Wednesday Briefs: February 9, 2022

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Garret Farm: Part 22 by J Ray Lamb

Jason stormed back to the garage and glared at Sandy’s car. The glare was a combination of disgust, jealousy, and pity.

Disgusted that some young kid who hadn’t worked a day in his life was driving a seventy-five thousand dollar sports car, jealous of the car itself but also that Sandy has the means to be able to afford one, and finally, pity that Sandy was driving a vehicle that was so obviously unsuited for life out here on the farm.

Nevertheless, Jason had been asked to take a look at Sandy’s car and he would do his best.

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Ancalagon: Chapter Seventy-seven by Cia Nordwell

As if sensing my distress, Bouncer stood, his tail whipping. He bounced on his forelegs and rumbled. I interrupted Garjah before he could say anything else about the planet. “I think it’s time to break for today,” I said.  

Bouncer insinuated his head under Garjah’s hand not joined with mine, and I leaned forward to rub his back. He’d been more than patient, but he struggled when cooped up and it’d been too long for him.  

“We have space at the Institute that would be safe,” Dr. Chabney said. He stood from his seat and moved down the tiers. We


Rose and Thorne 6 #10 (2.6) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Nothing’s the matter, what do you mean?” I bluffed. If I thought that lame attempt would diffuse the situation, I was completely mistaken. Naturally. That man knows me better than that.

“Vinnie,” he said, stretching out my name in his incredibly sexy low voice that was also a warning that he wasn’t buying what I was selling.

“We can discuss it while we pack for tonight.” That wouldn’t buy me much time, but every little second counted. “I promise,” I quickly added as I saw his brows begin to draw together in what I called his frustrated scowl, one that was usually aimed at me.

“Think we should

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