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Saturday is Horror Day #88 – A Quiet Place Part II

Reviewer: Julie Lynn Hayes

A Quiet Place Part II

Following the death of Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) the family decides to move on, seeking to find safety or a solution to their problems. Now Evelyn (Emily Blunt) finds herself with two terrified teens and a newborn. But it’s possible they might have the answer to the question of how to defeat the sound-sensitive creatures…assuming they get the chance to implement the solution.

The second film in the franchise is a little slow but still contains the horror of the first. In this entry, the daughter and son (Regan Abbott and Noah Jupe) are actually key players who step up to do what is necessary even when others tell them not to. They are both strong and resilient, and resemble their late father in that respect. I can’t even imagine how I would begin to cope with this situation, especially having to give birth alone and then deal with a newborn. Face it, babies cry, and any sound could doom them all.


At the same time, I find myself not as interested in this film, not sure why. The Abbotts do encounter other people and discover that the creatures are not the only things they need to fear. Also in this film we see the first day and what happened then, even if we still aren’t sure why it did. I understand there will be a third film. I’ll probably watch it. I’ll give this one 3 Stars.