Wednesday Briefs; October 30, 2013

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the title and name to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Sealed in Stone #19, byTali Spencer:

“Once you are inside the nom, we cannot protect you, not truly. We can only try.” Jayn sounded tired, and old. Lines of care creased the skin bracketing her lips.

Willem adjusted his work belt, glad to be wearing tools again. A sturdy chitin case at his feet held his larger tools. Though Jayn was certain he’d been included on the team for reasons other than to do stonework inside the nom, he still hoped for it. Humans had created works of wonder inside Pesht, most known only through drawings and rumor. Havar’s Folly. Vayna’s Chamber. The Throne of Kavra. 

A New Beginning – 3; by Andrew Q. Gordon:

I hung up the phone, and wished for the first time in months that I could swap Gar in and out at will. Then I saw Ryan staring at me. His lips were taut and he twisted a napkin so tight the tip of his finger had turned red. It didn’t take much to realize I never wanted Gar back–ever.

“So…..” Ryan unwound the paper and wrapped it back.

Controller, by Jon Keys:

Hello Kitty? Why in the hell would I want a USB drive that looked like Hello Kitty? The fact I had to pull off its head to plug it in was a step in the right direction though.  Stupid, just really stupid. I flipped through the other USB drives and found a Great Pumpkin drive. God, I loved Charlie Brown and the whole Great Pumpkin thing. I drove Mom nuts with my obsession over it when I was eight. I was determined to wait for the Great Pumpkin.

The Derkelyng, by M.A. Church:

There were myths handed down over the years, stories of another time when there were no Derkelyng. Only humans ruled the land, and legend said these humans didn’t hide from the night. They lived and loved without fear. They had organized schools, governments, banks, a written word, and they owned businesses. They even kept time differently, it was said. Those from the past were not afraid to go out at night; they were not hunted as food…or pleasure.

They had no idea how lucky they were, if that was true. Things were not like that now.

Noah’s New Plan: Chapter 9 by Rob Colton

Noah looked down at the bowl in his hand. Why the heck was he carrying a big bowl of candy corn?

Looking around, he realized he was at work. He had been daydreaming again. His mind wandered back to the thoughts that had occupied his mind seemingly every five minutes or so.

Eli on his knees.

Just the thought was enough to make his dick stiffen in his pants. Again. His underwear felt sticky, stained with pre-come.

Sunrise; by Victoria Adams:

J’dol stumbled back from Kiry’s small shove. She followed him into the little room. “These dressing rooms are small, aren’t they?”

She rummaged through the pile of clothes, picked up a package and ripped it open. “Don’t know whether you like boxers or briefs…” She glanced down. “I do get you like commando, but you can’t walk out into the store without underwear on.”

Twisting around, Kiry pulled the door open. “Put those shorts and running shoes on then come out.” She shook her head. “Gawd, I hope the security cameras didn’t catch you. I’d never be able to explain that.”

Take Flight – 16, by Cia:

“I can do that with my glasses! I’m sure I can.”

Vernon frowned. “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this.

The Alchemist frowned. “What do you think will happen to me? I’m sure the king will bring guards, and you’ll be there.”

“What if we find the source of magic and someone becomes a Darkling? The very person who is supposed to keep you safe might put you in danger.”

Sayer couldn’t order the Alchemist to help him, or Vernon to not voice his very real fears. He had similar concerns for Birch, but growing up in the human realm

Darkest Before Dawn, by Shelly Schulz:

The sun was setting, the brilliant shades of orange and red illuminating the farmhouse from behind casting sharp shadows that spread along the mole-hill laden front yard. The porch sagged, paint peeling off, the screen door slammed in the slight breeze, two of panes in the massive bay window were shattered, and taped over with plastic grocery bags. Before she could stop him, Ben dashed from the car and up the rickety stairs to sit on the porch swing. It sank a few inches, the chain groaning with each enthusiastic push from the ten year old.

“This place is a shithole.”

Trapped in Time 2: Chapter 2 by Julie Lynn Hayes:

“Excuse me, sir.” I hear a voice behind me, but I refuse to turn to face the speaker. It’s not Vittorio and that’s all that matters to me. Perhaps I’m not being very sensible, considering we’re in a strange place, and there is no telling whether we’ve landed amid friends… or foes. At the moment I simply do not care.

A hand falls upon my shoulder. I whirl in indignation and shrug it off,  gathering myself to chastise this person. But before I can speak a syllable, my father has arrived upon the scene and he takes matters into his own hands. I bite my tongue instead.

Owen’s Story by JC Wallace:

Owen knelt in the grass, his forehead scraping against the hard ground as he cradled his stomach. He couldn’t breathe. He’d never experienced pain like this before. It was a piercing, ripping pain, penetrating muscle and bone and organs.

“Owen! Oh, God. What’s wrong?” Turk knelt next to Owen in the grass.

Turk’s panic laced voice rode on muffled waves beneath Owen’s heaving breaths. Owen wanted to answer Turk, but his lungs seized and his muscles clenched with unbearable agony. Thoughts raced and chased one another through his mind. Is this what dying felt like? Why was it happening so fast? He’d spent…

Catherine’s Revenge; by Nephylim:

Emma’s headlong dash brought her to the edge of a sparkling lake. She scanned the banks for any sign of her brother. There were none. Away to one side, the sun glinted off a building that seemed to be made of glass. The summerhouse.  Without hesitation, she sped toward it, determined to save Ash from whatever fate awaited him there.

Hope – 5; by Chris T. Kat:

The puppy licked my face with all the enthusiasm of a youngster, then decided it was done and squirmed out of my arms. For a second I feared it would run away, but the pup ventured back into the house, using his head to push open the screen door open.

I followed and made sure to close both the screen door and the front door, just in case the pup decided to stroll around on its own. Afterward, I stood in the hallway, my mind registering that I was swaying on the spot, and as I sniffed the air. It reeked of misery and… it smelled as if someone needed a good wash.

Lily Swayer:

Halloween was Tom’s favorite holiday, even more so than
Christmas.  When he and his older brother, Travis, were kids they would
dress up in the craziest costumes they could come up with. It would drive their
mother crazy, which was half the fun.

They both looked forward to it every year. As they got older, you’d think the fun
and games would end as they became ‘adults.’   Well, they may have
gotten older, and real life may have been thrown at them and they had to be
‘responsible’, but it didn’t stop them from letting the kid inside shine

A.R. Von:

“Isla, make haste woman! I want to enjoy every single moment of this night. I swear the parties get better and better every year.” I check my watch for the thousandth time, huff out an impatient breath and begin my pacing once more. I hear her moving around upstairs at a leisurely pace and it’s driving me bat shit crazy!

The house has gone silent. I know what’s to come. My darling sister always tries to best me on this night, the celebration of All Hallows Eve. She’s yet to succeed, but it’s a tradition of hers and I don’t think she even realizes it.

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