Wednesday Briefs: June 18, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Love Across Time chapter 12; by Jim Dunaway;

Doctor Thomas’s brows furrowed as he examined Ethan’s chart. “Michelle,” he said to the attending ICU nurse, “why aren’t there any recent notations of seizures from Ethan Evans.”

The nurse took the chart from the doctor and examined it carefully. “It would appear that they have stopped. I personally haven’t seen any kind of seizure activity.” She sat at one of the computers and typed in a few commands. “The EEG log shows no seizure activity of any kind for the last two days. Wait a minute…” She glanced at the chart again.

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Jordan’s Second Chance 3.2 by TC Collins
            Wynter blinked, uncertain if he’d heard correctly. “What do you mean, you killed her?” Jordan did not seem the murdering type.
            Jordan sighed, leaning against the porch railing. He stared across the expanse of the backyard, silent. Finally, he shook his head and turned to face Wynter. “A few weeks before Lucas was born, his mother wanted to visit the cabin in the mountains that her family has owned for generations. It was their tradition to hire a midwife and have the baby there.”
            Jordan fell silent once again. Wynter reached over and entwined their fingers together. “Go on,” he urged softly.

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The Hollow: Soul Seekers by JC Wallace

I-I mean…” The words stumbled out of Noah’s mouth and he drew in a deep breath. “What I meantto say is that I’ll go into the other room while you change so you don’t have to walk all the way over there.” Again, the nervous smile. What the hell was that? Noah was one of those confident guys Levi had always envied. A guy that wasn’t bothered by anything.

Levi’s stomach did a flip. Warily, Levi regarded Noah’s words and body language since he’d arrived at the cabin. Noah had been sending up flags that most gay guys would call gaydar. Levi didn’t believe in gaydar. He considered it a dangerous mistake to assume someone gay. What Levi did know was when macho jock types were sending signals.


Hope – Chapter 35: by Chris T. Kat

Shane didn’t answer. He clamped a hand around my biceps and ran toward the remains of a wall, yanking me with him. I skidded on the scales-littered ground, cringing at the sound of splintering under my feet.

Shane slid around the corner of the desolate wall, darted his gaze around in what at one point surely had been a room, and pushed me ahead. I stumbled and protested, “Shane, I—”

There was a sharp sting on my rear end and Shane hollered, “Move!”

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Double Trouble – Chapter 2: by Jon Keys

Mitch paced the ER. He’d brought Danny as soon as he could get both kids into the pickup. They’d already X-rayed him to check for broken bones. Sammy was getting impatient and so was Mitch.
They’d been sitting in the room for what seemed like hours to Mitch, and now they had Danny in X-ray to make certain everything was okay. The doctor didn’t seem to be worried, but anytime you step foot in the ER, Mitch knew they were going to check everything in an effort to cover their butts. He could hear Danny arguing with the technician. There was sure no question who was Danny’s dad. Trent had to be the stubbornest person he’d ever met, and the fact that he was rubbing off on Josh didn’t make it better. Those two didn’t seem to think Mitch had a lick of common sense when it came to their kids.

Cyan: by Nephylim

When Cyan had gone, I drifted back to class, feeling far more upset than the situation warranted. The headmaster had been less than forthcoming with what the hell was going on, and Cyan wasn’t up to talking about it either. Whatever happened had clearly happened before, because Cyan’s mother obviously had the feathers and material ready. What the hell was with that?

I found Aivah in the common room and plonked down on the seat next to her, with my feet up on the edge of the table.

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Don’t Look Back: Chapter One by Julie Lynn Hayes

“Stop running and face me, boy.”

The words sent chills skittering along Marshall’s spine. He was torn between the desire to obey and the need to provoke punishment. Giving in and turning was his first instinct, but the idea of being stretched out across the other man’s lap, his ass exposed, bared to receive those glorious swipes of his firm hand was too strong to ignore.

On the other hand, he sure as hell wasn’t going to make it easy on him, either.

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Radio Static by Shelly Schulz

“I don’t know what Cade is talking about, I do bite, and I would bite you.” Susan grinned wickedly at him. The expression fell and she groaned, pressing the heels of her hands against her eyes. “I can’t believe I said that out loud.”

