Wednesday Briefs: March 8, 2017

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Double Trouble: Chapter 102 by Jon Keys
Danny stepped into the entryway and stopped to listen. He’d been surprised when he’d pulled into the parking in front of the house. It almost never happened that he had any privacy. He and Rob hooked up more often at his house because Rob’s older sister was away at college and both of his parents worked in town. So there was a lot less chance of someone interrupting their fun. 
But this time he had some time alone, which almost never happened. At least he thought everyone was gone. But he had no intention of doing anything without checking the house to make sure. He worked his way through the living room and kitchen. So far so good.

Mine! Part Two: Chapter Nine by Cia Nordwell

“That was as much for me as it was for you.” I wanted to smack myself the second the words left my mouth.Ritch frowned and glanced at me before focusing back on the road. “What do you mean?”How could I save this? I was tired, injured, and clearly shooting my mouth off when I should just be quiet. “My senses are sharp. I’ve spent a lot of time alone for the last few years. Whenever I’m around other people, it’s hard to relax. Deke says I’m hyper-vigilant. If you’re unable to sleep, I’m unable to sleep, especially if

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Evans Woodworking: Chapter 35 by Jim Dunaway

The next morning Chris knocked on Ethan’s door then opened it. Ethan had kicked the covers off during the night and was laying there butt naked.  “Damn it, Ethan, cover your sorry ass up!” He exclaimed.

Startled awake Ethan quickly covered himself and sat up, looking around for Ryan but there was no sign of him.

“What are you looking for?”

Ethan thought quickly. “My telecommunicator. I was supposed to go running with Jordan this morning but I overslept.” He lied.

“That’s why I came up to get you. He’s downstairs waiting on your lazy ass.”

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The Sheriff #2 by Julie Lynn Hayes

Damn, that man’s cold.

Dustin watched Roy walk away, feeling as if he’d just been dismissed. Why the attitude? He scowled. What had Lee and Marshall told the sheriff about him? Okay, maybe the relationship between the three of them had gotten a little… tricky. Didn’t mean he deserved to be dissed by one of their friends.

He’d have to ask Marshall about that next time he saw him. Couldn’t just come out and blurt out what he wanted to know. That never got you anywhere. Well, not with Marshall, anyway. And talking to Lee was out of the question.

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Buy One, Get Two and Three, Chapter 47, by Carol Pedroso


“Where do you think you’re going?”

Toby looked around to stare at Tara. “I’m going to bed. Since I can’t be with my brothers I want to take some pain pills and get some sleep.” He wasn’t really that tired but he did want to be alone for a while. Well, actually what he wanted was to be with his brothers, but Sherri had insisted that he and Daniel needed constant supervision for twenty-four hours’ minimum. Tara had then apparently said she’d watch him while Oliver took Daniel. Silas had, of course, decided to follow Daniel

The Waterlord Prequel by Ravon SIlvius

“Good job crossing, Tom.” Tom smiled at the navigator. It felt nice to have someone he knew officiating in a strange place, even if it wasn’t his favorite person in the world.

       “Yeah, not bad for freezing up. I thought you’d delay me.” Tom turned to see Nathan hopping off the bridge after him, having crossed it quickly. The navigator snorted derisively, but Nathan ignored her. “C’mon, we have a lot of exploring to do.”

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