kept the hand out and I could feel Griffin’s unease. Too bad. I wasn’t in a polite mood.

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Hope – Chapter 13: by Chris T. Kat:

I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t move.

The words laid out with the tiles blurred until a gray haze concealed them from me. Nothing made sense, and yet, everything clicked into place. I wasn’t a child, but I so wanted to believe this message. I wanted Shane to come back from the dead for me, even if it was in puppy form. The power of love was supposed to be the greatest power on earth, wasn’t it?

A firm bump against my knee caused me to suck in air. The haze vanished and, instead, I panted and trembled.

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For the Love of Home and hearth – Part I: by; M.A. Church

“Come on, come on…”He loved snow, but God, the damn stuff was freaking cold when you didn’t have fur covering you any longer. He’d wished for a white Christmas down here in what he now affectionately called Freaksville, but he hadn’t really thought he’d get it. Didn’t snow here often. Not only had he gotten his wish for snow, he’d gotten nearly a foot of the stuff. Merry Christmas to him!But now he was freezing. With chills chasing across his skin, Chip fed more kindling onto the fire, slowly nursing the flames.

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Take Flight: by Cia Nordwell:

The dark hid them as Sayer flew for the veil. Birch clung to him, wishing he could fly beside Sayer. He shivered in the cold air.

“Hang on, Birch. We’ll be there soon!”

“I’m trying.” Birch struggled to stay conscious.  He was so tired. His head sank against Sayer’s chest, and he closed his eyes.

“Birch? Birch!”

The panic in Sayer’s voice scared Birch. He forced his eyes to open. “Yeah?”

“You need to stay awake.”

“Mmhmm.” The chill faded. Birch blinked. His eyelids felt like they weighed a thousand pounds

“Please stay awake.”

Sayer risked himself to rescue Birch.

“Stop them!” Sayer gasped when a hand grabbed his ankle, yanking him down. “There’s more than one!”

Sayer strained his wings but couldn’t break free. He held Birch closer and protected his head as they tumbled to the floor. He landed on his back with a thud. Birch cried out.

“Don’t move, or I’ll shoot!”

The man who’d captured Birch stood over them, his feet spread wide. He pointed his shotgun at Sayer’s face. “I’ll do it, demon.”

He was insane. “I’m not a demon!” Sayer protested.

“What do you think I am? An idiot? Your filthy tricks won’t fool me.”

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Controller – Chapter 10 : by Jon Keys:

I answered my door, surprised to find Eli. I hadn’t seen him since he helped me move. With midterms coming I hadn’t thought much about it, but his grinning face was a welcome diversion. “Hey, Eli. What’s up?”

He fidgeted in the doorway for a second before holding up couple tickets. “Wanna go to Comic Con? I got two passes.”

“Yeah, man! Sounds cool. We should see if the guys want to go. It’ll be a blast.”

Eli dropped his head and stared at the floor.

“Eli, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’ll catch you later.” He turned and took the first step to his room when I grabbed his shoulder.

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Uncool – #2: by Tali Spencer:

“I want to meet him.”

Of course I did! I’d only been thinking about Sir every moment since I’d awakened. Just the memory of his fingers combing my hair, the soft pressure of his lips on my forehead… he hadn’t kissed me on the mouth. But maybe now… I looped the scarf around my neck and thrilled to the sensual caress of the cashmere weave. And the color was perfect!

I’d found a man who understood my love of bondage, and who had great taste too.

“Don’t rush into this—”

“Rush?” I stopped flinging the scarf and shot Stewart a look. Why didn’t he look happy for me?

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Trapped in Time II – Chapter 10: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

It is on the tip of my tongue to tell him just what he can do with his inappropriate thoughts and ridiculous ideas, but Vati steps in before I can get the words out. “A good play,” he agrees. “But then, does Shakespeare write any other kind?” He pats my arm gently. “Well, we should get our things and take them to our room, don’t you think?” What can I do but agree? I give Shaughnessey a glare but the effect is somewhat lost when he simply grins at me.

“I’ll check on you later.” Before I can tell him that’s not necessary, he’s winked and walked away. Again. What an infuriating man. I am so livid that I am barely aware that Vati has taken me outside to the wagons, where we gather what stuff we have.

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Catherine’s Revenge – Ch 10: by Nephylim:

“Ash,” Emma said, tentatively. He’d stopped screaming, but was rocking back and forth, his head in his hands. “Please, Ash. It’s me Emma. Look at me.

Taking Ash’s hands, she pulled them away from his face. He resisted, but eventually she managed to force him to look at her. Emma almost recoiled. His eyes were still white and frozen.

“Emma, please,” Tristan said, desperately. “We have to go. They’ll attack any moment. They can’t hurt me and they won’t hurt Ash, but they’ll tear you to pieces.”

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Christmas Wishes: by Lily Sawyer:

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”   It was Christmas Eve, and Ben heard music coming from his front walk.

Ben stood at the open doorway, listening to the carolers who stood in the snow outside his door.   Normally he enjoyed the holiday music; there really wasn’t any holiday music for Chanukah, unless the dreidel song counted.  Ben was happy to hear the joyful music, but he was feeling lonely. He was off today, but his beloved husband was on duty, saving lives.  Emergency service workers, like firemen, didn’t get holidays off.

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Noah’s New Plan – Chapter 16: by Rob Colton:

“You know I don’t need a gun to kill you, right?” Eli glared at Derek. God, he hated this asshat with a passion. Only an asshole would show up at a place like the Buckle wearing a suit and a trench coat, while brandishing a checkbook like money could solve the world’s problems. “Put your fucking checkbook away before I shove it up your ass.”

“I’m looking out for Noah’s best interests. I know what he needs and it’s not you.”

“What do you know of Noah’s needs? You tossed him aside like garbage.”

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Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

Again, Owen wanted to believe that all of this was all some kind of a sick joke. Maybe this was what professors of mythology found amusing. Nothing about the situation was amusing here and passing the initial horror of the situation, Owen’s anger grew. Not only were these strangers fucking with him, but Turk as well.

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Defining Freedom – #5: Grace R. Duncan:

Daniel curled up tighter in the corner of the couch, staring into the flames of his fireplace. A whimper to his right spurred him to reach out and look over and the soulful brown eyes of his closest companion seemed to ask him what was wrong. Daniel sighed and scratched the golden retriever behind the ears, then turned back to stare into the flames once more.

He wished he hadn’t heard the radio broadcast. He’d plugged in the little clock radio he’d found to see if it worked, not realizing that the radio switch had been moved to “on.” So he’d been shocked by the voice that came out of it.

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Sunrise: by Victoria Adams:

The house was empty now that Aunt Mixy and Kiry had abandoned her. Sian’s picked a cookie off the tray and bit it. She glanced at J’dol’s clothes and sword resting on the couch. The house seemed even more desolate without him.

Although alone, it wasn’t quiet. Sian peered out the rain-streaked window and watched as golf ball size chunks of hail bounced off the glass. She mentally crossed her fingers, hoping J’dol was not out in the storm and that he’d taken refuge somewhere. Anywhere.

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Darkest Before Dawn: by – Shelly Schulz

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  1. no_name_m

    Thank you for the full list. it helps getting to know new authors that I’ve missed.
    One thing that I feel can realy add is to know the kind of story – as in MM, MF, FF or any other version.


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