Wednesday Briefs: June 22, 2022

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Ancalagon: Chapter Ninety-six by Cia Nordwell

Maybe he had a point about Bouncer. But that was just because we were his pack and he spent so much time with people instead of animals. Garjah just snorted.  

“Eat your food, you took it after all. And we’re not going back to the party.” I looked at Garjah. “Right?”  

“No. My staff can finish up there. I’m more needed to question the man Bouncer just caught. Zeekah, go back and get Ases. We need his mech.”  

“Yes, sir.” The officer behind me saluted, then rushed off. I guess I didn’t need him if I was sticking with Garjah


Rose and Thorne 6 #28 (6.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

As we set out on our road trip, I wondered if traveling with a small child and a woman meant we’d have to make more frequent stops than usual. I didn’t have any experience with children—or women, for that matter, other than my mother, and we were never able to travel—but I had noticed during our brief time with Eva June that she tended to take time out for the ladies room on a fairly regular basis. No criticism, just an observation. We’d only been on the road for maybe an hour and a half when Sarah asked if we’d mind stopping. Ever the gentleman and good brother, Ethan pulled off the highway as soon as he was able

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The Garret Farm: Part 35 by J Ray Lamb

Murphy’s week was going smoothly as the farm was taking care of itself. Maintenance was being handled by people that he brought in from town but a lot of work wasn’t getting logged as well as it could have been. No real change there, as trying to make sense of Jason’s office had shown that he hadn’t really kept logs of anything at all. Anything from oil changes to full engine overhauls, Jason had no records for almost all of the equipment on the farm. Murphy’s mood during the week seemed to have two settings: optimism and rage.

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