Wednesday Briefs: July 11, 201

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page

Denied: Chapter Thirty-nine by Cia Nordwell

“What are you doing?” Captain finally looked down and seemed to realize that I was opening his uniform.

I tugged on the open edges of his jacket. “Come on.” I pulled him into the other room. The bunk was made—I had no idea when he found time to do that—but I was about to destroy the tightly tucked blankets. Gently, I pushed him down.

“Give us a minute,” I said to the crew member who looked up when the door started to whoosh shut. His eyebrows rose, but before he could say anything the door was closed.


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In Pieces by Julie Lynn Hayes

A slender young man burst through the doorway with all the force of a tornado. He made a beeline toward Ben, never stopping to draw a breath.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Ben. We need to quit screwing around, we need to practice, dude.”

Despite his words, Ryan had the impression that he wasn’t upset, just impatient. He gave off definite energy vibes, as if he was overly caffeinated or something. Before Ben had a chance to make any sort of reply, the newcomer had diverted his attention to Ryan. Changing course, he circled him, eyeing him curiously.

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Sweet Betrayal Part One by Michael Mandrake



“Ignorance is bliss…”


Living with my new lover, Raviele Garland, the CEO of Garland and Flashby, had been blissful for the past few weeks. He’d kept me out of sight, away from sun, apart from my co-workers, friends, and family just to preserve my human memories. An announcement was made in the papers and delivered to my family by messenger that Aaron Winston had died in a tragic accident. When Honestly, I’d joined with the only being I’d ever loved. I’d found that everlasting love I’d been searching for my entire existence. I’d discarded my human life, turned my back on anyone who cared…

For love.

For respect.

For kindness.

To me it was undeniably worth it. I’d never want another man in my life because I had the ultimate man. One of the world’s leaders who’d developed vaccines for many human diseases. He’d assisted in making life for the breathers better, and continued to improve the quality of life for his vampire brethren.

Although I was sad my former family would find out the truth from my father’s spirit, I wouldn’t allow it to destroy my happiness. The most happiness I’d had in my entire life.

A partner to love and nurture me in every single way.

This is the story of my sweet betrayal.

I have no regrets.

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Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 9.2 by Carol Pedroso

Kitryn could feel Simon’s gaze on him as they walked along the corridor. Something felt different but Kitryn couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

They arrived back at the main meeting room and Kitryn turned to Simon. “Simon this is Elder Carl of the Jade Vampire Clan. Elder this is Simon of the Zinston Pride.”

Kitryn could smell Simon’s confusion but he refused to introduce Simon as a lone vampire. Their little family had created a pack of sorts, so he was claiming Simon before this Elder decided to try.

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The Faery of Beacon Lake: Part 14 by Nephy Hart 

“When you two boys have stopped fooling around, perhaps you would take your husband to bed before he freezes solid at the kitchen table.”

Owen seized up. “Bed?”

“Did you think he was going to sleep on the hearth like a dog, boy?”

“N-no. Of course not. I…. No.”

Bran was cold in his arms, but the shiver that went through him had nothing to do with the weather. Owen was pretty sure Bran was thinking just about the same thing he was.

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