Wednesday Briefs: January 31, 2018

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Denied: Chapter Sixteen by Cia Nordwell

“Are you sure, Cohen?” Captain stood in the corridor outside my door. I was dressed in a pair of loose pants and a short-sleeve shirt. The air outside my room was colder, so I shivered again.

“Yes.” Okay, so maybe part of the shivers were from what I was about to do. I reached for the jacket that I’d been given that would identify me as part of the maintenance crew. I could put my strength to use.

“You’ve met with Luca and Priella. You’ll be on their crew. I’ve been assured they’re both great teachers.”

I nodded. My heart 

The Faery of Beacon Lake by Nephy Hart

The hush, as complete as it had ever been, seemed to deepen further, and the hair all over Owen’s body crawled and lifted. As before, the world held its breath. Owen held his with her.

Minutes ticked by as Owen scanned the water for any sign of movement. At his back, the black mountains were a looming presence that pressed on his mind.

Was it just his straining mind or was there a faint blue glow deep in the water? Yes

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The Sheriff #48 (11.6) by Julie Lynn Hayes

The evening threatened to last forever, at least from Roy’s point of view. For the past few hours, customers had come and gone in decent, not overwhelming, numbers. From his vantage point, Roy could see them all. He had a bird’s eye view of both the front and back lots. He’d almost gone barreling into the store when he saw Jordan appear out of nowhere and swagger cockily toward the front door. He clenched his fists and forced himself to take a breath. Too soon. If he went in now, he’d most likely ruin everything. The bastard was just probably trying to rattle Dustin’s cage. If Roy found out that was the case, he’d make the little asshole pay for his behavior.

Why hadn’t he thought to get Dustin’s phone number? He could kick himself for his oversight. As soon as he could, though, he’d rectify his mistake.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 119 by Jon Keys

Danny stepped into blazing August sun with his arms filled with more of his stuff he would haul to college. His plan was to leave as soon as he finished with the final packing, but he knew the truth. If he left at all today, he would be surprised. There were too many goodbyes, and he had no intention of missing any of them.

But he’d been dreading this goodbye. It was Rob.

Danny saw his boyfriend through the ripples of heat coming from the asphalt driveway. Rob’s stance was a textbook case of dejection. With hands shoved into his jeans and a white cowboy hat setting atop his short blond hair, Danny envisioned the sky blue eyes in the shadow cast by his hat. The sleeves of his shirt was cut off at the shoulder and left his summer-bronzed skin exposed for Danny to enjoy.

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