Wednesday Briefs: September 14, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Moving Forward #52 (13.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

They took a brief nap, sleeping just long enough to feel refreshed before the mile hike back with the others. It had been an idyllic afternoon, and everyone was in good spirits and looking forward to the evening.

When they entered their cabin, Marshall and Lee found an envelope waiting for them from the ship’s first officer, who had slipped it beneath the door.

“We’re not in trouble, are we?” Marshall frowned as Lee slit the envelope,

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Buy One, Get Two and Three, Chapter 30 by Carol Pedroso


Toby looked in the mirror one more time, Silas really did know what he was talking about when it came to clothes. He thought again his upcoming lunch with Tara.

Why had he agreed to it?

She was an exotic beauty with dark skin and even darker hair and her eyes seemed that they could look right into his soul. And that was all great…But, she was a Mistress. How was he supposed to deal with her? How was he supposed to act around her?

His thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell ringing.

“I’ll get it,” called Silas.

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Mine: Chapter Eighteen by Cia Nordwell

“That’s impossible.” I gaped at him.

“Like having two werekin souls? Or a human werekin becoming a bonded werekin? We’re dealing with something no one has ever seen before.” Uncle Radford held up the papers. “This is science. Traditionalists are going to be screaming about desecration of souls and you know they’re going to want to kill Kraig.”

I growled, the muscles in my neck and shoulders bunching as I stared him down. “Let them try it,” I said through clenched teeth.

Uncle Radford backed up a step. “Hey, not me. I’m a man of science, remember? But this?” He

Demon: Chapter Thirty One by Nephy Hart 

It hurts to stand and to breathe, but not as much as it hurts that I was too weak to prevent what happened to Tian. Father rages at Lord Trevithick and he rages back. The things he says disgust me.

“Stop.” The sound of my voice surprises me. It is louder and braver than I feel. “You laid hands not only on me but my prince also. Do not forget you are on his lands now. You have no authority here. Father, arrest him and hold him pending investigation. It is the least you can do given his assault on your son, and the possible damage what he has done to Tian might have on our mission here.”

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Double Trouble: Chapter 85 by Jon Keys

Mitch woke to a snort that seemed to be next to his ear, but in reality was probably across the camp from the tent where he and Darrin were sleeping. He lay frozen in place and waited for the sound to come again. His eyelids felt like each one was trying to hold up a five pound weight. He faded into sleep and then heard it again. This time he had no doubt. It sounded close, and huge.

It had to be a bear.

Mitch pulled away from the paper thin walls of the tent and reached over to gently shake Darrin.

“Huh… what… what’s up?”

“Keep it down!” Mitch hissed. “Do you hear that?”

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 Resolution part 4 by Ravon Silvius

Something ringed in his dreams, and he opened his eyes.

 A strip of moonlight shone across his bed, as bright as the snow outside. Lysand sat up, a twinge in his lower back slowing his movements. Where was he? This wasn’t his home.

 No. It was. His home, with his mother sleeping in the next room. His old toolkit still lay on his desk, covered in dust.

 He put his hand to his side, where the pain had been. No wound. Had it been a dream?

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