“To be completely honest the safer bet is probably the hospital food. I can’t even name the places I’ve been, so you certainly don’t want to put any part of me in your mouth.”

“You’re a bad, bad man.” Susan muttered lowering her hands. “You’re going to give this sixteen year old a heart attack.”

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Lost Inside – Chapter 26: by Cia Nordwell: 

Yuri fumbled with the little metal keys. His mate vibrated with tension. “What? What is it?” he asked quietly.

“I thought we’d be safe here.”

The disappearance of two of the Falcons left them with only two guards. “Get in the truck, Yuri, and stay there.”

Yuri took a deep breath, ready to argue. He wrinkled up his nose. “What is that… ?” He took another breath. “I know that….”

Four Tigers spread out on the sidewalk between them and the truck. “Time to go home,” one said.

His name was on the tip of Yuri’s tongue, but he just

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A Change in Scenery #2 (NSFW) by Johayan

Jaysin woke up and stared at the ceiling.  He’d had no luck the night before and had spent more on drinks and bar covers than he planned. Looking around his studio apartment and over at his altar, he felt a sudden rush of energy,  Within a half hour, the studio apartment was spotless.  The energy wouldn’t let go of him, he could feel it coursing through him as if he was drunk from it.

The altar was bothering him.  He looked at it and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it.  He rearranged it over and over but couldn’t figure it out.  It had gone from being bothersome to becoming an obsession.

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Bad Blood, Chapter 2 by Avery Dawes

Victor paced the confines of his small cell. The Paranormal Police Force had quickly discovered they couldn’t house vampires in human jails without retrofitting them for beings that had superior strength and senses. Giving into his frustration, Victor lashed out at the cement wall, which did nothing more than break some bones in his hand and scrape his knuckles. Before long, though, they would be back to normal. He cursed at the camera mounted in the far corner of the room before flipping off whoever was keeping watch over him.

To Touch the Sky – #2: by; M.A. Church

Hawk’s eyes snapped open as the last of the—dream? vision? memory? nightmare?—faded. Dammit, why was he remembering this now? It’d been hundreds of years since that night happened. Frankly, he could stand to go hundreds more.

“Shit,” he muttered.

So much had changed since then. He now went by Gus Hawkins, his real name of Chetan nearly forgotten. Most everyone called him Hawk. Hania, the black cougar shifter, was now Jason Sky. Lootah’s name was Owen Woods. Hawk snorted in remembrance. As time passed, they finally did find a name that described Lootah’s totem spirit—he was a Bengal tiger.

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 Noah’s New Plan: Chapter 31 by Rob Colton

Noah bit back a surprised gasp as Eli pulled him up and tossed him onto his back. He spread his legs eagerly as Eli settled between them.

His eyes fluttered shut when Eli’s lips touched his stomach. He was on the verge of panting, anticipating what was to come. Eli pressed a trail of kisses up Noah’s chest and neck, then his chin.

“Wrong way,” Noah muttered. He gave Eli’s shoulder a gentle nudge, trying to direct him back down.

Eli’s cell phone rang again, the vibrations harsh against the smooth surface of the wooden nightstand.

The Boys of Belsmeade: Chapter Six, by Kazy Reed

A three-acre field separated the Ambrogi estate from the Becker’s. The vampires had named the empty lot Little Switzerland, completely neutral. It didn’t belong to either clan. Unlike its namesake, however, this plot of land had been the scene of many a battle.

This cold January morning was no exception. A large crowd gathered on each side of the field. In the middle of the group, two boys stood, glaring at one another. Beside each boy was an older vampire—their fathers and Clan chiefs.

As their sons prepared to fight, Aristes Ambrogi locked eyes with Lukas Becker. The latter sneered and turned to leave the field.

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Rattletrap #1, by Tali Spencer

 Dark. Damp. Jedd inhaled, but it was like breathing through a wet sponge. He lay on his back, a position he never chose for himself. Whatever surface he lay upon was hard, not his bed. He forced his eyes open. Not pitch black after all. Dim emergency lighting glinted along struts overhead but did not penetrate the shadows. There were too many shadows.

He was not in the last place he remembered being.

Despite the chill, there were sources of heat. Snores. Breathing. When Jedd sat up and looked around, he saw the lumpy shapes of other humans stretched out as he had been.

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