Wednesday Briefs: September 14, 2022

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Bad Karma and the Family Plan #40 (8.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Well, let’s just say luck was not on our side when we arrived at the Thorne family home. Thanks to having been alerted by Sarah, Maureen was waiting for us when we pulled up the long drive, but she wasn’t alone. Her husband sat beside her on the porch swing. He stood when we pulled up but made no move to follow her as she flew down the steps toward the car.

I was surprised to hear Ethan mutter something under his breath that sounded like a curse, surely not at the sight of his mother. Alarmed, I glanced around us, not sure what he was upset about. And then I noticed the other car parked on the grass and I recognized it from our last visit. Joe Junior. Weren’t we just the lucky ones? And why did I think his being here had nothing to do with the return of his uncle to the family fold? Also, shouldn’t he be working? Doing whatever insurance agents did every day?

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Ancalagon: Chapter One Hundred and Five by Cia Nordwell

Ases wrinkled up his nose before he even drank the tuber milk, but I kicked him under the table. I’d warned him in the transport what he had to do, and I knew he could drink this and lie about it. I’d once seen him swill an entire bottle of bar mixings on a dare.  

He’d vomited profusely within minutes, but that was alcohol and sugar. This was just fermented tuber milk. Totally fine. He was a shifter; he should like milk.  

I upended my cup, suppressing my shudder at the gloopy nature of the thickened milk and the bitter


Garrett Farm: Part 40 by J Ray Lamb

Two weeks had passed since the call to Alexei. Colin’s last day was upon the farm and Murphy was once again looking to hire yet another manager for the farm.

Murphy muttered to himself as he went out to the conference room attached to Trent’s office. He was starting to hate managing the farm with having nearly lost employees to Jason’s behavior, firing Jason for said behavior, and having to replace Jason and now Colin. At least Colin was leaving voluntarily, Murphy thought as he listened to his boots crunching on the gravel.

He approached the door to the office block…

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