Wednesday Briefs: November 25, 2020

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Mates Come First: Chapter 2B by Carol Pedroso

Mr. Mosely huffed and the glow dissipated. “Do you know what he looked like when I found him? He had a glamour on, but it was no trouble for me to see through it.” An image shimmered in the air over the counter, and suddenly Mica was looking at a revolving image of Owen’s head. He gasped at the black bruises around both Owen’s eyes. His cheek was sunken in—it could have been broken. The image panned down, and Mica saw Owen’s arm was at a wrong angle and one of his fingers was so swollen Mica doubted Owen would have been able to use it.

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Ancalagon: Chapter Fifteen by Cia Nordwell

We saw a few other Four Arms on our way to the hold. Garjah exchanged greetings with them, but none of them spoke to me. They stared at me intently, but I studied them just as closely. They all wore close-fitting suits like Garjah did, and they had boots on. The skin I could see varied in shades of green, and unlike Garjah who wore stripes across his skin, their markings varied.  

Some had spots, some swirls, a few looked almost geometric. Chevrons, squares, even waves. One smaller being had no marks I could see at all.  

Female? None of 


Super Trooper #44 (10.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The next day, Chan was conflicted about what to do about Madhu. She had to be told the truth about what had happened, but he wasn’t sure what the best way to do that was. He and Evan did a little research on the Internet, and what they read suggested she was too young to truly understand death. He felt as though if he took her to the funeral home with them, she would just be confused by what she saw, especially when Maa and Pita didn’t move or respond to her entreaties. So he decided to tell her what he could before he left her with Mandy for the short time they would be gone.

Madhu was very bright, and she’d already realized something was wrong… she just didn’t know what. She wandered from room to room, calling for her parents, until one of her siblings distracted her with a toy or a book or something to eat. But Chan knew that couldn’t last forever.

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