Wednesday Briefs: December 23, 2020

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.
First Snow by Cia Nordwell

Miguel peered out the window into the darkness. It was rain mixed with slush. The edges of the window were rimed with frost, and he shouldn’t want it to snow, but he did. He had to go back to job hunting in the morning, and his coat wasn’t thick enough to keep out the cold, but could it be worse than the rain? It was still damp from his futile all day trek yesterday, even though he’d left it draped over the vent.

Maybe he should have stayed in Florida, where everything was familiar, where the weather didn’t make his

Mates Come First: Chapter 4B by Carol Pedroso

Mica chuckled again. “You are partially right and very smart. I have talked to Gray. He isn’t going to refuse to allow me to leave. He can’t; mates come first in all paranormal law. He did, however, ask me to talk to you. He wants to meet you. You know he and I have been friends since school, as I told you earlier. He is my best friend and wants to meet my mate. He is asking that you come with me and meet him. I will get him to meet us at my place, and you won’t see anyone else.

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Super Trooper #48 (11.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“I’m so sorry about Chan’s parents.” Christina’s brown eyes were warm and sympathetic as she greeted Evan when he entered the station on his first day back at work. Her desk was always the first place he stopped when he began his shift, to check for calls he needed to take right away or simply catch up on what was happening and pass a few minutes before the day started. “How is he doing?”

“About as well as expected, all things considered. Thanks for the flowers. They were beautiful.” Christina had sent a sympathy card and a bouquet of chrysanthemums and marigolds to the house. Evan and Chan had gone out with Christina and Nathan a couple of times, despite her protestations that she and the other trooper were just

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