Wednesday Briefs: March 18, 2015

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

At Full Speed #9 by Chris T. Kat

They ate breakfast in companionable silence. Jake leaned back in the booth, patting his stomach after finishing his meal. “That was really good.”

Bruce’s eyes crinkled. “It looked like you were enjoying yourself. I’m glad you liked breakfast.”

“I’m stuffed.” Jake grinned. When the waitress came by to collect their plates, she topped off their coffees. Jake’s good mood deflated as he considered what he’d promised Bruce earlier. How could he have been so foolish to say he’d talk about what happened— andthe reason why he was so skittish around Bruce—without the aid of alcohol?

“Hey Jake, breathe, okay?”

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A Shaman’s Gift : Part 13 by Johayan

Even by Talijali standards, the reception was an extravagant affair with
a bountiful harvest of its own combined with the fruits of the Pamnyki
harvest meant being able to outdo even their own expectations.  The
kitchen staff had been working for days to make sure everything was in
readiness for the reception.  With a menu that consisted of the freshest
fruits from around the region rushed in on horseback that morning,
followed by a cold potato soup with minced plot bunny.  Plot bunny!
Kevyl thought to himself. I’ve only heard rumours of plot bunny.

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Fortitude: Part Twenty-two by Cia Nordwell


“Schvesla’s dead.” The sneer I couldn’t see was readily apparent in my assailant’s voice. I tried to calmly assess the situation; everything from the tension in his body and the minute tremors in the knife to the harsh snarl of his voice was a clue as to how much danger I was in.

How much danger Teddy was in?

 Was he alone? I didn’t think so.

“We found a note,” Teddy blurted out. “At the scrap yard. It told us to come here.”

“Some scrap of paper lasted a hundred years at the scrap yard?”

 The man’s condescension affected Teddy

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Don’t Look Back #38 (7.5) by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Knock, knock, anybody home?” Roy’s voice came to them from the front door. Marshall knew the sheriff wouldn’t wait, but would let himself in. The shout out was just a courtesy to him and Lee.

“Come on in!” Lee hollered back.

“I’ll get those beers now,” Marshall offered, as he slid out of Lee’s arms. No need to ask if Roy wanted one; that was a given. Lee held him close, not releasing him quite yet.

“We can talk more later, if you like?” He gave Marshall a significant look that Marshall understood immediately. They were shelving the subject for now, but it wasn’t off-limits. Nothing between them was.

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Love Across Time: Chapter 41 by Jim Dunaway

The Chief Magistrate stood. “This tribunal has made their decision regarding the crime of causing a temporal paradox. The death sentence is hereby” Everyone held their breath waiting to hear the verdict. Ryan looked terrified.

“invoked. This sentence is to be carried out immediately.” There was a huge uproar. Everyone was on their feet yelling. Ryan fell to his knees, crying. He understood the ruling. His major heartache was that he would not be able to say goodbye to Ethan. When he realized this, he broke out in huge sobs that shook his entire body. Adrienne, Anne, Liam, Larry and Colin immediately surrounded him and whispered how much they loved him.

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Dragon Heartbreak by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Andros tilted his head and stared into the distance. He was quiet for a few minutes, observing the sky and the gathering clouds. Amaia took the chance to observe him. He was unlike any man she´d ever met. His eyes were green flecked with yellow and curtained by dark lashes. His nose was bumpy, a bit big and not particularly beautiful, yet, it suited his face like the last piece of a puzzle. His square jaw was dusted by a dark beard, the thin line of a scar still visible near his chin. She swept her gaze downwards. His neck was corded, his arms bulging with muscle.

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Let Me In: Chapter 10 by Carol Pedroso

Cade led Louis toward his room when they had finally managed to escape from Jaydon and Craig.

Will you stay with me? I really want to sleep holding.” Cade whispered in Louis’ mind.

Louis looked at him as though he was looking into Cade’s soul, after what seemed like an eternity, Louis nodded.

Cade let out a yell and grabbing a smiling Louis he swung him in a circle.

When he set him down he took Louis’ mouth in a fierce kiss that left both of them panting for breath when it finished.

“I want you with me always,” Cade sent.

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Rattletrap #36 by Tali Spencer


Jedd didn’t look away from Ussim’s wide, space-black eyes. So much darkness… yet he had Ussim captivated. That much he could see. Slivery glints of implanted tech moved just behind wet curves of lenses in which Jedd saw himself as tiny, reflected. Captive and yet not so. He was the one straddling the alien commander’s cool violet-skinned thighs, holding down that long, lithe body.

 He could study him better this way.

 He continued to stroke Ussim’s hard cock, slicking that ridged length and getting harder himself as he anticipated feeling it inside him. That same anticipation could be what was making Ussim breathe harder.

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Double Trouble: Chapter 31 by Jon Keys
Trent lay in the dark room, staring at the ceiling. He thought Josh was awake too, but neither of them had much to say to each other in the last day. Their time since Danny was taken had been miserable.
It wasn’t as if people hadn’t done what they were supposed to do. The Amber Alert had went out. The right people notified. No matter how much they did, it wasn’t enough. Nothing would be enough until their child was returned. If he knew what to do, he’d be out searching. But Sheriff White Cloud was not subtle about telling he and Josh that they needed to get some rest before they both collapsed.

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