Wednesday Briefs: September 24, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Hope: Chapter 44 by Chris T. Kat

I woke to Shane’s lips ghosting along my neck, while his erection nestled in my crease. My own erection sprang to life, and I moaned when Silvion shifted in the bed, his large cock pushing in my belly.

Are you finally awake?” Silvion murmured.

Told you we should’ve been more forceful,” Shane said before I had a chance to open my mouth. He nipped at the junction of throat and shoulder and I gasped, allowing my head to fall back and give him better access.

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The Hollow: Soul Seeker by JC Wallace

Levi shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “I don’t understand what you’re getting at?”

“You will. I just need you to listen. Misunderstandings comes when people close themselves off to something new. Can you open yourself up to what I’m going to tell you?”

The intensity of her words, her sharp stare, cut right through Levi. His chest tightened slightly. Breathe.Levi would agree to understand anything if it brought Dr. Winston closer to the point of this bizarre reunion.

Good,” Dr. Winston said and clapped her hands together, clanging the metal bangles around her wrists.”

Love Across Time: Chapter 26 by Jim Dunaway

Before Ryan reached Duncan, he pulled out a stunner and aimed it at Ryan. “I don’t want to use this, but I will if you force me to.” Ryan stopped short of Duncan. Duncan continued, “Have you lost your mind? You’ve broken so many temporal laws I don’t even know where to start to figure out how to defend you once this gets to the Tribunal. What the fuck is going on in your head?”

“The same thing that’s going through your head, trying to figure out what’s happening,” Ryan retorted angrily.

“You used your access code to override the security lockouts and make an unauthorized trip back in time.”

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Lost Inside: Chapter 40 by Cia Nordwell

“Why aren’t you helping the others?” Yuri snuggled against his mate. They’d spent two days holed up in their apartment. He’d spent a lot of time on his phone, though.

“They don’t need me right now. You do.” Benny ran his fingers through Yuri’s hair. It felt good when he tugged lightly on the ends.

“That’s not being a good alpha.” Sheshtun had run their Clan like his personal fiefdom, but Yuri had seen how it should be done. Velaku was nice, and all the Falcon Clan loved him. He was clearly in charge, though, and ‘all about business’ he said.


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Buried Treasure: Part 11By Carol Pedroso

Cade started laughing, “Oh, you should see your faces. Come-on Jaydon, everyone at the office has noticed your reaction every time Craig’s name is mentioned. And as for you, Craig, it was obvious as we grew up that you idolized Jaydon. I’m just surprised you two took this long to get together. I knew Jaydon was a bit slow but I expected better of you Craig.”

“Please make him do something stupid,” Craig begged in my mind.

I chuckled silently “Are you out of your mind, that would be an abuse of my abilities.”

“Oh come on, you know you want to

Warren in the Woods by Taylin Clavelli

Warren had never been out on his horse at night. Only the moon lit his trail as his black stallion gingerly put one hoof before the other. “It’s okay boy.” Warren soothed, stroking the silken neck.

He had an idea of the direction he was going – basically up, through trees. Wind fluttered the leaves and branches creaked. He heard a cheer in the distance and rode towards it. A patch of mist marred his path, and a twig hit Warren’s face, but he kept going. Argo stopped fretting and suddenly seemed to know where he was going. He puffed in excitement and upped his pace. It was all Warren could do to hang on

Double Trouble: Chapter 14 by Jon Keys

Trent stood in the lacy pattern of locust branches while the twins zoomed by on their new bikes. Between Sammy’s squeals and Danny’s motor noises it was obvious they were having fun. 
“Hey, Danny. Get that helmet on right. You know the rules,” Trent said.
“Hard ass,” Mitch said in a low voice.
“Damn straight. I had a good teachers.”
“Yeah, like you ever listened.”
“Oh, I listened. I just didn’t want you to know I was paying attention.”

Hand of Fate: Chapter 5 by Elyzabeth M. VaLey
Have you lost your mind? That is what Jonlakar wanted to scream when his Lord asked him to touch the Kamaira. No one ever asked that. It was out of the question. Out of the equation. Out of this world. He stared at Ilvaneath, his Ilaildar Lord.

Silver eyes glinted knowingly. Lips curled into a tiny smile. Damnation. Jonlakar swallowed drily.

 “My Lord.”

 “Touch her, Uraima.”

 He nodded. When Ilvanaeth used that tone of voice it was impossible to contradict him. Only another Ilaildar would be immune to the voice of darkness and light. He walked in slow measured steps to the woman named Mayra.

Don’t Look Back #15 (3.5) by Julie Lynn Hayes

Lee rolled Marshall so they were face to face. Marshall’s breath quickened at the sight of Lee’s hard body poised above him. Although Lee presented a tough façade to the world, Marshall could read him like a book. His own personal, private edition.

He could read the emotions that flashed through Lee’s eyes, mirrors to his soul, and he loved them all. But most of all, he loved how Lee loved him.

