Wednesday Briefs: July 18, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page

Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 9.3 By Carol Pedroso

Elder Simon watched the cat shifter bristling with amusement. There was nothing he liked better than rubbing cats up the wrong way and then sitting back to watch the show. The cat really seemed to be attached to the vampling. Although, after hearing their story a bond between two adults caring for a family in danger wasn’t so unconceivable.

He was looking forward to meeting the child, Fran. For one so Young to have such power was rare, and he hadn’t seen anything like it in centuries. The last had been…no he didn’t want to go down that particular memory lane, at least, not until the information needed.

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Denied: Chapter Forty by Cia Nordwell

“That was… Kohen, I….” Captain stumbled over his words as he stared at me.

“Felt good.” I nuzzled his thigh, then sighed. “But you have to go. And you want me to stay here, with the guards, where it’s safe.” I hated that. I wanted to be with him, now that I wasn’t afraid that my mind was going to be taken from me.

He cupped my head, running his hand over my skull and then running his thumb along my cheekbone. “Yes. I don’t know exactly what these people were planning, even if Lakshou did run his mouth with 

In Pieces #12 (4.4) by Julie Lynn Hayes

If the living room was the naughty pleasure room, then the family room was the comfort room.  Plump pillows were scattered invitingly across the floor. Ryan could just imagine the members of the band ignoring the more conventional armchair and sofa in order to lounge on the floor, sprawling over the pillows and doing whatever they did to relax between gigs. A large screen TV hung on one wall, inbetween a built-in bookcase and a well-stocked bar. Ryan could see himself writing in this room.  If it wasn’t too noisy, that is. Opening from the family room was a breakfast area and then the kitchen. Ryan half expected to see a housekeeper or cook lurking there, but no such person was in sight. Maybe the band fended for themselves? Or maybe she existed but she was in another part of the house right now.

She or he. Ryan reminded himself not to be sexist. No reason a housekeeper couldn’t be a man, was there? “Where to now?”

“I’d like to take you upstairs before we go out back and join the others,” Ben said.

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The Faery of Beacon Lake: Part 15 by Nephy Hart

When Owen woke the next morning, it was to sun streaming through the window directly onto the bed. He was boiling, but just as he was about to throw off the covers, he realized he was not alone. His waking sense of calm and tranquillity vanished instantly, flooded out with memories of the previous night.

Bran was curled up in a tight ball, facing away from Owen toward the wall. The covers were tucked tightly around him and he clutched them under his chin with hands that, even in sleep, held on tightly. Rising on one elbow, Owen gazed down at his new husband. Oh shit. He balked from thinking about that. For now, Bran was his…what? Boyfriend? Lover? Hopefully. He smiled and brushed a long lock of white hair back from Bran’s face. Bran whimpered softly and curled even tighter, if that were possible. Owen frowned. What was Bran dreaming of that made him so tense?

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