Wednesday Briefs: March 16, 2022

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

The Garret Farm: Part 26 by J Ray Lamb

Sandy and Trent silently drove along the road from the farm towards town. It wasn’t necessarily towards Racoon Rapids, or ‘town’ on the farm, nor towards Flat River, the ‘city ‘. Sandy had no idea where they were going but he trusted Trent not to get him into trouble. Just as he had fully relaxed, Trent started taking small county roads getting onto smaller and smaller roads that had quickly turned into a small rutted path through a field.

Trent realized that Sandy was completely disoriented and smiled to himself. He wanted to go somewhere quiet…

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Rose and Thorne 6 #15 (4.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Surely I hadn’t heard Benny correctly. “The Smithsonian? Like in Washington DC? That Smithsonian?”

Benny chuckled, probably at the look of disbelief on my face. “Yep, that one,” he confirmed.

Ethan gave a low whistle. “That guy certainly has delusions of grandeur, doesn’t he? What made him think he could pull off something like that? I mean, he got caught just robbing a bank?”

Benny nodded. “That he did. And he even served more time than I did. Maybe that’s the problem. He talked to some guys where he was, and he believed some of the stories they told him. You’d be amazed how much guys in prison will lie just to

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Ancalagon: Chapter Eighty-two by Cia Nordwell

The release of tension from getting out of the atmosphere and not being intercepted by anyone else, again, sent a wave of exhaustion through me. I’d been planning on stripping in the confined space, straddling Garjah, and teasing him until all four hands were stroking my aching skin.  

Instead, the pulled me onto the bed and curled around me. Yes, he was touching me, but instead of revving me up and sending us over the edge into a streak of orgasms that would sate my need for him, he took it in another direction. The rumble in his chest vibrated


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