A slow, lazy smile spread across Lee’s face. Marshall’s heart lurched at the sight. Lee reached between them, his fingers circling Marshall’s length, pressing his palm against Marshall’s flesh. “Don’t come until I tell you,” he warned.

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Tide Pull by Shelly Schulz

The siren call of the sea, with its rolling rhythm and whispered melody that matched the song in her soul lured her out further. Each step taking her further into the crystalline waters, until just the tips of her toes brushed the silky sand–one step further and she was treading water. Her heavy gear lay on the beach, unguarded, but this place was peaceful enough that she didn’t bother to ward it.

Aggie inhaled, letting go of her worry. Weightless, she sank, fingers clamping her nose closed. Instinct soon took over and she kicked upward, breaking the water’s surface.

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To Touch the Sky: #9 by M.A. Church

Over the next few weeks, Simon stopped by the bar. Sometimes Hawk was there, and other times he wasn’t. They exchanged a few words, but nothing major. Another week passed, and the weekend arrived. He was back, but this time he and Chip planned to meet there, in case one of them wanted to leave early. Chip was late, and he was starting to worry. Finally he called. Just as he was getting ready to hang up, Chip picked up.

“Hey, Simon.”

“Where are you at, Chip? You’re late.”

“Tonight’s not good. I think I’m just going to hang out here.”

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Sunrise  by Victoria Adams
A crack of thunder followed by a pounding of rain on the window, made Sian jump. “Wow. This sounds like it’s going to be a vicious storm.”
J’dol released his clenched fists. “I feel much safer inside. I do not think the power that brought me here can reach me in a building.”
Sian placed her hand on his cheek. “I hope not. I’d like you to stay.”

For a brief moment, happiness filled J’dol. He pulled her closer, wrapped her in his arms and settled back on the couch. “I, also, want to stay here. Your time confuses me, but being with you–”

Flood 3 by Matthias Williamson

The deep chuckle was near my ear, “yes… but you couldn’t get here otherwise.” His lips grazed the edge of my ear, and I could feel my skin and body react in a way I hadn’t in a long time.

Rolling over so I could stare into those eyes. I saw the grin on his face and felt his hand land in my crotch.  “Just like your cousin Jeb, you’ll fit fine with him.” 

“What if I don’t want to fit in fine, where’d you bring me?”

“I brought you home, Eoghan.”  I’d never heard anyone say my name that way, it rolled off his tongue like fabric being pulled off the cylinder.

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Rattletrap #15 by Tali Spencer

Ussim inhaled water-laced air and surveyed the makeshift hydration tank. He’d considered building a second unit but filling this one had depleted the ship’s available stores of oxygen. He didn’t fully trust the Batu’s primitive nucleosynthesis units to replenish their supply.

“Go,” he said to Furret. “Enjoy.”

They were alone in the environment and Furret needed the tank more than he did. Ussim could have joined him—the tub was large enough—but he preferred to watch as his toru divested of his battle armor and lightweight thermasilk, then heaved his large body into the tub. 

Aesthetics of Invention: Part 10 by Ravon Silvius

“Forget it, Kenneth,” Thorn whispered. “He’s just angry at…” he almost said “magi,” but didn’t. Kenneth knew anyway. It had been a mistake to come here. He should have had Kenneth at least wear talentless clothes.

 “C’mon,” George taunted. “Why would a mage come here other than to show us talentless how dueling is done?” George’s opponent unclipped the wire that connected him to the battery. They were truly preparing.

 “Kenneth, don’t—“

 “I’d be glad to try,” Kenneth said, taking a step forward. “I’m curious as to what these duels are like.”

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 A Change of Scenery: Part 11 by Johayan

After a few days of getting to know his family, Pahana was restless to get back to the city. He felt the family bond with these people but this place was not his home.

While Pahana was saying goodbye to his newfound family, Symon had loaded up the car with their luggage and a filled the backseat with gifts from his family.  As they got into the car, Pahana let out a huge sigh.

“I did what I came to do.” Pahana said heavily, “Let’s get back to Santa Fe and fly home.”

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Cyan: Chapter 19 by Nephylim

Carried away by the euphoria of the film, Cyan chattered constantly as they made their way out of the cinema. Robin didn’t even realize he was holding Cyan’s hand until someone banged against his shoulder almost knocking him over.


“What?” Robin turned to see the group of boys leering at him. One of them spat on the floor. He was so shocked he hadn’t even let go of Cyan’s hand. When he realised what had happened, he dropped it like it burned. In a way it did. It burned his mind.

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 Noah’s New Plan: Chapter 36 by Rob Colton

When he heard the front door open and close, Eli pocketed his phone and met Noah in the living room.

Thank God.

He’d spent the last two hours checking his phone continuously, waiting for a text or call from Noah. He expected Noah to be agitated when he walked in; he usually was after an encounter with his ex. But Noah appeared to be quite calm.

“Everything okay?”

Noah nodded.

Knowing how much he craved physical contact, Eli took his man into his arms and pulled him in tight. With a soft sigh, Noah melted into Eli’s chest. They stayed that way for a few silent moments, basking in the warmth of the embrace.

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