Wednesday Briefs: July 6, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 23 by Carol Pedroso


Daniel walked into the club and sighed as he looked around for his master. He wasn’t sure what to expect and that put him on edge. The last few days had been very tense at home. Silas had been stuck in the middle of the Daniel and Toby, who weren’t talking to each other.

Silas had finally had enough earlier in the day when Daniel had asked Silas, to ask Toby, to please pass the salt at dinner. Okay, so maybe he was being a drama queen, but really, did Silas have to point it out so loudly?

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Double Trouble: Chapter 77 by Jon Keys
Danny frowned at the skinny pale leg the cast had been taken off. “The damn thing has about as much color as a grub worm,” Danny said.
Trent glanced over and grinned. “It’s not that bad. You’ll have it tanned and toned in no time. You’re lucky you can walk without a limp, or even walk at all.”
Danny scowled at Trent but decided it wasn’t the best time to argue with one of his parents. He dug through his dresser and retrieved a pair of bright aqua boxer briefs and a tee. Trent was still leaning against the door frame  and smiling.
“What? I didn’t do anything.”
“Clean underwear. Jamie must be coming over.”

Moving Forward #42 (10.1) by Julie Lynn Hayes

While Marshall thought the house tour was pretty interesting, it was the exploration of Blackbeard’s castle that was the highlight of their trip. Originally, Skytsbord Tower had been a Danish military tower in the 17th century.  Blackbeard had used it to keep an eye out for authorities who might try to sneak up on him and his crew and capture them, as well as other pirates who wanted to steal the treasure he’d worked to amass. Denver had joined them—there was no sign of Dustin, and no one brought his name up. The three of them stood at the top of the tower, enjoying the spectacular view of the harbor and all the vessels anchored there.  Marshall imagined what it must have been like to be a pirate back in the day—traveling around the world, seeing what there was to see, matching wits with the navy, free to do as he pleased. Sounded like a great life to him. He’d read somewhere that the pirates were more understanding of men who enjoyed the company of other men—long sea voyages far from the company of women made for interesting bedfellows, and sexuality became as much a matter of convenience as anything.

What happened on the ship stayed on the ship. Nobody needed to know. Briefs

Thirteen Black Cats: Chapter 6 by Louise Lyons

I scrubbed myself under a blast of cold water, hoping to banish my excitement. It worked in much as I emerged from the bathroom ten minutes later with my dick frozen and shriveled, but the minute I lay down again, all I could see was Billy on the other bed just feet away, a few inches of belly visible between the top of his boxer shorts and the ridden-up T-shirt.

I dived beneath the covers, faking a yawn, which Billy copied. He switched off the TV and went to brush his teeth, then got into bed. “Night,” he mumbled

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Just Fall  by Nephy Hart

What good is flight when there is no from or to; when the ‘from’ is gone and the ‘to’ far too far? Better, perhaps, simply to stay. But what if there is nowhere to stay?

Weary. So weary. Weary of flying and weary of staying. Perhaps, then, better to fall. No! Better to fly; to fly until there is no more flying in me, and then–– Darkness awaits wherever, but I am not one to submit. That’s my curse.

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Mine: Chapter Eight by Cia Nordwell 

“Come on, Kraig. It’s me, Deke. You know me. You blooded me just a few hours ago, remember? Listen to my voice. Feel me. All you have to do is take my hand. That’s it. I’ll help you with the rest.” I stuck my arm under the bed and then pulled back when Kraig hissed.

Okay. He wasn’t ready yet. “Do you remember that time when we were about ten? Well, Park and I were ten. You were still single digits and tiny as can be. Park and I were playing keep away, and you got so mad. That throw

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