Saturday is Horror Day #110 – Final Destination 4

Reviewer: Julie Lynn Hayes

 Final Destination 4

Nick (Bobby Campo) and his friends go to spend some time at the racetrack. The young people have different motives, whether it’s spending time with friends or wanting to see an accident. But Nick has a disturbing premonition of a horrific accident. Upset, he wants to leave, and causes an uproar, during which he and his friends and some of the people around them end up leaving the stadium, as well as the security guard George (Mykelti Williamson) …just before a terrible accident occurs.

Nick and the others are understandably upset by what almost happened to them and would love nothing 

more to forget all about their close brush with Death. But Nick has another vision, and then one of the survivors of the raceway accident dies, and Nick begins to wonder if they have actually cheated Death at all, or will they all die as they were meant to.

Same movie, new title, new cast, same basic plot. Let’s cheat death and come up with some cool and innovative ways to “accidentally” die. If you’re looking for something scary, this really isn’t it because you know people are going to die. I will give them this. They do tease you a bit with what you think will be someone’s death, only to pull back and say gotcha! only to kill the character right afterward.


We still don’t know why these premonitions happen, or why certain people are chosen to have them. This film also feeds into the idea that if your number’s up, it’s up and you can’t change that. My best advice is to simply watch it for the deaths and don’t worry about the plot. Also, don’t get too attached to any of the characters. Just not worth it. As for what I said about this one wrapping the series up, I was wrong. There is a FD 5, and allegedly the sixth installment could be coming out next year. I’ve requested the fifth one, so we’ll see. I’ll give this film 3 Stars. Just not memorable, but some decent ways to die.

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