Wednesday Briefs: December 5, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 15.3 by Carol Pedroso

Fran was flicking through a picture book when Kitryn led the others into their small greeting room.

“You need my help,” She stated and watched Simon close the door.

Kitryn chuckled. “Yes, we need your help. But only if you’re comfortable and aren’t hurt by what we ask you to do. Okay?”

Fran frowned. “But if I not help. More hurt.”

Kitryn kneeled in front of her. “But, they aren’t you. You are who I care about. You are my family.”

Fran shook her head. “Pete and Nelly family. See-mom mate, family. I help.”

Kitryn looked at Simon who was\

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Adrift: Chapter 17 by J. Alan Veerkamp

In Pieces #30 (8.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Hey, about time you showed up!” Keanu suddenly appeared in the gathering gloom. Ryan hadn’t noticed before how dark it was getting.  “We’ve got most of the equipment set up already. Deacon’s taking care of the lights if you want to grab some of the last stuff. There’s a small stage set up out there.” He gestured toward the darkness of the yard. A stage? That was rather impressive for a private home. Obviously these people had money.

Abby spoke up before Ryan had a chance to say anything. “No problem. Aid and I are on it.” She tapped her brother lightly on the arm. He nodded, and they hurried off together, followed by Keanu.

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Slapout:  Chapter 11 by Jon Keyes

Eli flipped on the bedroom light and realized Cullen had followed him. He sat on the bed, tugged off a boot and glanced to Cullen who leaned against the door frame. Eli pulled off his socks and tossed them into his boots as Cullen rub his package and grin. Cullen’s cock hardened and slithered down the leg of his form fitting Wranglers. The sight of his intern giving Eli an exciting performance had its effect. Eli slipped off his shirt and teased his own nipples. The ripples of electricity traveled from his aching chest to his dick

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Denied: Chapter Sixty by Cia Nordwell

“You need to rest,” I told Captain. He had gained new lines on his face in just the last few meetings the crew had. Worse, for all the worry and talk, no decisions had been made. The course laid in was completely random; it was drawn out to take advantage of some sources of raw, natural materials that the ship might need or could use for trade, but we weren’t moving in a direction on purpose.

We had to have a purpose first.


“No.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the chair in the office 

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