Wednesday Briefs: April 20, 2016

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Demon: Chapter Twenty Two by Nephy Hart

As the door closes on Tian, I turn on Jandra.

“What’s going on?”

Jandra smirks and I hate her. The only thing that stops me slapping it from her face is the knowledge that she is stronger than I, and would overcome me easily.

“Sit down dear. Would you like to play chess? That always calm you.”

“I don’t want to calm, Mother. I’m sick of being kept in the dark all the time. No one ever tells me anything.”

“Stop being such a child, Castien. No one’s interested in your tantrums.”

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Not For Me: Chapter 5 by Louise Lyons

I saw Ian much sooner than I expected.

The next day Alex called me just before noon to ask me to go to brunch. We usually went to an American-style diner for a feast after a party night, and that day was no exception. I wasn’t really in the mood, but I agreed anyway. For once it was only Alex and me, and he regaled me with what had happened at the party after I left: people getting it on, throwing up, fighting. I was glad I’d left when I had.

We ate the usual enormous platefuls of food,

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To Be Determined: Part 18 by Johayan

Shawn was scheduled to be in surgery for several hours and other than the hourly status updates, there wasn’t a reason for them to stay at the hospital.  Caleb and Bryan were both exhausted both physically and mentally.

After asking the information desk, they found there was a decent hotel just down the street. They gathered up their jackets and headed back out to the truck which seemed so much more inviting now that they weren’t battling a blizzard to try and save Shawn’s life.

They looked down the street and saw the hotel

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Double Trouble: Chapter 70 by Jon Keys
Danny wasn’t thrilled about his job for today, which consisted of repairing fence damaged during the winter. The horses in particular would rub and push against them until there isn’t much left standing. High school was on summer recess and his dads’ made it clear Danny wasn’t going to sleep all day and play video games all night.
Moral to the story? Danny had been up for hours. He’d eaten breakfast, and been told what fence to fix. And now Danny was scowling at that very fence. At least a quarter of the posts were rotting and needed replacement. They hadn’t even gave him the pickup to use. Just because one time he drove off to see Troy. It wasn’t that big of a deal, he only lived a few miles away.

Moving Forward #31 (7.5) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Come on, let’s go inside,” Lee suggested.  They left the door slightly open, to admit the occasional warm breeze.

As they approached the bed, Lee untied the simple knot which held the fluffy white towel about Marshall’s hips, letting it fall to the ground. Lee’s appreciative gaze raked up and down Marshall’s body.

“You look good enough to eat,” he drawled.

“Thought we were having a snack?” Marshall arched a brow in curiosity.

“I guess technically I’m the one having the snack,” Lee admitted.

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Innocence & Carnality: Part 41 by Mann Ramblings

“Nathan, we’re here.”

I opened my eyes a sliver to the gruff voice. Delaga House approached through the window. The late carriage ride had lulled me into a much needed sleep and I relished the warm, comfortable cushion beneath me. Firm with just the right yield, it was perfect. When the cushion inhaled and exhaled, I startled myself wide awake.

Blythe snickered at me as I sat up straight, trying to banish the sudden awkwardness. “Sleep well, princess?” He returned his arm to his side from its position from around my shoulder.

Lovely. As if Rother needed fresh fuel for his jealousy.

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No Flash: Chapter Twenty-six by Cia Nordwell 

Ben glanced over at Evin. He had both hands clenched in this lap and was staring straight forward. It wasn’t hard to see how uncomfortable Evin felt, but he was there. Ben reached over and put his hand on Evin’s thigh, just resting it there.

 “Did you enjoy dinner?”

 “It was good.” 

 He’d caught glimpses of that sparkle in Evin’s eyes coming back during, muted but not gone. He’d made so much progress opening up to Ben. It gave him hope that things could go back to normal, better even.
But now he felt guilty. He’d ambushed Evin with this

Death Dance by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

They danced beautifully. Their legs arching into the air, their bodies curving into unthinkable shapes, creating a sparkle of color and magic with their outfits.

He held his breath. The lighting on the stage changed. The music became soulful, a sad melody that brought tears to the eyes. He gripped the arm of his chair. His breath sounded loud in his ears even if he knew that it wasn’t and that nobody cared. His heart thrummed in his chest. His cock twitched as she appeared. Yes. She ran, no, glided onto the stage. Her movements were perfect, precise, rehearsed a thousand times over the course of months.

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Buy One, Get Two and Three: Chapter 14 By Carol Pedroso

The next night Daniel was trying to remember every coping technique his last therapist had taught him. Yes, he liked to serve people. But, not twenty at a time all clamoring for his attention. Asking for drinks he’d never heard of and complaining when he took too long.

He could feel Carlos watching him and he was determined to not show any weakness, he didn’t want to disappoint his new temporary master.

“Boy, hurry up”

“We’ve been waiting ages down here.…”

“Move your ass you useless….”

At the last comment Daniel heard a growl and flinched



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