Wednesday Briefs: May 31, 2017

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Mine! Part Two: Chapter Twenty-one by Cia Nordwell

I was right. Mom wanted that guy out of his cell and somewhere more comfortable as he healed. Deke wouldn’t let him anywhere near Kraig, and I didn’t want him anywhere near Ritch. Thankfully, Christian stepped up and offered his guest room—and a twenty-four hour guard. It was hard to think past my desire to kill Trein for his trespass against our streak.

Against all werekin.

Deke was calmer than me. He updated the alphas and the convocation was going ahead that evening as soon as everyone arrived. We’d lost the chance to interrogate the prisoners, but we knew

Disassembly Required #1 by Sarah Hayes

The drive back to town was a slow one. Fog hugged the road and clung to trees that cast monochrome silhouettes in the haze.

The machine sat in the back of the car, except it wasn’t a machine anymore, because machine suggested the possibility of functionality, and this particular bundle of metal and circuits was no longer operational by human standards.

Her assistant was slumped low in the passenger seat, staring out at the fog without a word. She hadn’t spoken since the hotel parking lot, sin tears stinging her eyes and cheeks as she shouted, “It’s all your fault, Beatriz!”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 108 by Jon Keys
The sound of a handbell ringing echoed through the entire house. What idiot gave Cody that damn bell? Mitch cracked the eggs into the hot pan, focused on getting them cooked right. Sunny-side-up eggs and whole wheat toast. That had been the request for breakfast, and that was still Mitch goal. As the last of the butter melted in the skillet, he didn’t waste any time cracking the three eggs into the skillet without a problem. But as soon as they started to sizzle, the peals filled the house again.
Mitch yelled toward the back of the house. “That damn bell isn’t going to make this go faster. It’s just going to make me burn your breakfast, and both of us end up pissed.”

Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 56 by Carol Pedroso


Silas wandered into the kitchen and froze at what he saw. Daniel was cooking dinner, okay nothing out of the ordinary there. In a shirt that obviously wasn’t his, still not unusual since they lived with Carlos and Oliver. But…were those hickeys??? And he was humming!!!

“You sound happy,” Silas snorted, causing Daniel to yelp and spin round. When Silas saw his front, he doubled over laughing.

Daniel had neglected to button the front of the shirt fully and bites covered his chest. All in the pattern of a love heart.

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Honoring Tradition by Denise Wyant

My patrol car gleamed in the morning sunlight. I’d gotten up early to wash and polish every possible surface. Today, I was the lead car in Blue Crab Cove’s annual Memorial Day parade. This was an honor I didn’t take lightly. My father had served in the Navy prior to joining the Oregon State Police. Thinking of him, I paused in mid-swipe, allowing myself a short prayer. Dad had been killed in the line of duty almost five years ago. Holidays like these were still tough for me, but I was determined to pay my respects to all who’d served. . . 

The Sheriff #14 (4.3) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Roy’s night had gone from bad to worse.

It wasn’t like he was even slightly attached to Earlene. Hell, he didn’t even really know the woman, had just exchanged a few words with her online before he found himself agreeing to meet her at Partners. He still didn’t know what got into him to do that in the first place. So why was he being so irritable every time she left their table to dance with some other guy? He had no idea. He just knew the evening had started out on a bad foot, and hadn’t gotten any better.

Note to self: Stay off the damn Internet.

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