Wednesday Briefs: June 14, 2017

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

The Sheriff #16 (5.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Dustin raised a groggy head and eyed the alarm clock on Jordan’s side of the bed through slitted eyes, then lay back down. Still early. He didn’t have to be at work for hours. He could spend more time with Jordan.  Maybe even go another round before he had to take a shower and get dressed.

Ever since they started dating, Dustin spent more nights at Jordan’s place than he did at home. Every time he talked about going back to the apartment he shared with Denver, Jordan would turn big puppy dog eyes on him, and his lower lip would quiver slightly… and then there were his hands. Jordan had the most amazing touch, and he seemed to like to touch Dustin whenever and wherever possible.

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The Secret Sanctuary: Part 9 by Johayan

As Liz walked out the door and locked up behind them, she thought to herself “Man, Pete is a total novice to dating. This could be a disaster.”

Can I get a chance to talk to him…..BINGO! I’ll just follow up with him as a post-visit courtesy call.

Liz congratulated herself on her quick thinking.

Now, where should we eat?

They got into Liz’s car and she headed off to Sabor Brasileiro, a new Brazilian restaurant that had opened across town. She hadn’t checked to see if they were open during the day …

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Double Trouble: Chapter 109 by Jon Keys
Mitch had a grin etched across his face as he maneuvered the wheelchair they rented for day’s little event. There was a part of him that planned to enjoy the argument he was going to have with Cody over today’s little outing. But Darrin was always quick to point out that Mitch enjoyed getting under people’s skin, like the world’s biggest chigger. After all the crap he dealt with over the past two weeks of being the live-in caretaker for Cody, he was looking forward to peppering the boy with some good natured ribbing.

Mine! Part Two: Chapter Twenty-three by Cia Nordwell

“What are we going to do? Just surround the territory and attack? Use whatever means necessary on the bastard to get information on where the rest of the scientists are? It had to be that guy who followed us and Trein, or they would’ve been at that hunter’s camp.” Taking out the bastard what I’d wanted to do after Trein’s man attacked me to kidnap Ritch, but my personal desires had to be pushed aside. Now that we had evidence the man was complicit, and a murderer, I had free rein to kill the fucker.

Deke rolled his eyes. “No,

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