Wednesday Briefs: March 28, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page

Slapout: Chapter 07 by Jon Keys
Gage stumbled into the kitchen, lifted a coffee cup from the dish drainer and poured himself a cup of the strong brew he and Ben setup every night so it would be ready when they woke the next morning. The aroma of coffee curled around him as he filled his cup with the dark liquid. He mixed in the sugar and cream he liked until the drink matched the color of milk chocolate.
He lifted the cup and sipped at the steaming liquid. The heat washed down his throat and infused through him along with caffeine. Gage revealed in the sensation with his eyes half closed. He walked toward Alec with the intent of waking him for breakfast. As he reached down, he couldn’t help but see the dried remains of his orgasm.

Here Kitty Kitty: Chapter 7 by Carol Pedroso

The group spent the next week settling into a routine and trying to make plans within plans. Their first aim was to see if they could find more survivors from Kitryn’s family and friends. Simon was sure that if Kitryn had escaped then others may have done too.

Simon was surprised how easily he learned to control his feeding. He alternated feeding from Kitryn and Meg. They always made sure the kits weren’t in the room, but they didn’t hide what was happening either. The kits had already been taught the basics about the different species of paranormal,

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An Offer I Can’t Refuse: Part 5 by Michael Mandrake

Before long, the elevator had stopped on the floor of Raviele’s penthouse. The doors opened and the doorman shoved me out, then took his spot behind me.

“Move, breather,” he barked, then added a hiss.

I only nodded and continued down the long hallway. The walls were grey and there were no windows. Only plush carpet under my feet and a double door at the end with golden knockers and knobs.

Once we arrived, the doorman grabbed the knocker to signal our arrival.

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Denied: Chapter Twenty-four by Cia Nordwell

“I knew I was asking too much of you. If you’re scared, Kohen, you don’t have to help us. I know asking you to spend time with the other people we rescued and more of the crew was asking a lot. You’ve been in isolation for years. I am so sorry.”

“What?” I lifted my face from the perfect spot against his neck, shaking my head. “I don’t want to spend time with them, but I’m not scared. Not of that.”

“Then what’s wrong?” Captain’s hands stilled, but he kept them on my back. “You’re shaking.”

Heat flushed my face. 

The Fairy of Beacon Lake: Part 8 by Nephy Hart

“What’s wrong?” Owen immediately caught the change in atmosphere and frowned at the expression on his grandmother’s face.

“What did he tell you?”

“What do you mean?”

“What did he tell you of himself, of his nature?”

“Well, he told me his name. He wasn’t too happy when he thought I was mocking him.”

“Mocking him? Are you insane boy? What have I told you about names? They are even more important to fey. They are sacred, powerful. You do not mock a fey’s name – not if you value your life.”

“I wasn’t mocking his name,” Owen shot back indignantly. “I was just pointing out that it wasn’t a name I would have given to someone as pale as he is. Crows are black.”

Aggie closed her eyes and shook her head, making disapproving, sucking sounds.

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The Sheriff #56 (13.4) by Julie Lynn Hayes

This had been one hell of a night. A regular rollercoaster ride for Dustin, who’d thought he was going to lose not only his job, but Roy as well. But now not only did he have a new job, as Roy’s deputy, but he and Roy were going to live together. Just thinking about sharing a home with the older man made him happy. Roy made him happy. And he intended to make sure he treated Roy right. He’d work hard, do his share of work around the house. Maybe, with a little time, he could see about taking classes online, to go along with his new-found career.

Yes, things were definitely looking up, and Dustin couldn’t be happier.

When they reached home—Dustin kept repeating the word to himself, like a mantra, as though it made disappear if he didn’t—Roy pulled his truck into his driveway, next to the police cruiser.

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