Wednesday Briefs: September 23, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

To Be Determined: Part 3 by Johayan

I ducked into the bedroom and got dressed, pausing long enough to find out that I should were something nice but casual. I came out wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a striped polo shirt.

Rowdy looked up from the coffee table book he was flipping through and smiled.

“You look far more handsome dressed like that than you do dressed for that office job of yours.”

I blushed and turned away, muttering something about lies and needing glasses.

“Well Mr Modest, shall we get going on this adventure of ours? I’ll drive.”

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Fortitude: Part Forty-eight by Cia Nordwell 

Nothing was ever simple. We got out of my house—I didn’t even feel the need to look back. My family could reap what they’d sowed if the king came after them. I felt no sympathy for people who could sell their own son.

 But we’d only gone a few streets before guards began stomping down the main thoroughfare. I pulled Teddy with me into an alley as six passed us, their boots thudding against the cobbles. When it fell quiet, I slowly peeked my head around the corner of the building.

They’d left a guard at the four-way guidepost.

Rose and Thorne #4 (1.4) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Vinnie, maybe you should let me—”

Let him nothing. My gun, my problem. I shook my head. My eyes on the prize, I slowly and deliberately inched my hand toward my weapon. The dog not only didn’t try to stop me, he seemed to have lost interest in both of us, darting away just as I wrapped my hand securely about the stock. Ah, the sweet smell of success.

Well, that was easier than I expected—

Hey, what the hell? Did that mangy mutt just grab my purse and run off with it?

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Demon: Chapter 13 by Nephy Hart

The cat scratches my hand, and I draw it back, watching a bright bead of blood well and fall, as I waited for my father’s answer.

“A difference? Yes, it makes a difference. In some ways we a progressive kingdom. In others, sadly not so. If you had claimed my daughter we could have used the union to promote harmony and co operation. My people, however, will not accept a union between yourself and my son.”

Was there a hint of sadness in his voice? Or is that just wishful thinking? Was I mistaking disgust for sadness? Or disappointment?

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Let Me In, Chapter 26, By Carol Pedroso

“Can I ask you something?” Louis asked.

Cade frowned at the nervous tone of the question. “You can always ask me anything, love.”

Louis refused to meet his eyes and Cade started to worry.

“Well, um, whenareyougoingtobiteme?”

Cade’s frown deepened, it took him a few moments to separate the words and work out what Louis was saying.

“Where did you hear about biting?” he asked cautiously.

“The healers have access to the city university libraries. I looked up shifter mating in my break my first day here.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 47 by Jon Keys
Darrin was startled when Mitch exploded out their back door yelling.
“Darrin! Darrin! Where the hell are you?”
He leaned against the hoe he had been using and then answered. “I’m here. Calm down.”
He raced toward Darrin, who still wasn’t certain if this was good news or not. He skidded to a stop waving his phone in front of them.
“It was Jim. They found him. In Lawton. They found him.”
Darrin let his excitement build a little, but refused more than that until he knew more. “Who? Who’d they find?”
“Ben’s father. They found him in Lawton.”
“Are they sure?


Innocence & Carnality: Part 11 by Mann Ramblings

I welcomed Rother’s decision to stop for lunch. Strung tight as a clock spring, I’d barely eaten in the last two days. My appetite couldn’t hold out much longer.

The cafe was charming if not the most meticulous. The decor was dark and sumptuous yet strangely lived in. All the wrought iron and stone sported flaws softened by lush fabrics. It lacked the grandeur I was accustomed—it was hardly a luncheon at high court—but Rother sat back in total comfort. While he had chosen a private table for two, I found it disconcerting with Blythe and Harston at a separate table in the main dining room, eating with all of us.

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The Adored One: Chapter 8 by Kazy Reed


“Hell yeah. It’s Friday. We’ll go later. The clubs don’t really start to pick up until after ten.”

Astonishment nearly bowled me over. I hadn’t thought Max would be the excitable club-kid into which he had just transformed. It made a difference, though. The severe frown that he displayed at school was gone, replaced by a bright-eyed smile.

His raw enthusiasm brought me out of my funk and I spoke before I thought. “Sounds great.”

Max clapped and did a little dance of victory.

 Stormlords by Ravon Silvius
The sun moved high overhead, and the warmth increased then leveled off as the shadow of the tree Rowen sat under lengthened. He fell into a half doze for most of the day. Even if he intended to disobey Kristoff and explore the area, he would not have had enough energy.


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