Wednesday Briefs: November 6

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Sunrise; by Victoria Adams:

Sian rubbed her forehead. “What do you mean, you lost J’dol?”

“We were at the park and I went to get some ice cream.” Kiry glanced at Sian, Purple and Aunt Mixy. “I thought he’d like a treat. I’m guessing he’s never had ice cream. I’m standing in line, looking around and I glanced back at the bench he was supposed to be sitting on and poof no J’dol.”

Poof and he was gone? Sian clenched her fists to control the fear surging in her. What if he was pulled back to his century? Gone. Forever.

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A New Beginning – Chapter 4: by Andrew Q. Gordon

I told her mind she needed to shut the door once she entered her office. The office had enough ears already. Seated in her chair looking out the window as the sunset over DC, I made myself visible. “The angle of your window captures the beauty of the sunset perfectly.” As expected, Chief Rawlings reached for her gun and drew it. I spun the chair around and rolled my eyes. “Is that any way to greet me, Chief?” “What are you doing here?” She didn’t lower the gun, but neither did she call for help.

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Hope – 6; by Chris T. Kat:

The puppy dropped the briefs at my feet and stared at me expectantly. I didn’t trust my voice. When I lifted the briefs, my hands were shaking.

“I’m not sure this is a good idea,” I whispered.

With a huff, the puppy plopped on his butt. He leaned his head against my shin, waiting. Or at least it seemed like waiting to me. Maybe it was just bored. I remained rooted to the spot, fiddling with the waistband of my briefs and swallowing against a series of small lumps in my throat.

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Darkest Before Dawn; by Shelly Schulz:

Rose woke slowly to the sounds of bird songs. She rubbed the palms of her hands against her eyes and opened them. She rolled her shoulders, feeling the kinks and knots slowly ease out of them. She was cold, not entirely uncomfortable. Her wards provided some warmth and protection from the elements. It was the sleeping sitting up aspect that made everything hurt. She got to her feet, and winced as her joints creaked and cracked. She set the shot gun on the porch railing and stretched, saluting the sun, before turning to go back inside. “Did you sleep Rosie?”

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Nighttime Promises by M.A. Church

They returned to Daroshi’s home before nightfall. Bryan helped Daroshi secure the weapons, then he fixed them something to drink. The hike had certainly been educational. Bryan had memorized the names of a few plants that were safe to eat… and which ones weren’t. They’d spotted a few animals out and about, but they were small ones—no bigger than rabbits they had at home. Earth. I mean Earth. Shit. According to Daroshi, they were fairly easy to hunt and were good cooked over an open flame. Bryan soaked up all the information Daroshi gave him.

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Trapped in Time 2: Chapter 3/Julie Lynn Hayes

I guess that we will now be traveling with the acting troupe, at least until we reach the next town. Then we can be rid of them, and good riddance I say. Shaughnessy’s group consists of four covered wagons, populated by about a dozen or so actors.  At least, I assume they are all actors, but it doesn’t really matter to me who or what they are. They set up camp a short distance from us, too close for my taste, but the others seem to welcome their company, so there is little I can say.

Catherine’s Revenge Ch 4; by Nephylim

By the time they got close enough to touch the box, Emma could clearly see the woman in the glass. She was beautiful, for sure; a cold beauty that chilled Emma to the bone. Burning black eyes stared from a pale face, twisted with rage. Clawed hands reached for them, but Emma wasn’t about to let that happen. With the last of her strength she sent them crashing into the sideboard. Ash cried out as he overbalanced, but Emma didn’t have time to worry about him. Picking up the music box, she threw it with all her strength at the mirror.

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Thwarted: Part XVI; by Renee Stevens

“Hand me that, will you?”  Trey pointed at the cell phone lying on Mark’s night stand.

Mark palmed the phone and slid from the bed, grinning as Trey’s gaze followed him during the short trip to the dresser.  He dug through the drawers until he found a pair of workout shorts and slipped them on.

“Got time for breakfast?”  He closed the distance between them and slid Trey’s phone into his lover’s front pocket before giving him a quick kiss.   At least, it would have been quick if Trey hadn’t grabbed him and turned the quick peck into a much more satisfying meeting of lips and tongue.

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Myths, Secrets and Love – chapter 2; by Elyzabeth M. VaLey:

“How much?” he barked.

“So eager to find your friend, captain?” The siren leered.

“I don’t have time to waste, either help me or be on your way.”

The siren gave him a sinister smile. “We desire one of your men.”

Rodric swore loudly. One of the men? Of course. What else could a trio of witches want? His gaze sidled toward the men on the ship. They were a bunch of ragamuffins but they had obeyed his orders to the last word. Leaving one to the sirens was a death sentence. His stomach tightened into an uncomfortable knot.

Sealed in Stone #20; by Tali Spencer:

The palanquin was stopped at the arched gateways into Pesht. The vehicle bore the Queen’s colors, but that did not allow them to bypass scrutiny. Warriors and workers were singularly devoted but not terribly bright and could be fooled, especially by humans or other queens. The knock of a spear upon the door frame prompted Lena to move just the edge of the curtain aside. Willem quickly pulled on his veil until it fully covered him again and then sat on his hands so those were covered also.

“We’re stone workers entering on the Queen’s business,” Lena said.

Take Flight; by Cia Nordwell

Wordless shouting surrounded Birch. He stood, frozen, locked in horror as Sayer changed. His dazzling white hair darkened to black and his skin became gray and pebbled. His eyes, now a malevolent red, began to shine.

“Sayer,” Birch whispered.

His beloved raised his hands and the shouts became fever pitched. Two muscle bound fae, the ones who’d been guarding the inside of the doorway, shoved the butts of their weapons into Sayer’s stomach, knocking him back.

“Move, my lord!” Birch stumbled to the side as they rush forward. The iron door of the cage clanged shut. The guards cursed as

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Lily Sawyer:

“I can’t believe it’s over. “ Tom sighed as he closed the last of the storage bins containing the Halloween decorations.  “It feels like I just took these things down from the attic yesterday.”

“I know, hon, but we had fun while it lasted, didn’t we?”  Ben tried his best to console his man.

“Yeah, we did. Hey, can you hand me that storage bin?”  Tom was standing at the top of the pull-down stairs that led to the attic.

“Don’t wiggle your butt at me, mister!”  Ben commented jokingly.

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Controller; by Jon Keys;

Watching Jamie struggle with the door, I couldn’t help but smile. It was refreshing to find someone else who can’t get anything mechanical to work.

“Damn door! It’s like this every freakin’ night.” Jamie struggled with the lock for several minutes until finally it snapped into place. His face twisted in frustration. “I hate that door. And it hates me even more. I swear if they don’t get it fixed soon, I’m going to throw a chair through it and say it was a planned protest!”

Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

As Wayne lowered Owen onto his bed, Owen caught sight of his ashen face in the mirror. He looked like vampire on a day pass. He was so weak. His muscles were slack and useless. His breaths were thready and shallow. Wayne pulled off Owen’s jacket and Owen’s arms fell heavily onto the bed. Wayne was silent as he bent down and removed Owen’s black shoes. Fuck his life— what was left of it.

Once Owen’s shoes were off, Wayne continued to kneel on the floor with his head down. Owen wished he knew what to say to comfort Wayne.

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