Wednesday Briefs: November 13, 2013

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Lily Sawyer:

“What’s taking so long?”

They’d arrived at the hospital and found out Travis had been taken there, but
they didn’t know anything beyond that.

Tom felt like it had been an eternity since he’d gotten word that Travis had been
taken to the hospital.  Now he was pacing
the waiting room and Ben was being moral support.

“It’s only been a half an hour since they’d brought him in. You have to give
the doctors time to look him over.”  Ben was just as upset as Tom.  Travis had
been more like a brother than a brother-in-law. He’d been the first one to show how
happy he was to have Ben in Tom’s life; he’d welcomed him with open arms,

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A New Beginning – Chapter 5: by Andrew Q. Gordon

Only the chief could see me as her subordinates entered the room. Odds were, one of them had let whomever bugged the chief’s office into the room. The rest, however, would be useful in finding who had Detective Griffin.

I didn’t listen as the chief started talking in vague terms about security and the need to be sure that information is kept confidential. Instead, I focused on the sound of the ten heartbeats in the room. When she started speaking about a potential leak of information that could only have come from her immediate office, I heard two hearts start to pound much faster.

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Trapped in Time 2: Chapter 4/Julie Lynn Hayes

The next morning, shortly after first light, we resume our journey. I admit to being surprised that the actors are willing to rise with the sun. I had presumed them to have a preference for sleeping in due to the nature of their profession. But they seem as anxious to be on our way as we do.

I have given the matter much consideration and have decided that once we reach the town toward which we travel I shall take Frederick and begin my search for Vittorio. Just where I shall search, I have not decided. Perhaps it would be wise to first find a map of this country we travel through. That will give me a better idea of where to look, I think.

Hope – 6; by Chris T. Kat:

After some serious cuddle time, I dressed. Hope watched me, his head tilted slightly upward and his ears pricked up. Shane would’ve loved this small creature, even though Hope wasn’t really all that small. He’d be a large dog when he was fully grown.

His size didn’t matter. We—no, I—owned the condo, and a German Shepherd would fit without trouble. I turned toward the window in the bedroom, swallowing hard. What the hell had happened with me in less than twenty-four hours? How did I go from suicidal thoughts to planning how a puppy would fit into my life?

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Controller; by Jon Keys;

“Nathan. Come on in, ignore the mess. This game’s been going on since early this morning, and these animals wouldn’t leave the room to go to the bathroom if I didn’t insist.”

Creeping into the room, it was obvious what held their attention. A huge flat screen television so large that the avatars were almost life size. I was so absorbed in the game playing out in front of me that I barely noticed when Jamie closed the door.

The group were deep in a multiplayer Halo game. I’d spent more time playing Halo than anything else I’d done. The game had become an obsession for me. I’d played video games my whole life, but this enormous size was even changing the sense of time passing.

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Take Flight; by Cia Nordwell

Birch squirmed, trying to find a comfortable spot. There seemed to be no way to sit without his horse’s spine digging into his ass. “Abandon all hope,” Birch muttered as they entered the forest.

He glanced up at the branches that grew denser with every minute. The fae realm was always lit either by gentle sunlight or shimmering starlight and silvery rays from the moon. By contrast the shadows seemed darker and more menacing.

“Excuse me, my lord, did you say something?” asked Forisilki. She flipped her silvery blue hair over her shoulder, exposing her swan-like neck.

“Nope. Not important.

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Sealed in Stone #21; by Tali Spencer:

“You’re not getting screwed by me!” Nomari sex madness or not, Willem couldn’t imagine doing it. Not even Rue, who almost looked like a man.

Shel snorted. “You won’t even know who—or what—you’re screwing once it gets going. Neither will we.”

“Have you gone through it before?”

“I have. Lena, too.” Lena nodded as Shel continued. “It wasn’t here, but a detail to Ghautmarga that got trapped by a queen war. Walled ourselves in hole and waited it out. But that’s not the norm. Like we said, usually we leave the nom when a Queen’s entering her phase.

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Catherine’s Revenge Ch 5; by Nephylim:

As soon as they entered the hall, they were met by their father who, although alight with excitement in a way they’d not seen for a very long time, was not at all pleased they’d disappeared for so long.  He immediately set them to work on numerous tasks, which meant that Emma didn’t have a chance to speak to Ash again until late that evening. The sleeping bags were all neatly laid out in one bedroom, which had been roughly cleaned, and they were all sitting around a roaring fire in a small sitting room, which had been cleared of dust sheets, if not dust.

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Nighttime Promises; by M.A. Church

Daroshi’s tentacles pulled him closer, slowly reeling him in, inch by fucking inch. Bryan went willingly, even as his mouth went dry. Daroshi growled softly when his hands touched Bryan’s skin. The gentle touches sent shivers through Bryan. Despite having such strength, Daroshi always made sure to handle Bryan carefully.

Daroshi didn’t speak as he continued to run his hands up and down Bryan’s arms. Finally, Daroshi looked at Bryan. “Your skin feels so different from mine, so much softer. It excites me. You excite me.”

Bryan smirked. “Guess that’s a damn good thing since I’m your mate, huh?”

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Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

A restless sleep plagued Owen that night. Sweat soaked his clothes and bedding. Internally, a raging furnace blasted through any cooling effects his overworked air conditioner might have offered. His muscles twitched and bones ached and his mind raced. Thoughts and emotions batted for recognition. Guilt, remorse, longing, fear, anger, loss…all wanted to be front and center in the spotlight. Memories, good and bad, as well as family and friends, appeared and then faded in his dreams. Unfortunately, his dreams didn’t allow him to escape from the knowledge of his impending death.

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Noah’s New Plan: Chapter 10 by Rob Colton

Noah wore a brown leather jacket over a safari shirt. He had a looped bullwhip tied to his belt and a canvas bag crossed over his shoulder.

Raiders of the Lost Ark was Eli’s favorite movie. Eli was sure that he hadn’t mentioned it to Noah. The fact that he picked that costume was one more reason why Noah should be Eli’s.

He never had the urge to fuck Indiana Jones. He always wanted to be Indiana Jones. But to see Noah dressed up like Indy got Eli’s blood pumping. Damn, his little nerd was sexy. Oh yeah, Noah was his and Eli was going to keep him.

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Victoria Adams:

Anger filled J’dol as he chased Ian across the park. His legs protested against the strain of running. He was still weak from his injury and lack of food. He had to push on. Had to get Ian. Had to stop him from ever harming Sian again.

His right leg buckled, making him stumble and roll across the lawn. He sprang back to his feet and watched as Ian jumped into a car and sped away. Swearing at his weakness, J’dol drove himself forward. He kept his gaze glued to the back of the car. It turned a corner.

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Darkest Before Dawn; by Shelly Schulz:

“You didn’t tell me that there would be rats.” Ben entered the room. He carried a bucket of water that sloshed precariously with each step.

“Be careful.” Rose took the bucket from him and set it in the center of the room. “You might have to mop twice. While you’re doing that, I’m going to go beat the rugs.”

“Can’t you mop and I beat the rugs?” Ben grinned again. “I’m strong enough.”

“You screamed over a mouse, you get to mop.” She gathered up the old, filthy and possibly mildewed rugs.

“How can you say that?” Ben whined.

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