Wednesday Briefs: June 4, 2014

Here is a list of all the authors flashing this week, along with a brief snippet from their latest free work. Click the link after the snippet to be taken to the complete story on the author’s home page.

Second Shot – The Senior Year, Chapter 33: by Andrew Q. Gordon:

Ethan pulled Blake into the guest room and quickly shut the door without letting it slam. When he turned around, he winked and moved closer to his guest.
“Hey, handsome.” He didn’t give Blake a chance to answer before pressing their lips together. The kiss went straight to Blake’s groin, and from what he could feel pressed against him, it had the same effect on Ethan.
Despite Jason ‘lending’ them the room for the weekend, Blake wasn’t totally comfortable making out while the others were downstairs. Correction, Darryl was downstairs, Peter was in his room just down the hall. His unease, however, did not cause him to end their kiss prematurely.

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Growth, Part 22: by Grace R. Duncan:

“Welcome back, Ghalib! I’m so happy you chose to join us,” Nadir said stepping up to Ghalib and taking his hands.

Ghalib must have looked as panicked as he felt because Nadir’s smile widened. He squeezed Ghalib’s hands. “I promise it’s not nearly as scary as you’re imagining.”

“He is looking a bit overwhelmed,” Teman said. “Isn’t he, Cyrus?”

“He is,” Cyrus agreed then turned to Ghalib and put a hand on his back. “Really. My loves are correct. We aren’t that scary…”

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Controller – Chapter 32 : by Jon Keys:

My gut twisted into a convoluted knot as I looked down at Eli. A whirlwind of thoughts raced through me. I couldn’t believe he was proposing to me. The moment stretched out as I tried to sort through my feelings. I could feel tears begin to well up, and fought to control them.

“Ah. Nate?”

I looked down at Eli to see his face twisted in pain and I dropped down in front of him and grabbed him in a tight embrace. When I released him tears were running down both our faces. “Yes! Of course! I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

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The Dinner Party – Part 4; by Johayan:

As they sat down to dinner, Jackie looked over at Danny and the ring on his finger. She smiled and looked over at Kevyn and Jason as her smile got bigger.

Two years ago was the original dinner party that never happened. Kevyn and Jason had found each other and Danny had fucked the shit out of her right on the counter.

As Jackie sat down, Kevyn stood up and raised his glass.

“I would like to propose a toast to the four of us.

Danny, to you I say thank you. Thank you for understanding that my needs were different than yours.” Kevyn said with a smile and giggle as the rest laughed.


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To Touch the Sky – #1.2: by; M.A. Church:

Isi didn’t show the maturity Chetan saw from the other young warriors Isi’s age. It worried Chetan at times. But that wasn’t the only thing preying on Chetan’s mind. He glanced at his sister, Alaqa, who waited silently with several other women. She and her mate, Niyol, were among several members thinking about leaving the tribe, as were quite a few of the older braves. It was insanity. They wanted to leave the very foundation of their lives. He didn’t understand it.

A breeze caressed his cheek, refocusing his attention, and he gave an unvoiced prayer of thanks for the upcoming bounty.

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Coffee To Stay — Chapter 3 by E.S.Skipper:

The music was loud, the hot bodies bumping into each other. But only one body mattered and that was the man in front of me. Long ago our shirts had gone. The heat just too much for anyone. The lights showed off the glistening bodies. Not all were stunning but it was certainly candy for the eye.  I had brought Jayden to this nightclub for a reason. Most nights, even in the middle of winter, the heat was unbearable. I swear they put the heating up on purpose so the punters would not only strip down but also consume the alcohol and water,

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Diventado: Becoming; by JC Wallace:

Years had passed since he’d been on the paths by the lake, and he proceeded in a slow jog on the well-worn path. Had he been on this specific path as a child? Day after summer day had been spent with Logan exploring practically every square foot of the towering forest surrounding the cabin, wherever that was.

Jogging through on the wooded path a powerful, over-whelming need pushed him farther, faster. Levi hurdled small puddles and protruding rocks and ducked through showers of low hanging deciduous and evergreen branches. Leaning forward he pushed his legs harder, digging his sneakers into the hard dirt. Fast wasn’t enough.

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The Boys of Belsmeade – Chapter Four; by Kazy Reed:

I drove slowly through the student parking lot. The last thing I needed was to rear-end someone’s Jaguar or Porsche. Once I found a spot, I grabbed my bag, opened the car door and took a step into the unknown. Nervously, I straightened my tie. Hopefully, I’d fit in. I’d look like one of them.
The chapel bell rang and suddenly “them” were everywhere. All around me, doors opened and a flood of students poured into the quad. My messenger bag was fairly light, but it felt like a ten ton weight, dragging me down as I walked. My legs felt rubbery as I neared the group of Meades in front of the chapel.

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Dallas in Wonderland II: Chapter Twenty: by Julie Lynn Hayes:

Dallas struggled against Samuel’s tight grip. He wanted to get to Campbell. No, he needed to reach him, with an urgency that was only growing greater by the moment. “You bastard!” he screamed at Quentin’s ex-fuck. “If you hurt him…” He left the threat hanging helplessly. He was weak, and he knew it, and Samuel made him even weaker, God help him.

When Samuel released his hold on Dallas, he fell to the ground beside Campbell, his fingers going automatically to his wrist. He forced himself to still the clamorous beating of his own heart, as he waited for it… waited for it… and there it was, faint but palpable. Campbell’s pulse.

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Lost Inside: Chapter 23: by Cia Nordwell:

He could’ve been a kitten. Splayed on his back, naked, his stripes glowing faintly in the neon light from the bar sign, Yuri reached up and batted at Benny’s hand. “Keep rubbing.”

Benny stared down at his mate. “You have a brother?” There’d been no brother when their Clans had merged.

“Uh huh.” Yuri frowned. “Keep rubbing.”

Belatedly, Benny started tracing his fingers across Yuri’s forehead, lightly scratching his scalp, and then beginning again. Maybe Yuri’s headache had to do with this new memory coming forward. “Where’s your brother?”

“I dunno.” Yuri shrugged one shoulder.

“You don’t know, or you

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