Wednesday Briefs: December 2, 2020

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Ancalagon: Chapter Sixteen by Cia Nordwell

I was tempted to irk Garjah by testing the material around Bouncer’s feet. It was molded to his feet like a second skin. I’d seen the same thing holding liquid in the front of the hold, and it was flexible. I had to assume it was to prevent any of the poison they said was in his claws from coming out. Or did he inject it. The curiosity almost made me pick up his front leg and press on the pad, but Garjah’s hovering prevented it.  

Besides, what if his claws punctured it. I tilted my head… but then what


Super Trooper #45 (10.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Although he dreaded it, Chan thought that his brother and sisters had taken the private viewing of their parents very well, all things considered. Even Madhu. Although Chan had originally decided to leave her at home, he’d changed his mind after talking to the branch manager of the savings and loan where he worked, who was very understanding of his situation. She told him that Madhu needed closure too, or she would never stop looking for her parents. That made sense. He’d discussed the matter with Evan, and in the end, they’d taken all three children to the funeral home.  

The funeral director, Mr. Waverly, had been very helpful and sympathetic.

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Phases of Moon: Part 52 by J. Alan Veerkamp


Hiding in the dark was easiest under the inky black of the new moon. In these rural areas lacking ambient city lights, the outdoors would drop into perpetual shadow. Normally, the new moon was an ideal time to hunt. While wolves mourned the loss of her silvery glow in the night sky, her absence made them calmer than any other time of the month. More focused. Clearer-headed. Fergus craved that tranquility and the sanity it could bring, because these days it seemed a distant memory.

Waiting laid out on a heavy hunting blanket inside the forest’s edge, Fergus and Granger had the cabin in their sights.

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Mates Come First: Chapter 3A by Carol Pedroso

Mica looked up as the cafe door jingled, then sighed when it still wasn’t the person he was waiting for.

He swished the remains of his second cup of coffee and considered if he should order another or give up.

“I’m still not going back.”

Mica’s head snapped up, and he couldn’t help but grin when he saw Owen standing there.

“You came,” he crowed and then tried to hide a cringe at the totally obvious statement.

Owen smiled and waved to the barista. After getting a nod in return, Owen slid into the chair opposite Mica.

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