Wednesday Briefs: August 31, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Moving Forward #50 (12.2) by Julie Lynn Hayes

At first the six men swam together, laughing and enjoying the beautiful clear blue water. They’d brought a Frisbie which they tossed about and tried to catch. But gradually each couple’s attention turned  more toward each other, and touches became more intimate, kisses longer. Everyone returned to the beach to dry off. Denver and Dustin announced their intentions of exploring the next beach over—Honeymoon Beach it was called—and said they’d be sure to be gone for at least an hour. Maybe two.

Marshall and Lee found a shady niche to themselves beneath a small cluster of palm trees while Roger and Kenny made themselves scarce just around a slight bend. Now they were alone, for all intents and purposes, beneath a gorgeous tropical sky.

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Thirteen Black Cats: Chapter 9  by Louise Lyons

Jackson huffed and made a face, but for once he didn’t seem able to think of a response. Turning, he pushed past Paul and went to sit at the front of the bus.

Paul leaned down toward me. “What the fuck?”

“Eloquent as usual.” Billy grinned at him. “It’s an act, obviously. It’ll keep him off our backs.”

“Okay.” Paul shrugged, not looking convinced. “Better let the others know, so they don’t look surprised if he mentions it.” He left us and went to sit down.

Billy slouched in his seat, still grinning. I fidgeted with discomfort, my lips still

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Double Trouble: Chapter 83 by Jon Keys

Mitch gritted his teeth against the sound of Matt and Tony fucking— again. After two days Matt’s squeals were getting old. And talk about a buzz kill for he and Darrin. The pair sounded like cheap porn. If Mitch heard ‘oh, baby. Pound my tight ass’ once more he would lose his shit.
“We were probably just as bad in our younger years.”
Mitch spun, stabbing the air with a finger as he argued his point. “No, there’s no way. Neither of us would have said that. They don’t sound hot, they sound stupid.”

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Mine: Chapter Sixteen by Cia Nordwell

“He’s definitely out, but that’s all I can tell you. His pulse and breathing are fast, but steady. What was wrong with him?”

“It was like he went feral. He didn’t seem to recognize any of us, not even me. Could it be something they did to him?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. Was he cognizant before this? Knew where he was? Who he was? Who you are?”

I nodded. “Yes. Weak, malnourished, exhausted and sleeping a lot, but he was still ‘Kraig’. We’ve been together since I found and blooded him, but I was doing rounds and he went to

Buy One, Get Two and Three, Chapter 29, by Carol Pedroso


“So, the boys told you their story? I’m glad you and Oliver gained their trust. They need more friends. Or maybe more?”

Carlos smiled into his beer. “It was hard to hear what they went through and probably ten times harder for them to tell us. But, I think it will help a lot going forward.

“Also, I think we should partner Toby up with someone. He’s left to his own devices a lot at the club and that leaves him vulnerable, you never know what may happen. I know he thinks he can look after himself

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